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Michael Lohan Bails on Betty Ford Mission

10/19/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan is giving up on his hell-bent attempt to see Lindsay inside the Betty Ford Center -- and he claims Dina Lohan is the reason why he abruptly skipped town.


Michael says Dina showed up in Palm Springs yesterday armed with the protective order she has against Michael. The document states Michael must stay 100 yards away from Dina at all times. 

Michael says he didn't want to cause a problem for Lindsay during Dina's visit -- it's Family Week at Betty Ford -- so Daddy Dearest hightailed it back to L.A.



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Yeah Ernie, no one has any right to release personal info about they're own daughter, He didn't do it out of love for her, he just wanted to exploit her for money, If he REALLY wanted to help her then he never would've sold those taped conversations or tried to sell pages of Lindsa's diary.

1434 days ago


@Nicole Clarification on this though : the normal treatment program ( regardless of any court decision, forget about the court for a sec this is no longer a strictly judicial matter ) consists of a 45 inpatient treatment followed by a 45 day outpatient program ( after which counseling is still likely and most definitely offered ) . She'd be wise to follow the entire treatment program and then join or rejoin AA to have a solid support apparatus . What she needs - after treatment - is someone she completely trusts to talk to and that person cannot be a relative or in any way linked to her professionally ( no one of her current friends or relatives in other words ) . AA is THE way to find such a person.

1434 days ago

Alan Carver    

This whole thing is just becoming, if not already, a joke. These two people claiming to have the best interest of Lohan in mind, only reveal their true selves, they are selfish, hell-bent on making sure they get their 15 minutes of fame and honestly, it is wearing THIN fast!

Michael Lohan has the right to try and see his daughter. She is the one that has gone public via friends about how it is Michael that is the cause of her root issues. Lohan continues to do what she knows best and that is to blame everyone else but herself for the choices she has made in her life. Simply, she refuses to acknowledge that it was HER and HER ALONE that brought this all about.

Until Lohan decides to accept her part in these things, she is doomed to repeat it again. Unfortunately, as any addict knows it just gets worse over time and you pick-up right where you left off. She continues to delude/believe that NOTHING is her fault, when in reality is that she is the CAUSE of these problems.

I do not feel bad for Michael Lohan, nor am I supporter of Dina or Lohan herself. This family continues to be a PLIGHT on society with all of their dysfunctions and playing it out in the tabloids. This family is a complete and utter joke. No one thinks anything of them, other than that they are SIMPLY A JOKE, A PUNCHLINE! Lohan did this all by herself! Good Job Lohan!

1434 days ago


@Mike There's 2 minors in the family, Ali and Cody. Michael Sr. isn't raising either, but provides financial support. Ali turns 18 in 14 months. Cody turns 18 in a bit under 4 years.

Michael is estranged from not only Lindsay but Ali as well. I'm not sure what his relationship with adult son Michael Jr. is, but Michael Jr. did not invite his father to his graduation and made a statement that her mother, sister, and brothers stand behind Lindsay 100 percent very recently and purposely excluded his father. Michael Sr is estranged and the family knows the particulars of why and they seem to be in agreement that Michael Sr. is not invited for family therapy.

1434 days ago


@ Nicole seems BFC does indeed do it differently ( 30 day inpatient and THEN outpatient treatment OR opt for longer stay 45,90 day stay) .Doesn't really matter though.Fact remains she should complete treatment according to advice given to her by those counseling her. If they say it would be best to prolong stay in the inpatient program she should do so. Also : what happens if the judge defies all logic and sends her to jail? Would she then go back into treatment after serving time ? In other words : is she serious about dealing with these issues?

1434 days ago


I love when people like Jill/Delmar/Nicole fight over who has more insider info...

Anyway, no one ever talks about Michael's relationship with his other kids. They talk about what good kids THEY are compared to Lindsay, yet Michael is their Father too and had a hand in their upbringing. Ali is underage, so Michael must still have some contact with her. I'm sure it's ordered by the court. Hopefully Dina is encouraging it instead of the alienation she did with Lindsay. Do any of the children have a relationship with their Dad?

