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Erin Andrews -- New War over Old Nude Video

10/20/2010 9:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Erin Andrews is back on the warpath over several images from her infamous (and illegally shot) nude peephole video -- after she discovered a website that refused to pull the pics down.

Erin Andrews peephole video.

More than one year after the video first surfaced, Erin claims she can still find the images on -- so she had her lawyer fire off a letter, demanding the site wipe them from cyberspace.

In the letter-- obtained by TMZ -- Erin's lawyer claims The Dirty is "unlawfully" posting the pics because "the copyright of these images belongs exclusively to Ms. Andrews" -- and posting them constitutes an invasion of her privacy.

Erin's lawyer wants The Dirty to erase any trace the stills may leave behind -- by 86'ing them "from all search engine databases, including, but not limited to, Google" ... or else face a serious lawsuit.

So far, the people at The Dirty don't seem to care -- in fact, after receiving the letter ... they reposted the pics at the top of their site.


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Ozzie X    

Oh please they are just nudes, nothing people haven't seen before, and they are grainy photos. It's like like they are high resolution photos with her spread eagle. She's just bringing more attention to the photos. I had forgotten about them until I read this story. Wait for the main stream outlets to right a story and everyone will be looking for the photos.

1431 days ago


Do men actually find her constant whining and need for attention attractive?

1431 days ago


The person responsible for TheDirty needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. It's not like Erin ever posed for these photos! It's cyber rape and the courts need to catch up to technology.

1431 days ago

Ozzie X    

The person responsible for TheDirty needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. It's not like Erin ever posed for these photos! It's cyber rape and the courts need to catch up to technology.

Posted at 6:45 AM on Oct 20, 2010 by Zanne


Ahaha cyber rape.

1431 days ago


how can they completely erase it?, once its out on the net it gets viral and it goes everywhere.

1431 days ago

Vegas Wrestling    

They're down, the doubchebag caved!! You were saying?
Oh, and hosting ESPN's College Football Gameday doesn't sound like her 15 mins is up. Show's over, nothing to see, TMZ can now resume kissing Michael Lohan's ass until he's arrested or shot.

1431 days ago


Well the morons and idiots are out today. Defending this guy makes you as big a piece of crap as he is. This wasn't a sex tape she knowingly made. This was footage taken by a pervert through a key hole. Yet you're all on here supporting this sex crime. This is the kind of mentality that allows young girls to be gang raped while others stand and watch. If you think what this retard is doing is "awesome" then maybe you should reevaluate your own need for this type of explotive material and seek some help.

I hope Andrews leaves a big black smoking pit where this website used to be.

1431 days ago


Some people are idiots for telling her to get over it. She didn't pose for these! She didn't purposely release a sex tape to get media attention! Some pervert illegally filmed her! That is the grossest invasion of privacy.

It's creepy as all get out and I'm surprised at the behavior of that they think some disgusting voyeur's pic are okay to leave up on their site.

Her pics are not the same as other skanks who want to be seen. Some freaking nasty dude peered through holes at her and followed her city to city!

1431 days ago

I am Spartacus    

Those saying she is trying to hold on to her 15 mins of fame are morons. The woman is in the media. She hosts a college football show on ESPN and does sideline reporting for football and basketball games so her fame is still going strong.

Perhaps its not fame she's seeking but she doesnt want her naked pics and vids out there for everyone to see whether they were in the past or not. Just because they were out there doesnt mean you just give up and say "oh well they were out there so i should just let everyone see them." If someone put naked stuff of me out there i wouldnt just give up, i'd keep fighting until they were all gone. You can go after the websites so that its eliminated off of search engines which makes it harder to find for those that are looking.

1431 days ago


..good luck if the site is in Russia..bad *ss types don't give a crap about Erin's big mouth or lawyers. :)

1431 days ago


I can't believe there are people who still haven't figured Mahood's(? sp) schtick yet, talk about getting played from both sides. I expect him to be shot and not by a playmate either.

1431 days ago


Nik will NEVER remove that, so she needs to get over it. DA STRONG

1431 days ago


You can't sue one company for the actions of another. Why doesn't she just fire off a letter like that to Google? Because they'd sue her ass off, that's why! What a wench!

1431 days ago


Erin is a dirty skank bitch

1431 days ago

No comment    

She is within her legal right to fight the postings of these videos. However, TMZ has people at the court house dropping a dime when any celeb attorney files paperwork. Its clear she didn't run to TMZ. We as a society sell each other out, by calling TMZ and other gossip pages.


1431 days ago
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