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TMZ Live: Bieber, Oksana, and Junior Seau

10/18/2010 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We took your questions today on everything -- including Junior Seau getting arrested, released, then driving off a cliff and surviving, Justin Bieber being the victim of some homophobic bullying, and Oksana Grigorieva landing her 40th lawyer.

Plus: Ex-JetBlue attendant Steven Slater takes flight again.

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What was for lunch today?

1411 days ago


fat annoying mike in the background eating instead of doing
the show ON TIME

1411 days ago


HARVEY this place goes to hell in a handbasket when you
are not here.

1411 days ago



I think the whole JWOWW thing is staged. Especially after you posted that video of cookie, seriously? Shes a terrible actor. Thoughts?

1411 days ago


If I were late to work as often as you guys are late to do the live feed, I'd be unemployed........

1411 days ago


Harvey - PLEASE, PLEASE buy these guys watches for christmas!

1411 days ago


response to comment number 3 by christy - LOL! U ARE SO RIGHT!

but seriously.. that was kinda mean.. u can tell mike has lost weight...

and we already wait until 1:32 so harvey can floss! get with the program tmz!

1411 days ago


why if they aren't married does oksana want all this money he's not responable for her just the baby?

1411 days ago


What is going on with these athletes, they all need psychiatrist!!!

1411 days ago


I don't blame them for walking off the show, I can't tolerate o'reilly either; YUCK!!! o'reilly is so hateful!

T.I.(Top Idiot) is an idiot and should serve the entire 11 months

1411 days ago


Mike, you need to take into consideration on how many different lawyers she has, the fact that she keeps firing them, causing the costs to go up for her. That is what people think is also unfair, each time she gets a new one they have to ramp up, Mel is not changing attorney's right and left. I know you side with Oksana but sometimes you need to think about these things before you respond.

1411 days ago


Does the mother of the teenage girl have a case against Tyra Banks or will there be a quick dismissal?

1411 days ago

George McCasland    

First, the question that should be asked is whether Junior Seau was the aggressor or was she, and whether a female office was dispatched to hear her story? A good example of why can be found on a 2005 episode of COPS. In it, two male San Antonio (TX) police officers arrive on a domestic violence call. When they arrived, they found the man sitting outside the house, claiming he never even went inside the house. When the officers went inside, they found a very upset woman who said he had grabbed her by the arms and neck. She had the hand shaped bruises to prove it.

The officers than went outside to place the man under arrest, just as a female officer arrived. She also went in to talk to the woman. When she came out, she informed the other officers that the hand shaped bruises were more the size and shape of the woman’s own hands, so she went to talk to the neighbors. They told her that the woman, and not the man, was the abusive one.

At this point, they released the man, but informed him that the county prosecutor could still charge him, as arrests are mandatory in Texas whenever a woman makes a domestic violence claim.

The female officer saw through the tears of the woman and saw the truth.

In my 21 years of working with men, I’ve seen it repeatedly that when a female officer is on the scene, where a false allegation may be in play, she is the one to see it.

In 1994, when Kansas passed its mandatory arrest law, something interesting happened in the City of Lawrence, a University town about 40 miles from Kansas City. Over 50% of the ones arrested for domestic violence were women. The women’s shelters protested this, saying the officers were poorly trained in knowing who the real abuser is. However, whereas the national average for female officers is just 13%, in Lawrence it was nearly 40%, with them making most of the arrests.

Talking with female officers, they tell me that they do see a lot more than the male officers do, including the evidence of male officers who are themselves victims.

He may have been the victim, but t is common when the male is the victim, he is the one arrested, as in this case involving a sheriff deputy.

Male Victims of Domestic Violence Logo

Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men and Women

1411 days ago


daxes tmz show wasent on 2 day whas up with that

1411 days ago


If you don´t know how many lawyers Mel has then why say that he probably has as many as Oksana! I don´t think Mel has 40 lawyers working for him on this. Harvey, miss you!!!

1411 days ago
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