1434 days ago


Michael did the right thing bringing attention to his daughter's substance abuse. He certainly did not do it because he hated her of needed the money. The guy is a millionaire. Therefore, firgure it out geniuses ... His ex-wife did nothing, her manager did nothing, Lilo did nothing but get more in trouble... come on.... The guy did what he thought would help his daughter get into rehab and save her life and others she may have killed via auto accident.
I feel much safer with LL in rehab and/or jail ....
There is an old saying .... "Do whatever it takes" to save someone's life ... especially your family.
Deal with it folks... it is what it is. What would you have done if the shoe was on the other foot?

1434 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

These dueling douchebags are fighting over Lindsey's $$$

1434 days ago


Yeah Carver, it wasn't just HER alone, she witnessed her physically father abusing her mother, something NO child should ever have to see, and that definitely left an impact on her,(just curious what exactly do have against Lindsay? You act like she killed your dog or something!)Also Lindsay HAS already accepted her part for all you know, you're no expert on this so quit acting like one, Lindsay may have chosen to do drugs but it was her father's abuse that likely CAUSED her to WANT to do them in the first place, if you're so sick of hearing about this fmaily, then why do you even bother coming on here? You know TMZ gets most of it's revenue from te Lohan name, so of course you're going to hear about them on hear all the time, you're sick of hearing about them? Well why don't you just do us all a favor and elave already? No one's stopping and nobody on here gives a flying f*ck about what you think!

1434 days ago


If Michael really worked on Wall st. he got his money same way as the rest of the fat cats on Wall st., and in the end when the stimulus money runs out and the economy collapses and hills of beans are worth more than Federal reserve notes it will be everyman for himself!

1434 days ago


Ernie, Michael's not a millionare anymore, if he was then he wouldn't be doing interviews about Lindsay all the time, he dosen't get any of Lindsay's earnings, so he makes pretty much all his money doing interviews and staged photoshoots.

1434 days ago


How come Betty Ford is not suggesting they attend (those yahoos that call themselves parents) AlAnon.... that is usually the turn of events.... Alcoholic behavior is the blame game.... dina's ex is in recovery....she doesnt have to drink to be as sick as he is... that is the scary part.... going to clubs with ur daughter when she is in recovery is setting her up for a fall.. what narcissistic people..... good luck lindsay.... hope u really embrace recovery and clean house.. change people places and things.....

1434 days ago


Well the Judge can send her to jail because it says a missed or positive test is a sentence of 30 days in jail. According to the Judge "she tested positve for a controlled substance" which is widely believed to be cocaine so he could sentence her but suspend it until the 28th when she leaves BF or order her to stay longer at BF.

Something decisive needs to happen because this case is a total joke.

She isn't even on probation for the drug charges any longer and obviously she hasn't completed her probation for the DUIs but she actually has completed the programs.
The D.A had the right idea in July with just the jail time for violating probation and that was it.

1434 days ago


Can someone please post a link to where Lindsay states that she witnessed any physical abuse between Michael and anyone in the family? I've searched through pages and pages and haven't seen a direct quote from her where she states she witnessed physical abuse. The only thing I can find is where she quotes from her Mom's divorce petition citing physical abuse.

1434 days ago


@ Nicole Obviously the " judicial problem " has to go away ASAP but that wont solve the stuff leading to that problem in the 1st place. No one in their right mind can assert she doesn't have "any problem" anymore ( she doesn't do that anymore either,it seems ) and one way or another she will have to solve that if she ever wants to work again .

Regardless of legal issues there's the problem insurance companies will steer clear of her so that means NO acting jobs for as long as they deem her to be a "liability" . You CAN overcome that but producers will have to be convinced you're serious ( look at Drew Barrymore for example ) before they are willing to take the risk.

I'm also pretty much certain BFC DOES advice both patients AND relatives of patients to join AA or other forms of therapy. Question is if parents heed that advice. It's not mandatory after all.

1434 days ago
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