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Willow Smith

Whippin' It Up in NYC

10/19/2010 8:15 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

The same day her new video was released, nine-year-old pint-sized celebuspawn popstar Willow Smith whipped her hair in NYC on Monday.


How old were you when your first music video came out?


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Molly's Mom    

Here we go again - young child stars who develop into totally dysfunctional adults because they never had a child hood and yes I sat through most of this video with agony - I whoop my hur back! Please -- use some intelligence... and yes these kids have a F-U look on their faces like they are well above everyone else. This video was too adult based for a child - Will and Jada should be ashamed of themselves for allowing a child to do such a thing and get into a business that destroys humans - its nearly like pimping them out.

1404 days ago

Ozzie X    

It's a shame she got her dad's ears.

1404 days ago


Her parents are among the richest and most powerful in Hollywood...based on what their kids are doing, it is apparent Will/Jada plan on shoving the kids down the public's throat. Their talent or lack of it doesn't come into play...Will/Jada know how the game is played. Let's hope the kids are willing participants, at least.

1404 days ago


I am so proud of Willow, she is starting her career and direction in life. I feel that kids today should start out early in life to their path. I feel that this is what is wrong with some of our children today a lack of direction and guidance. I feel that too much Idle time is wasted on trying to be like other people never finding what and who they are until they are ready to leave this earth (Too Late) Willow keep getting power and all the wasted time haters, the clock is ticking. Hate is just like its a disease of the heart,sad. "What a waste of life (Hate of other people)

1404 days ago


The attitudes these poor kids have copped is disgusting. Not even close to being normal kids. The only thing more pathetic than their parents is #25, the new Bozo champion of all time.

1404 days ago


just sounds like a hook to me, Brittnay, Paris, Kim from Atl housewives could sing it..with help of what is now..autotune??
the video makes me dizzy,,all that swingin of the hair and head...yikes!!

1404 days ago


I'm a fence sitter on this one. On the one hand, it's not the kids fault she's the product of famous parents and that she gets breaks because of it. I speak only for myself but I for one AM a bit jealous that she can make a bunch of money without the blood, sweat, and tears others have to put in (and who might never see success even after it).

She's 9, she's trying to be hip, cue the goofy hair and clothes. Now on the flip side, I do think their kids come off as kind of pretentious and snobby looking which DOES surprise me being the product of Will Smith...I always thought he still seemed more humble. If they aren't that way (snobby), then their parents really ought to teach them how to carry themselves better...Their parents are far too experienced in this profession to NOT see their kids images and how they come off. Being confident is one thing, but arrogance is an entirely different beast...and that is what the kids seem like to me.

As for the oldest boy (Trey, isn't it?) perhaps he doesn't really want the spotlight, yet or ever. Kind of like the oldest Osbourne girl, Aimee.

1404 days ago


Showbiz nepotism at it's best. No talent, just attitude and a famous last name...yuck. The brother can't act either...I can't stand the whole bunch.

1404 days ago


Dude, you people are mean! lol. I would hate to have parents like you sitting at my kids talent show! Ok, so the song is kind of annoying, but if it was any other 9 year old girl (that's right people, 9 YEAR OLD!!!)nobody would be saying anything bad! How can you say she's a spoiled brat? You don't know that. She may be, but you don't know that from one freakin picture! lol

1404 days ago

bring back recent posts    

When is Suri's manufactured career gonna start????????..Katie..put the cupcakes down..hurry hurry!

1404 days ago


There's a verse that talks about haters, which is some of you people. You all are haters. You dont know nothing about the Smiths personal life. You're just assuming that Will and Jada are forcing their kids to do these things. It's a shame that adults are attacking child like you all are. You're no different than sex predators. So all you so called mothers and fathers out there that attacking this child and her siblings should be ashamed of themselves. As far as the mother whose children are 19,12, and 3. how would feel if someone made a comment about you having a child 16 years after your 1st born? Some may say it was a mistake.

1404 days ago


And who were the idiots praising Will and Jada as good parents?!?!

1404 days ago

My two cents ;)    

ok look at it this way. She hits "stardom" by 9..Then what else is there for her to do? Adults have problems coping with being the it meal ticket and then being erased when something else comes along to replace you. A nine year old will be negatively affected because face it ALL OF THIS WAS GIVEN TO HER WITHOUT HAVING TO WORK FOR ANY OF IT. Trust me this is only going to end in disaster. How will she be able to be a normal kid learning about life. The entertainment business is not life. The entertainment business is literally smoke and mirrors. It's just gonna end really tragically. Will Smith used to be such a caring dad until Jada entered the picture. She is cold and calculated. Will man be glad that u are not an athlete cause if you got injured she'd move on to the next "opportunity" er um I mean relationship. I am really ashamed of these parents hurting their kids like this. Not being a hater just pointing out the obvious.

1404 days ago

Gayle Miller    

Whatever happened to that thing called childhood? Don't their parents make enough money to support them? Who gives a darn about their so-called talents? I don't and I doubt that many others do either.

Just the bratty self-involved behavior of kids given too much, too soon.

1404 days ago


In all fairness, timmsa, your boys would probably look worse in her clothing that she does...

I am not saying those particular clothes as those clothes are for girls obviously, but I am just saying even if my boys wanted to dress and put on airs like way in hell

1404 days ago
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