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'O.C. Housewives' Star

Dumps Husband

10/19/2010 2:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Vicki Gunvalson from "Real Housewives of Orange County" isn't going to be a housewife much longer -- because TMZ has learned she just filed for divorce.

According to documents filed in O.C. Superior Court -- and obtained by TMZ -- Vicki filed for dissolution of marriage on Monday from her husband Donn Gunvalson ... whom she married back in 1994.

And there's this ... Vicki and Donn actually renewed their vows back in July of 2009 -- after Vicki admitted their marriage was souring and they needed a "new start."

Speaking of new starts ...


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There is something off about Vicki, she seems very insecure and phony. I think the way she treated her husband was terrible. I wish him the best. Hopefully he will find someone who doesn't act like an ass. IMO

1210 days ago

dee dee    

All I can say is, I feel for Don, he appears to be a really nice man, which is so hard to find, I wish him the best, as for Vicki, good luck to you too, someday you may realize, you had a really nice man, and you just walked away from that, when there's alot of ladies out there dreaming to find someone wonderful. You lost, is someone elses gain.

1210 days ago


I think Donn deserves like him. Its not just Vicki's career its all the partying she does and she is a big flirt. She can tell everyone else how to live their life but she can't even see her own faults. I wish Donn would get with Jeanna who was on O.C. before.

1210 days ago

J Ras    

One Word... Linoleum Knife!

1209 days ago


Karma is a bitch!!!!! Funny....So is Viki.

Hope life goes well for Donn, He deserves to be with a GOOD woman.

1209 days ago


Living here in RSM and seeing these wanna be rich ladies, they don't have a clue what Real Work is. My 19 year old daughter was murdered in 2006 and she got ZERO media attention.

1208 days ago


Its a sad situation. I hope Donn realizes that his life is just beginning for the better since his exposure on the OC Housewive show women will be lining up around the block to be with such a caring man willing to give him the tlc he deserves in return.

After watching the lastest installment of he and Vicki on the boat and her touting how the only thing that is fullfilling to her is insurance??? This woman has no clue how sincerely ill she is and most likely watching herself will be a huge wakeup call.

In her fairytale mind where everything is "Vicki-World" she honestly believes that her employee's love her more than her own family? Come on already! When they show her going from cubicle to cubicle you can sense the tension on each of their faces at the self serving comments spewing from her mouth.

When we are young we never think or really believe we will get older. Even looking ourselves in the mirror we don't see ourselves for what we really are until we see a photo or a film of what we really are. Vicki is one of those people who is in dillusion-land thinking that she is still the cute little blonde she was in her youth.

Remember a couple of years ago how she thought she was cute enough to talk her way out of getting a ticket with the boat police? How many others besides me were rolling their eyes at that?

She did Donn an enormous favor. I hope she gets the help she needs and comes down to earth long enough to realize that the world does not and never will revolve around her and her blessed insurance. No matter what she says...Insurance is BORING!! I did admire her more than the others for having a real job though. Sorry Vic, but its true. Insurance is not fun.

1195 days ago


hi vicki you and don make a great couple ,but all you care about is work ,think your are so smart and brilliant ,and am so surprise your not using it to save your marriage and family .dont call your a success in your work ,and think about if your really doing the wrong thing ,even your children tell you all you care is about work ..... that"s not everything in life ,i know the your hiden lots of emotions facts in your work .and that make it worts ,you have a problem face it get help .go to a therapist and marriage counseling really i care about you all .watch the episode when briana told you about lumps on her neck and that coment she made .here she was telling about what"s going on and her biopsy and you bring up COMENTS about WORK .get help let all your emocional out .STOP HIDEN WITH THE EXCUSE OF WORK .please really do it your on time you will destroy only bit of a family you had left .......IS SOSOSOSO SAD THAT YOU HAVE NOT REALISADE HOW BAD IT IS get help i begged you to do it ,is not healthy for your self ,and the end us you get older men will look afther your money .AND ON LAST DAYS OF LIFE ,YOU WILL END UP ALONEEEE. WAKE UP IS NOT LATE .LOVE YOU ALL HOPE STAY TOGETHER WITH DON .GOD BLESS YOUR FAMILY .ARY

1192 days ago

Joan Damoci    

She truly is one of the biggest phonys on all the reality shows and that is saying A LOT....Constantly needing reassurance from anyone and everyone in her life. When she talks about needed her love tank filled up Has she ever thought about other people in her life needing their love tanks filled up? I guess that is not important. Only her needs are. I even saw it when she was with her mom. Constanting asking her mom to "tell me you love me mom" She is someone who would wear you down with her emotional neediness I don't think I could spend more than 5 minutes with her because she would drain anyone emotionally quite quickly. I would never comment on her looks as beauty comes from within, Within her is true ugliness which is very sad.

1191 days ago


So happy Donn is getting away from this disrespectful person, I hope life catches up with her She sooner than later. She treats him like trash. She treats her employees very poorly, touching inappropriately. (sinckening!)
She meddles in other people's relationships, she is a very angry person. I dont know how Tamra dont see her for what she is.

Awful old person, does not belong on OC.

1187 days ago


Vicki IS a bitch. She only uses work as an excuse to avoid her husband. He deserves better anyway. Mark my words, WHEN she does hook up with another man, she will make time for him. Work won't be the core focus of her life then. It's just a shame that she had to treat a sweet guy like that on national television. I was uncomfortable watching the way she treated him.

1182 days ago

Wanting a Good Man    

I think Donn is a very nice looking, sweet guy. Vicki does not deserve him. Hey Donn, Don't give up there are some nice woman out there that will treat you like a man. As a matter of fact, HERE I AM. LOL Good luck to you Donn.

1178 days ago


Bravo better starting looking for new girl's cause these women are broke old and rubber face no women behave like all these women why are people buying this. Just like the phase was put you are not like this you are pretending to be someone your not.

1163 days ago


I think Vicki is right because if u r not happy with some one even if they r a good person. That does not mean u have to live with them .IT is best u go .And do what make u happy . IF she dont not love him . Why stay with them .

1109 days ago

lisa kerr    

Vicki Gunvalson needs a reality check, she is not respected by anyone because she does not respect herself or anyone else. Her husband is lovely and she does not deserve him. You would think after all this time watching herself and her behaviour she might get it by now. Cannot believe this woman really bad news

817 days ago
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