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No Evidence of Tweeting In Dr. Frank Ryan Fatal Crash

10/20/2010 7:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Famous plastic surgeon Dr. Frank Ryan died because of an "unsafe turning movement" ... and there is no evidence it was caused by driving while tweeting.

Dr. Frank Ryan tweeting.
The California Highway Patrol has completed its investigation into the August 16 crash on Pacific Coast Highway.  CHP investigators concluded Dr. Ryan's 1995 Jeep Wrangler drifted to the right and off a rocky embankment after the "unsafe turning movement."

The CHP says, "There was no evidence of any other contributing factors in the cause of this collision."

There was wide speculation Dr. Ryan was distracted because he had been tweeting, but the CHP didn't have the goods to draw that conclusion.

Dr. Ryan's dog, Jill, was seriously hurt in the crash but survived.


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What's an "ianvestigation" ??

1407 days ago


wow... takes less than a 3rd grade education to work there huh... No journalism skills or spelling skills required.

Had no idea CPA's did crash investigations either... learning a lot today!

1407 days ago

bring back recent posts    

doesn't matter, poor guy!

1407 days ago


Perhaps the dog did something that created a moment's distraction at just the wrong time. I usually have my dog with me in the car, and even the best-behaved pup will at times do something that diverts our attention.

1407 days ago


unsafe turning movement? that's an understatement.

1407 days ago


Sounds like it could have been an "unsafe NON-turning movement". In other words, he went straight off a cliff.

1407 days ago

Thank God the dog is okay.

1407 days ago


Judging from that picture of him, he was not exactly a walking billboard for cosmetic surgery, was he?

1407 days ago


Really? A certified public accountant was there? What does a CPA have to do with anything???

1407 days ago


I hope this was already checked out, but did the doctors confirm that he did NOT die of a heart attack? He'd said that the hiking was tougher on him than he thought, so I keep thinking that maybe he had a heart attack at the wheel. Do they check these things when they autopsy after a car wreck?

1407 days ago


Sorry don't know where else to ask. WHAT HAPPENED TO MAX'S FACE ?? !!!

1407 days ago


Those Jeep Wranglers are notorious for rolling/flipping. Especially the older ones.

1407 days ago


Sorry don't know where else to ask. WHAT HAPPENED TO MAX'S FACE ?? !!!

Posted at 4:12 PM on Oct 20, 2010 by Allison

He was clowning around with some of his buds. Said they were wrestling and he got the booboo. I think MTL was right and she socked him. I'm thinking he wiped out on his surf board but doesn't want to cop to it LOL.

1407 days ago


I feel awful to say this...but wasn't he making enough money to buy a better car than a 1995 Jeep?I mean anybody making more than 25k a year can have better car. Just with client like Heidi Montag he made 2-3 millions...

1407 days ago


One thing that I keep wondering about whenever I read these stories about the good Dr. is if this was suicide. Being someone who works with other people who have suicidal feelings and have survived suicide attempts, not to mention dealing with suicidal thoughts and attempts myself before I got help, something about this "accident" keeps bringing up red flags. One does not have to be a walking billboard for depression to be someone who commits suicide. It is usually those who hold in all their feelings that end up being the ones that not only attempt but succeed. After the Heidi Montag debacle, he did receive a good bit of bad press about doing so many surgeries on a young woman who obviously did not need it.Once a highly respected surgeon, he was then facing accusations of not caring about his patients and being nothing more than a publicity hound. I am sure he did not go into it thinking he would get this kind of backlash, but he did get it as a result of getting in over his head with this many surgical procedures at one time on someone who may or may have not been able to withstand the trauma to the body.. I am not saying it was a suicide but reading these stories make my suicide radar go off the charts.
God bless the good doctors soul that he may have peace, that he may have been financially well off enough to be able to will enough money to his family to keep them well off financially (another reason to commit suicide in such a way, so that the life insurance doesn't balk the large amount). Hopefully in time, all the haters on here concerning his death may have some understanding.

1407 days ago
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