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'Housewives' Table-Flipper -- Under the Gun

10/19/2010 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Teresa Giudice is on the verge of losing her spot on "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" -- TMZ has learned the reality star's money demands are holding up contract negotiations ... and Bravo is losing patience.

Sources close to Giudice tell TMZ, the table-flipping housewife feels like Bravo's giving her the short end of the stick ... because she's under the impression that the other women in the cast are earning significantly more money than she is. As we previously reported, Teresa wants double her salary from last season.

We're told Teresa -- who's famously dealt with money issues in the past -- is ready to walk if Bravo doesn't cough up the cash. Bravo insiders wouldn't comment on the current state of negotiations, but did say the network is looking at possible replacements.

As for the other girls -- we're told they're all a safe bet for next season ... minus Danielle, of course.


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Reality check....the country is suffering just trying to get thru another day on very little money IF THEY HAVE A JOB, and almost no money if they DON'T HAVE A JOB.

AND the Bravo Housewife wants bushels and bushels of money for what? Look around, the country is brimming over with people that would TAKE THAT "job" for wads and wads and wads of CASH.

Just saying......

1467 days ago

Elizabeth from Michigan    

Bye Bye! Teresa isnt all that! Throw her off the show and put on Snookie!

1467 days ago

William Eldred    

No Danielle, and now no Teresa?! There doesn't seem to be much left of a show. The Manzos (who are NOT Dina and Caroline, but their husbands) hardly seem capable of carrying a show with this kind of drama schtick. They seem like fairly regular people. So -- why bother?

1467 days ago


Drop her, greedy bankrupt ass.

1467 days ago


I wish Bravo would dump this entire NJ cast and start over, or just leave NJ altogether. This clannish group of hags and their families make all people of NJ look like moronic, classless, uneducated orange twits! This is the worst, most horrendous group of housewives ever. Danielle was a freak, but at least we had ONE person that wasn't part of 'The Family'. That ragtag group of bitches will do the same shady crap with any new housewife Bravo adds to the show. They actually think they are classy, but FYI, you oompah loompahs are only ONE rung higher on the ladder than the non-family member you ran off, and that skanky lowclass FUGLY@$$ Teresa would PAY to be on the show. Cut her salary in half, or do us all a favor and fire the entire ridiculous family!

1467 days ago


i mean, lets be real. danielle & teresa MADE the show, all the other girls would do is talk about danielle and her dramatic con life. its the highest rating season of the real housewives franchise due to all the drama teresa and danielle brung. its probably not even going to do that well anymore, who wants to hear about caroline how shes so lonely and about her kids rise to success? or even more jacqueline and her no for good attention seeking daughter ashley whos taking this show up to the head. teresa should get EVEN MORE than caroline or jacqueline because she is the last one to make it actually entertaining. you people act like its going to be better without her, but truthfully it get such high ratings due to the drama teresa and danielle brought. this past seasons finale part 1 got 3.9million just to see teresa push andy lol and you're all saying its for the best? please.

1467 days ago


Come on people, she needs the money to buy herself a forehead.

1467 days ago


So leave, Theresa, nobody cares. Goes for your loudmouth brats too.

1467 days ago


I agree! Let her go!

1467 days ago


Theresa should not return to the show due to her financial situation. She is not a wealthy housewife and has cheated many out of money filing bankruptcy. She is a spoiled brat and anyone given all the that she has been given due to being on the show
would be able to do as much but with much more grace!!!!

1467 days ago


Let her go! She was terrible. The children needed to be discipline. Program became awful with her throwing her self around.

1467 days ago


Let her go! She was terrible. The children needed to be discipline. Program became awful with her throwing her self around.

1467 days ago


to misstee: shes an old school italian so are my parents, old school italians version of discipline is more like the belt or a wooden item from the kitchen. plus, just because they dont show that on tv doesnt mean she doesnt discipline her kids. so your saying you found caroline and jacqueline entertaining? yuck.

1467 days ago


Dump her. Mostly so we don't have to see those cretins she calls her children anymore. Those kids have unlikeable personalities. Wonder where they get it from?

1467 days ago


BRAVO get rid of her, she is so disgusting. How dare she put her hands on Andy Cohen, who does she think she is. She isn't worth the money you were currently paying her and her tacky midget husband. The IRS needs to take a look into how they really make their money!

Bye Bye Teresa!!!!

1467 days ago
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