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Willow Smith

Whippin' It Up in NYC

10/19/2010 8:15 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

The same day her new video was released, nine-year-old pint-sized celebuspawn popstar Willow Smith whipped her hair in NYC on Monday.


How old were you when your first music video came out?


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Lady lovee     

you alll are some fucin haters it makes me laugh when i seee such negative ppl like all of yalll ! ALL!, this is a genuine good loving family, & you have no right to judge them , this song means to whip your hair because haters cant STANDDD to hate. you guys are pathetic, get a ****in life, cause in all honesty , if we took a look at yall ahahah im sure there would actually be something to talk about.

1462 days ago


I don't mind the look, but what's worst is the lyrics " when I pull over" scientologist get there driving license at 9? Lol and when I get up on stage lol what stage??? The lyrics are fake just like everything else. They should guide there daughter instead of feeding her to the paparazzi this soon!!!!!!

1461 days ago


i don't wanna hear about this brat or her fame hungry family

1461 days ago


Adults are sooo fickle if she don’t follow in her parents foot steps she’s a lazy no talent bum, if she dresses in booty shorts or in a tutu with fishnet stockings she’s a slut, what is wrong with a 9 year old girl dipping her hair in paint and whipping it??? Lol
Justin beiber’s mother had a video of him on youtube, now that’s pimping your child. Ooh but because he is a white boy with a silly hair style it’s alright!!! Besides, if you watched the video it’s really not for adults at all. And for all the mean hateful finger pointing evil spewing people, just because you came to California to be a actor or singer and had to wait tables, sleep in your cars, crash on your buddies sofa and still did not make it, don’t hate the playa hate the game!!! Bawhahahahahah!!

1461 days ago


Comments 1 thru 15. You guys are a bunch of losers. All these comments are stupid!

1460 days ago


These comments are so negative dang how old are these people lol so sad.... en tout cas moi je dirai girl keep doing ur thing u'll go far

1460 days ago


I think ppl in this world are harsh. This is a little girl who is creatively being herself. People are so used to following the traditional way or the SAFE way that they lose their spirit. I think the song is cute for my daughter who is 7.....instead of her singing about overly sexual material. I think people should lay off the SMITH family, they are doing their best and becoming extremely rich out the deal.

1459 days ago


I probaly would enjoy the family a lot more, if they would just
tone down the celeb attitude. All of them act kinda arrogant
when they do interviews. Sort of full of themselves.
Such a turn off. It's hard to really like people who act like
that. I don't mind the "indentity statement" in your fashions,
but it's look like she's over doing the look. It's too
outrageous. An ugly look! The song has a cathcie tune.
I like it.

1459 days ago


hey girl i like ur stiyll.and i love ur new music video it's kool .and i love ur songs girl.

1458 days ago


Is Willow lip-syncing? Something seems a bit off about her performance.

1458 days ago

John Water    

The Internet, the place where total losers come to tell everybody how to live life and how superior their lives are to people 1000% richer than they are. Guess what? You're total misfits and bagging on celebs or talking about how ugly people are who are 1000% better looking than you won't change anything. You have nothing but crappy comments submitted to TMZ.

They have everything. Losers.

1457 days ago


i think she is odd and want to experiment with different styles i dnt see no one talking how all those other celeb kids dress !!! get a life ! and let willow live hers.

1457 days ago


Wow you people need to get some lives.. Hating on a 9yr olds clothes? really??? The girl has more individual style than most of the "school uniform clones of america". It's alright though.. hate on haters with your empty pockets and wish you were her mentalities. She will make more money on that one song than all of you combined in your whole life. And 9 years old! So what she has attitude.. better than powder up her nose flashing her naughty bits to the world and creating catch phrases like "that's hot" while being about as intelligent as a brick. She comes from a good family of respectable people... give the girl a break and let her do her thing

1456 days ago


I think she looks nice. I'm nine and i have a girlfreind so shut the $%@# up!

1456 days ago

nessy messy    

cant believe yall judge smith family is because they got money and can do whatever they want to do with thier children. I dont think they force their child to do what they wanted them to do. jayden and willow seem they are being themselve and dress they feel. whip my hair is off the chain, she rocks and got talent to bring more to the future, possible as a role model and sorry if her clothes bring you to neagative comments, stop judging how they do and how they live, they born to be great as like everybody else that got a dream too! keep your haters on the grind, girl!

1435 days ago
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