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Willow Smith

Daddy's Latest Tiny Moneymaker

10/19/2010 5:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Will Smith's 9-year-old daughter Willow Smith just dropped a new music video for her mega-hit song "Whip My Hair" -- and everyone's eating it up ... kids, adults, drag queens, even Muppets. Hey, kid's got range.

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I loved this video, and as you can see daddy is all over it, his videos too have always been fun full of energy as this one is and loved by all, those that speak negatively are just jealous because their kids perhaps are not doing anything....well motivate them...I give props to Will and Jada for having such talented kids....they say the acorn or the apple don't fall to far from the tree....Do your thing lil have a fan in me...

Shame on you all for hating on a family that no doubt pushes there kids to be all they can be....take lessons then perhaps you won't have to bail yours out of jail.

1464 days ago


this kid needs to be outside riding bikes with other kids not making "music" because daddy bought her a record contract , her and her brother jaden annoy me cause not only should they be doing typical kid things but i find them to lack talent altogether , and i'm willing to bet they'll wind up in rehab by the age of 15

1464 days ago


alot of haters on this site :). Go willow :D

1463 days ago


Listen to the lyrics and see how she doesn't care about her haters, she's just trynna have fun... If the smith's kids weren't doing nothing them haters would be like "their parents are famous and they're not doing anything" now that they are doing something yall still on their backs...I have a 10 yr old sis n at home we have no problem letting her listen to it dang people wit their dirty minds there's no stripper thing in it... maybe que cette personne est une stripper dats y lol

1463 days ago


There are plenty of kids around the world with talent. These children will never know what it means to make it on their own. Sad for the others who lose an opportunity.

If "Hollywood" needs a famous kid to get their movies made, shame on them and their focus. I don't care about the famous by association kids, would like more substance by discovering an unknown. Hear me "Star" parents: there are other things your kid could do. Science, Agriculture, Construction, Animal Welfare, Medical care, Eco-Business...take your choice. These are things that people do to make life work, and the world a better place. Singing, acting and dancing doesn't make the world go round. It's a distraction, not at all vital or unique. They are influenced by your values.

1463 days ago


good job kid this niiesha text me on my space

1462 days ago


shes like a mini rihana only better shes what rihana is now so she be much better.

1462 days ago


Congrats to Will and Jada for raising kids to be confident and follow their dreams. Will and Jada are successful, why should we expect anything less from their children???? That's what's wrong with hollywood they want to raise you up one day and crush you the next. She still looks like a little girl and she is singing about people being happy with who they are and not trying to be anybody else but themselves. She's positive

1460 days ago


this song is pretty good but it can get annoying my little sister loves i cant get "i whip my hair back and froth" outta my head i think i might kill her now LOL!!!

1459 days ago


Willow Smith new video is AMAZING, dat lil gurl has talent. Even if Will & Jada wasnt her parents i would still love her song. Ya'll haters need to go get a life. Cuz TRUST & BELIVE they aint worrying bout yall HATTERS.DIS IS MRZ. LUCKY AND JUST KNO WILLOW SMITH GON BLOW UP...............!

1459 days ago


Wow!!!! How adult are we to put down a child? I'm ashame to even read some of your thoughts. Hopefully you don't have children. Our differences is what makes this world go around. Who are we to predict her future? Her parents are aware of the happanings of today. I see them guiding their children along life's path. You say self-destruction, I say assisting them in an industry of their interest an industry they are growing up in. If they were garbage collectors, would you scold the Smith's for sharing their craft with their children.....of course not because it's nowhere near as appealing to comment on. You can not force a child into a career and get this type of product. Aside from the grown-ups dancing... I enjoyed the sound and the video. My children would love for me to be in a position to jumpstart their careers. How about yours? Let's play nice or at least be adult enough to respect this little girl's feelings. How do you know she's not reading this or her little friends?

1458 days ago


omg 2 much haters on this site..willow do ur thang

1410 days ago


Hi cuz i am happy that you made it by your self i love you

1358 days ago

yuslove san    

willow smith and sharina is the greatest 9yrs old girl i ever seen in my life

1285 days ago

yuslove san    

she is great her her cut look like rihana her cut

1280 days ago
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