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Michael Lohan Bails on Betty Ford Mission

10/19/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan is giving up on his hell-bent attempt to see Lindsay inside the Betty Ford Center -- and he claims Dina Lohan is the reason why he abruptly skipped town.


Michael says Dina showed up in Palm Springs yesterday armed with the protective order she has against Michael. The document states Michael must stay 100 yards away from Dina at all times. 

Michael says he didn't want to cause a problem for Lindsay during Dina's visit -- it's Family Week at Betty Ford -- so Daddy Dearest hightailed it back to L.A.



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@ilovegossip Ali Lohan does not live with Lindsay Lohan. Ali lives at the Lohan home with her mother on Long Island. This is a repeated falsehood stated in the media. Ali visits Lindsay, not lives with her and yes for weeks at a time. Since she's been visiting Lindsay since 2009 and traveling with her and has not once been in trouble, then Ali obviously is in no danger of falling victim to Lindsay's lifestyle.

1376 days ago



Where did I even mention clubs? I said she took her out're the only one that mentioned clubs! You can snort coke anywhere....even at home.

You have never answered my question...would you send your own 16 year old daughter to live with a drug addict?

1376 days ago



Ali goes to live with Ali for months at a time. I did not say she lives there permanently.

You honestly believe that Ali is in "no danger" of falling victim to Lindsay's lifestyle? You must also be related to Dina if you truly believe that. Anyone can fall victim to that. The thing is to not subject yourself to it in the first place. What kind of Mother would subject their child to that? THAT is the question?

I'll ask you what I asked Jill. If you had a 16 year old daughter, would you send her to live (for months at a time) with a drug addict?

1376 days ago

Sad sad    

All right Ernie he's not the worst father. Dina's not the worst mom. Does it change the situation and everyone's turmoil? no. I'm sure the clinic is dealing with Dina and her issues. One at a time geez. I'm kind of wondering how the other kids are doing in this situation? Has too be such a strain for everyone.

1376 days ago


Finally, someone with some sense. It kills me that these idiots come on here and say that Dina is a good Mother. Both parents are to blame, along with Lindsay herself. These people come on here and make up every excuse in the book but don't insist on the family taking responsibility. The family is dysfunctional and I hope that Betty Ford sees that and gets help for ALL of them.

1376 days ago


@ilovegossip I view Lindsay as a girl with psychological and emotional issues living in Hollywood. You want to call her a drug addict go ahead. You said she lives with Lindsay, not stays with her on visits, giving the impression that Ali doesn't live at home. She may visits Lindsay for months but usually its for a few weeks and she is also at home on Long Island for months. Yes, Ali goes out late from time to time, so what? She's 16, not 6, and she'll be 17 in December. Lots of teens go out at night from time to time and most of the time Lindsay went out late, Ali wasn't with her. As Jill says, Ali hasn't been in any trouble, and these two sisters seem to have an especially loving relationship with the younger one showing no signs whatsoever of emulating the unhealthy behavior of her older sibling.

1376 days ago


Cant wait to see what happens on Friday. Hopefully LL's team cheap ploy of sending her to rehab wont fool the judge. I bet he is still pissed about Lindsays team overturning his rulling of putting her junkie butt in jail until her hearing date.

I dont feel bad for Lindsay because she has her "ppl" were lying through their teeth about her drug problem and then all of a sudden after failing not one but two drug test Lindsay looked for public sympathy regarding her addiction and then checks into rehab just weeks after saying she did not need it.

I hope the judge just revokes her probation all together and send her to the slammer the remainder of her sentence. Time for this freak show to end.

1376 days ago


Michael Lohan is not a strain on anyone but himself. Dina is doing her thing trying to keep him away from his own daugher. She has done this for years.

Any intelligent mother who denied for years her daughter's addiction would allow the child's father to visit with her.

Lindsay does not have a protective order again her father. Her ever so smart mother does. I mean, please.... all the guy wants to do is see and help his flesh in blood. He is not about to kill her ... or do something distructive.

My gracious ... give the guy a break. Betty Ford Center would have been the spot to at least let him visit ... while there is all sorts of protection, guards, counselors, etc.

But nope... there's old lady Dina Lohan with her protective order .... scaring the father away. Why? What harm could he have done that she is not doing herself by denying for years her own daughter's problems????

This woman .... has shown her true colors and it is believable whatever Michael says about her must be right ... cause she is not playing with a full deck.

1376 days ago


I still think there is some very dark "family secret" which revolves around something Michael did to Lindsay when she was young. His obsession with talking with her and his recent obsession with "family therapy" when there is in fact nothing left of the family he still thinks exist.
I get the impression that they are all never going to tell what it is but they do not trust each other to not talk.

1376 days ago


Hmmm... I have a 16 year old, and you can bet that he will NOT be out all hours of the night. What 16 year old is? Actually, where I live, it's against the law. They can't be driving past 11:00, and out past 1:00am. Not sure if there is a law in California.

Funny how you and Jill refuse to answer my question... Would you allow your 16 year old child to live for months at a time with a drug addict (with psychological and emotional issues to boot, as you stated)? I know I would NOT, even if they both were my children. I would be right there along side of them.

1376 days ago


What did Michael do that was so harmful to Lindsay? Her personal stuff revealed her addictions that everyone else seemed to deny.

What else could he have done to get through to everyone that his daughter needed help?

Let's see... question .... did Lindsay Lohan need help? Did we all not see it long before she even admitted she needed it?

The few things Michael did to prove her need for help only helped not hurt his daughter.

Is Lindsay Lohan not in rehab treatment? Did she not go there voluntarily?

What part of Michael statements were false?

It seems like Mrs. Dina-enabler-Lohan is the one who needs a protective order against herself.

1376 days ago


Can you imagine the wild sex Michael and Dina had when they had Lindsey. ha ha ha

Those two are both have attitudes that are red hot...just imagine...the sex they had...ROFL

1376 days ago


@Ernie Several things you are saying are incorrect. First, Lindsay is an adult and she made the decision she did not want her father to come to rehab. Second, Dina is on tape stating that Lindsay had many problems, drinking was one, hanging with Keith Ledger was another, cutting was another, irrational behavior and all sorts of other problems she discussed in what she thought was a private conversation with her daughter's father. The protective order is for Dina, Ali, Mike Jr. and Cody's protection as well, the man says outrageous things, is stalking his daughter, and he is the convicted felon, he is the one that put a GPS on his ex-girlfriend, he has shown repeatedly that he'll break laws to suit whatever it is he wants to accomplish. This isn't about Dina. It's about Michael Lohan, an estranged father, not following the desires of his daughter and staying away at a time when she is trying to heal and is very vulnerable. If and when he gets his act together Lindsay may reconsider. But, at this point, I totally agree with her not to want to be close to this maniac that is her father as his behavior is borderline criminal.

1376 days ago


Michael needs to get a protective order against Dina and then get so close to Li Lo that she has to brake the order he has for her to get near Li Lo then see what the hell she does. There all a bunch of the werdest people I have ever seen people folowing. Whats the matter with you all don't you have a life of your own as to be following these IDIOTS. You all need to look at yourselfs and say to yourself what the hell am I doing folling these people there lifes have no meaning for me.

1376 days ago


I actually think the Judge might be so angry that there is a possibility he will just completely revoke her probation.
She would serve up to 6 weeks and it would be a big wake up call for her.

1376 days ago
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