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Willow Smith

Daddy's Latest Tiny Moneymaker

10/19/2010 5:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Will Smith's 9-year-old daughter Willow Smith just dropped a new music video for her mega-hit song "Whip My Hair" -- and everyone's eating it up ... kids, adults, drag queens, even Muppets. Hey, kid's got range.

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Parents of Willow.... don't forget Brittney S. and Lindsey L. had parents who pushed their children as well. We are still watching that outcome.

1433 days ago


Paleez. willow smith is an attention junkie. Her father even said it on oprah. SHe was jealous of her brother's movie and had a fit. Shouldn't she be doing things like playing with her friends and going to school, doing things age appropriate. Too bad her parents can buy her fame.

1433 days ago


No, everyone is not eating up this song/video. You think just because you make the statement that we (the public) will believe whatever her PR people put out there. This child is annoying. What are her parents doing? She is 9 years old for goodness sakes, allow her to have a childhood. At least until she's 12 :)

1433 days ago


I'm a fan and I love the video,keep doing your thing Willow!! =)

1433 days ago


Good God, she is ONLY 9! WTF are her parents thinking? What they don't have enough $$$$. Greed in America has reached the maximum puke level.
And I can even sound good w/auto tune. I've heard the song, overly produced, auto tune totally in play and the lyrics are stupid. What sane adult is eating this up?????

1433 days ago


Next Montana Fishburn in the making....She will also need to perform with a stripper pole just like sweet and innocent Miley! GAG! This family make me want to BARF!

1433 days ago


Why are people lying to this girl? But that's not the point the point is people should let children be children.

1433 days ago


Eating it up, huh? I thought the song and video was lame and stupid. The girl has a voice that could be good someday, but I just didn't like this effort at all.

I think it's kind of sad that Will doesn't seem to pay as much attention to his oldest son Trey. Before he married Jada, Trey was his life. Now it seems that he's just concentrating on the two he had with Jada: Willow and Jaden. Jaden kind of acts, Willow kind of sings. What "career" has he bought for Trey?

BTW, just cuz these kids mom and dad are actors doesn't necessarily make them talented.

1433 days ago

bring back recent posts    

Willow will be more of a wanna b Diva by the time she hits puberty! in the makin, I don't think this is covered in her special scientology school..maybe...just sayin

1433 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

I am sure the alien kids of Scientology will love this rubbish song.

1433 days ago

darlene mckinney    

willow is an original she has such a unique style. i'm loving it kid.i'm glad your parents monitor what you read because there are some not so normal folks in this world.all you nay sayers go to hell hating on a kid.also i luv your different hair styles i'm thrilled having long straight hair doesn't define you like most kids in your in your circle.will&jada keep setting a good example!!! peace!!!!darlene mckinney

1433 days ago


Typical haters. If you saw the interaction with Will, Jada and their kids (Oprah show), it was obvious these kids do not control the home. They are respectful, but strong; just the way their parents have raised them. They are already growing up in the industry, so what if they learn it along the way and apply it when they can. Do they have an upper hand because their parents are famous, yes. But do they have the talent to back up their bravado, yes. I much prefer watching them than the the likes of Paris Hilton, Kardashians, (of whom have no discernible talent) or Miley & Noah Cyrus family. (fame whores). Shame that we cannot be applauding a young girl for thinking for herself and setting her own trends. I much prefer not see sheep! Go Willow. Be the strong young woman you parents have raised you to be and don't worry about the they are the nature of the business (as I am sure mom and dad have told you).

1433 days ago

Shay don't care what you think!    

You all know if you were in Will and Jada's position you would do the same thing, if your children had any interest in the entertainment industry. Get a life TMZ fans and stop talking about those children like you personally know them. Check out your own success rates and failure rates at life. Just because other childhood stars have grown up to be something less than desirable doesn't mean that Will and Jada's children life will mirror theirs. Envy is a dangerous thing, especially when its something you won't admit that you have. Also, the song itself is silly, but it is for a child that is 9.5 years old. I heard Willow sing without the Auto tune and she sounds just as good as any of these other child singers. Grow up TMZ Fans and get a life! Stop talking negative about little children just to build up your self esteem and make yourself look like you are so well put together. Don't brothering reply back, because believe this I have better things to do. I just had to reply to some of you jealous so called people. Goodnight!

1433 days ago


Stop judging people! It's the most "kid like" song I've heard from a kid in a long time. It's far from a stripper song, if that's what you hear then your mind is in the gutter. Pay attention, she talking about being original and not being a follower. It's appropriate 12 year old music, far more appropriate than Miley and Taylor Swift (who make songs about every boyfriend they've slept with in Hollywood). Good luck Willow!

1433 days ago


I thought Jada was a better mother. Shame on both parents for not letting their children be kids. They can have their time after college. Did I see the little girl's hair with pink streaks?

1433 days ago
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