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Dina Lohan -- In the Land of Lindsay

10/20/2010 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dina Lohan was spotted out near Lindsay's rehab facility Monday night -- which means Michael Lohan was at least 100 or so yards away from where this photo was taken.

Dina is currently holed up at a hotel in Palm Springs, CA -- which is a taxi cab ride away from the Betty Ford clinic in Rancho Mirage.

As we first reported, Michael tried to visit Lindsay yesterday -- but claims he wasn't allowed in the joint because Dina was armed with a protective order against him.


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Her hair is just ridiculous. It's far too long for her age. Long is fine but this is over the top. The orange oooompa loooompa tan is an additional goody. Add in the fact that she lies like we all breathe and you have one awful woman. Ick.

1431 days ago


Go away Dina! You're a direct result of why your daughter Lindsay is where she is!

1431 days ago


I hope family day went well for Lindsay, and I hope Michael Lohan stays FAR FAR away from her for the time being.

1431 days ago


Dina lied to all about Lindsay's drug addiction. When Michael said Linds had a drug prob, Dina called him a liar. She's the liar! What kind of mother denies her daughter the treatment she needs to be sober in life? She's s***.

1431 days ago


Eventually LL will have to stop listening to her mother and forgive her dad. She can't go through life hating on her own father. Settle it now or be tormented about it for life. Michael want's family therapy but Dina would rather keep the hatred going than fix it. Nice, huh? She's got a horrific game going: Let's hate on daddy. And, it's worked.

1431 days ago


I wonder what kind of guys Dina likes to get boned by. I bet shes a total freak in the sack just like shes a freak in real life. Definately a cougar milf i would catagorize her under. Shes probably a total whore too. Nice looking broad i might add.

1431 days ago


The direct cause of Lilo's probs.

1431 days ago

Sad sad    

JLS aka .... "She can't go through life hating on her own father." Oh, really? millions do it everyday. I hope Michael's not suicidal. Someone tell him "It get's better".

1431 days ago


Look howhaggered she looks, the heavy drug use is catching up to her. She looks like a 70 year old women. Better search her you know she has blowhans fix in her va jay jay. Nasty old biatch, wrinkle ugly skin and face.

1431 days ago

Jade evergreen    

@t 3 darrage6 you do know Dina isn't a saint and Dina is the one who in denial that her daughter Lindsay had drug problem and Dina also enabler to Lindsay and she has never set rules for Lindsay and let Lindsay do whatever she wanting to do and also remember Dina has party with Lindsay and neither parents are good and have use Lindsay as a cash cow and yeah Michael moron but lease he admitting he made some mistake with Lindsay but Dina will never admit she has made mistake with Lindsay and keep living in denial about Lindsay drug problems and part of Lindsay problem are with both parent but no one force Lindsay to do drugs and break the law and Lindsay is a adult which mean its Lindsay own damn fault that she doing drugs and breaking the law

1431 days ago

Sad sad    

You guys remember that t.v. show soap? I totally miss that show.

1431 days ago


I think she is a great woman and Lindsay realy loves her.
She the one and only person Lilo can lay on.
She help Lilo launching her career she was her manager and
sucrifised all her life to her.
I realy like this woman.
Team Dina.

1431 days ago


Hey Jade... ever hear of a period? that's one hell of a long sentence....

1431 days ago


A lot of Lindsay's hate for her father comes from her mother even though they are both terrible parents. For the sake of her daughter, Dina needs to set aside her personal feud with Michael while Lindsay is in crisis. He's not going to hurt her in a public place. It's Lindsay who decides who can be with her, not Dina. We forget that Lindsay is an adult.

1431 days ago

Jade evergreen    

@t team dina aka Dana
Dina only care about Lindsay money not Lindsay herself if Dina was actually a mother she wouldn't enable/denial about Lindsay drug problem and she would have help Lindsay the moment Lindsay got her second dui and high on blow and car jack someone car to chase her ex assistant

1431 days ago
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