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Willow Smith

Daddy's Latest Tiny Moneymaker

10/19/2010 5:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Will Smith's 9-year-old daughter Willow Smith just dropped a new music video for her mega-hit song "Whip My Hair" -- and everyone's eating it up ... kids, adults, drag queens, even Muppets. Hey, kid's got range.

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I had much respect for Jade, but now am not sure. I am a parent myself, but no where i would wanna see my kid wearing makeup and singing crap music to make me rich. Education is more important than craving for World attention.

1374 days ago


This video is HIGHlarious!

1374 days ago


Suri Cruise's first music video to be air next weekend .....starring XENU!

1374 days ago


Way to go Will and Jada you've whored those kids out real good.

1374 days ago


Willow is a mini-me Byonce. Willow is more irritating than her brother. Don't those people know how to raise sweet, down to earth kids. Makeup & attitude too grownup. Her voice sounds too grownup, too good as if it was enhanced. Dance moves reminds me of Byonce. JMO

1374 days ago


I don't know...I have said in the past that I think Will and Jada are pushing their kids out there too soon. Kids should be kids. This child dresses and act way older than she is. I hope that they as parents know what they are doing. If they are not careful they could have worse than some Lindsey Lohans on their hands.

1374 days ago


I saw the video and I didn't have a problem with it. Willow does have something going for herself besides her parents. More than likely, she'll probably get bored and move onto something else once she discovers just how demanding fame really is. Raising children in the limelight is a daunting task and I'm sure that both Will and Jada are up to it. Many parents would kill for the kind of exposure the Smith are giving their children. Getting noticed is just half the battle. Keeping the public interested enough to spend money is the other half.


1373 days ago

Gloria Unread    

Wow.. I am actually disturbed by this. Not from the thousands of cases of whiplash that will be caused by this. No, not by the over-sexualizing of this nine-year-old girl, even though that is disconcering.

I am bothered by the fact that I am now completely out of touch with today's youth. I'm 28, but this crap makes me feel like I should be telling kids to get off my lawn and turn down that damn racket!

Really... What the Hell is wrong with these kids today?!?

That's it. I give up! I-I.. I don't get it, and I no longer care to.

1373 days ago


Love ya TMZ, but your TMZ on TV skits are 100% annoying!!!

1373 days ago


that kid looks terrible, someone needs to whip her in a beauty salon.

1373 days ago


Willow needs to eat before she willows away.

That said, I assumed these two would have been smarter parents. This is not the case. Wayyyy toooo much to soon. Its like they are more worried about keeping the family rollin' in the dough.

And these efforts are involving the kids, what lesson are they really teaching?

To me this is as bad as the parents who do the pagents.

Perhaps since we have not seen Jada or Will do anything worthy here in awhile, they are going to be like Miley's and Lindsay Lohan's folks, and pimp out the kids as bread winners, Just a thought.

It looks like that to me.

1373 days ago


Why are some of you ppl acting like this is about money? Will does not have to work another day of his life & his family will be well taken care of.

1373 days ago


"This girl should wear a bag over her head, if it could fit over her big huge ears. You can take people out of the ghetto, but you can't take ghetto out of the smiths. "


1373 days ago


Oh boy...not really sure HOW I feel about these Pinkett-Smith kids being in the 'biz' at such early ages??? Smith certainly seems like a well grounded fellow & you NEVER hear any scandal about 'Mom & Dad' but they just seem oh so young! I've only seen Jaden in the one movie(Day the Earth Stood Still) & thought he certainly had potential as a young actor but still....just soooooo young & such a tough business. Perhaps the stability that M&D demonstrate will give them what they need in order to prevent the usual 'young actor' pitfalls? I really hope so. There just is NOT another actor in Hollywood that I hold in as much regard as I do Will Smith. Think he's just an amazing human being from what I know. With the terrible ending to such a promising life of Michael Jackson still seemingly fresh on our minds, I worry about ANY 'babies' in showbusiness:( Of course MJ came from quite the family of dysfunction so I do realize it's like comparing apples & oranges but these kids have my best hopes & wishes for a happy, fulfilling life. I dread reading about these kids in a few years going to jail, rehab, etc. Just something I never want to see particularly with these two cuties:)

1373 days ago


Why are some of you ppl acting like this is about money? Will does not have to work another day of his life & his family will be well taken care of.

Posted at 5:51 AM on Oct 20, 2010 by Vonn

Yeah, I have to agree with Vonn. I really disagree with those thinking this has anything to do with money too. I'm sure with 2 parents in showbiz, ANY child would be chomping at the bit to get into it as well! They've probably been ding-donging M & D since the age of 2 about "When can WE act in a movie or make our own CD"! LOL! I haven't seen this little girls video, nor have i heard her sing but I have seen Jaden's acting ability & think he's already quite GOOD:) With the proper training, I believe he can only get better & his achievement unlimitted:) I agree with everyone about the age factor tho' & can't help but think 'too much way too soon'! Their parents seems VERY well adjusted & I just can't say enough good things about Will Smith! Pinkett's not too shabby on the screen herself! However I don't believe for a second that this has ANYTHING at all to do with seeking $$$$. Either on the kids OR the parents part. I just do not think that Will Smith would be the sort of father like for example that nutty old Culkin(MacCauley's dad). I firmly believe that Will Smith searched the very depths of his soul before allowing either of these 2 to proceed with seeking a career in this business. He's an extremely smart man & I think he believes that yes, there are horrendous pitfalls to the whole Hollywood scene but I think he probably weighed the pro's & con's & believes that whenever those sorts of situations come along, then he & Jada will as parents, be able to provide the proper support & I also think he'll pull the plug on their whole acting/singing career's the minute anything such as that crops up & threatens the happiness, health, & well-being of his family. I think first & foremost, Will Smith is the ULTIMATE 'FAMILY MAN' who loves his family with ALL his heart & soul! A GOOD MAN!!!

1373 days ago
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