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Alicia Keys

New Mom State of Mind

10/19/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Four days after giving birth, Alicia Keys and husband Swizz Beatz took their baby boy Egypt for a checkup in NYC on Monday.




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Not sure why you put superwoman on the caption. Every woman that gives birth and breastfeeds takes her baby to the dr 4 days after birth. Big deal.

1473 days ago

Mike w    

^^^^^Superwoman was the name of a song she did. Congrats to both of them.

1473 days ago


superwoman. more like super home wrecker.

1473 days ago


Go Home! The baby should not be out in public!! You take hime to the dr. and then home! Idiots!

1473 days ago

Mike w    

Haters are so sad man. While Alicia and swizz continue to get rich all you do is post hateful b.s. about them. You guys will never get close to accomplishing what she has in life, So continue to post on tmz all day you losers.

1473 days ago


There ain't NOTHING to be jealous of here! She may have accomplished MEGA things BEFORE, with her MULTIPLE talents, BUT good luck with that now . . . She not only has an UGLY Loser for a husband - who cheated on his wife to be with her - BUT a baby with that fool too! Wow, lost lotsa respect for her and who I thought she was. Oh, and please . . . That baby should NOT be out in public so soon! Go to the doctore, then get your asses HOME, away from germs that might harm your baby, who has not yet formed any immunities to the world. Stupid STUPID!

1473 days ago

Mike w    

^^^ #6 And what the f@@! are you doing with your life. UM NOTHING. So get your Sh@# straght before you talk trash about her. You never met her yet your here talking mess about her you Lame.

1473 days ago


am in agreement with comment no 6. i read an interview that mashonda this swiss beatz former wife did in an american black magazine i was given and to be honest, this marraige wont last.. sorry to say it.. but this guy is a user.. and besides he has four kids with as many women including a white russian woman in london .. wtf? and keyes is a talented songress etc but what is it about forcing those other children to call you umi? you are not their mother ! its disrespectful and if she has any respect for herself she needs to realise that those other children are there too she did not give birth to the archangel Gabriel... this jerk will move on when he has got what he wants.. a richer wife ..

1473 days ago


calling the child Egypt is no worse than calling the child "Paris " or "LONDON" OR "MADRID" i have heard worse .. lol!

1473 days ago


i guess MASHONDA THE SCORNED WIFE MUST BE A HATER THEN lol! what a shame she should be GRATEFUL SOMEONE RICHER THAN HER TOOK HER MAN .. besides both of them are jerks ... to be messing with someone elses husband UNDER THEIR NOSE shows a lack of morals and principle.. BUT WHAT GOES AROUND WILL SURELY AND TRUELY COME AROUND... ITS JUST A MATTER OF TIME.

1473 days ago


I remember a few years ago when all the haters use to say Alicia Keys was a lesbian because she liked to wear pants lol. So nice to see her married with a baby.

1473 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Wake me when Alicia Keys actually does something interesting.

1473 days ago


Please do not give these people attention. People have affairs and they are all of a sudden more famous. In this world, you have so many that do not know the value of marriage. So, they condone and uplift these people. A marriage is a marriage. A homewrecker never changes. Its a trend in Hollywood right now. I had lots of respect for her before I found out what was hiding behind the closet. I lost it all and I do not respect homewreckers. What makes it worst is that she walks around without a shame in the word. And he has his huge smile on his face cause he landed that. Hollywood is SCREWED UP!!

1473 days ago


that guy in the background on the first picture looks like Tracey Morgan lol.

1473 days ago


Alicia, I use to LOVE your music until I found out you are nothing but a lying home wrecker. Everyone makes mistakes and I get that, but you destroyed another womans marriage over some skinny piece of @$$ guy that I am sure will fall prey to another woman. Sing your song KARMA cuz it's coming back to you 10 fold sister.

1473 days ago
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