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Glee Photo Shoot Draws Fire

'Borders on Pedophilia'

10/20/2010 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The producers of "Glee" are taking some serious heat over a sexually charged photo shoot involving three cast members -- with one powerful parents group saying the pictorial "borders on pedophilia."


The Parents Television Council has released a statement thrashing producers for allowing Dianna Agron, Cory Monteith and Lea Michele to participate in a "hyper-sexualized" photo shoot for the November issue of GQ -- despite the fact that both actresses are 24 years old and Corey is 28.

The PTC declares, “It is disturbing that GQ, which is explicitly written for adult men, is sexualizing the actresses who play high school-aged characters on ‘Glee’ in this way. It borders on pedophilia."

The statement continues, "By authorizing this kind of near-pornographic display, the creators of the program have established their intentions on the show’s direction. And it isn’t good for families."

So we gotta ask ...



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Uncle Rufus    

Mmmm...mmmm....mmmmmmmm...TAPPIN' DAT A$$$$$$$! least THIS will "maybe" make people like me stop thinking GLEE is TOTALLY GAY & watch it now!

1441 days ago


Another thing that burns me up...all the photos of women with a sucker in their mouth. We all know that it's about the **** sucking. When are mens images gonna be demoralized? In the moves,magazine anything really. The males image always appears squeaky clean. All the while the female always plays the role of the whore. Is always sexed up. Nothing wrong with a woman being sexy. But it's high time women wake up an see things for what it is. The female body is being demoralized.

Posted at 12:00 PM on Oct 20, 2010 by Proud2BeFemale

WTG! Great post.

Posted at 1:42 PM on Oct 20, 2010 by paladine

GLEE in NOT a family show ... it is a grown man's wet dream of they wish high school had been like with a little music thrown it. In it men are men and all the girls are whores or want to be whores. They threw in a couple of gays charactors to applease gay people........

Hollywood is run by MEN who would dress their mothers like whores if it brought in money. They think nothing of dressing young girls up like strippers and have them bump and grind their way through a song. The are in the business of selling sex music...on tv ...everywhere
they refuse to look at real women and dictate that only women size 0 are sexy and attractive ...Every show and commercial on TV will show you that . I can't believe how skinny the women are getting , they look like skeletons with skins . It hurts to look at them.
If I had a choose between a thick juicy T-bone steak and a skinny rib rack I"m going for the T-bone !!!!

1441 days ago


The reason most of us do not see this as a sign of the over-sexualization of children is because we aren't sexually attracted to children. It is true that the sexually repressed are often afflicted with a perversion of desire and subsequently find themselves attracted to images that cause them tremendous guilt. So they attempt to alleviate this guilt by lashing out as this group has so clearly done. This is to prove to anyone that will listen that they are sexually healthy but they simply are not. How can you determine something is sexually obscene if it doesn't first turn you on?

1441 days ago


You would never guess that these three are pre-teenagers. Amazing what technology can do. I have to agree, though, the one in pink especially is dressed way too provocatively for a toddler / middle-schooler (or whatever the PTC claims she is).

1441 days ago


To those who keep posting "They're of legal age" "Since when is it illegal to bang a 24 year old" .. you're missing the point.. they're portraying in the pictures TEENAGERS... not 24 year olds.. how many 24 year olds do you see trolling around in the hallways against their lockers ? Cmon, use common sense.. again, for those who don't "Get It" the pics are giving the portrayl of TEENAGERS not of legal age adults.. get it ???? It's wrong.. I've banned this show from the house, along with Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and all other performers that are catering to the younger tweens and giving bad images.. enough already.

1441 days ago

J0hnny Carnage    

Sorry to the commenter above (Leesa), but no.. they're doing a photo shoot of THEMSELVES. Just because they're on Glee doesn't mean that they are portraying THOSE CHARACTERS on the cover.

Also: how about instead of necessarily censoring everything in your house hold, you TEACH your kids ethics and what you believe to be "right and wrong" instead of censoring everything? Trust me, when they get older and you try to censor everything, they're going to rebel against it.

Anyways: the PTC is, has been, and always WILL BE way too high on their horses for anyone to take them seriously. So.. if the original 90210 was still on TV and wicked popular, the actor that played Dylan would get chewed out for posing shirtless on a magazine cover or something despite he was like.. 78 years old playing a teenager on the show? C'mon, get over it.

1441 days ago


The youngest people on this cover have been adults for 6 years and are wearing more than some teenagers wear to the beach.
How is this even an issue?

They could have legally been in the porn industry for over half a decade! Bringing up pedophilia is ridiculous in this case. Save that social commentary for the actual underage chicks acting slut_ty like Miley or Momsen.

1441 days ago


People who think this, obviously don't actually know the definition of pedophilia.

1441 days ago


I guess I sort of understand what they mean about them playing high school kids and then being on a cover dressed like this. This show is not a family show. I would never let my young kids watch it. come to think of it, I don't really know what their demographic is supposed to be. It can't be for younger kids cause the subject matter and stuff like that is way too mature for young kids.. older teens maybe, but these pictures are definitely NOT printed for young teens. GQ is an older men's magazine and I don't know how many older males watch a show like glee. Makes me wonder what the point of this mag spread was in the first place. Young teens and young adults aren't buying this mag... are they.

On the other hand, I don't know why they thought this show was for families anyway. This isn't the first time they've put girls in their underwear and taken pictures of them. And it certainly won't be the last. they're all over the age of consent and are all grown adults. so it's not pedophilia (unless they meant that grown men would be looking at the pictures but picturing them as the high school kids they play on TV.. which isn't quite the same thing)...

I guess I sort of understand what they mean, but no one really cares... like I said, I just don't really know why they did this shoot in the first place.

1441 days ago


I really like Glee, but this is just unnecessary. Why is it that everything in this country has to be sexualized? Even commercials that have nothing to do with sex have sexualized themes to them. I realize that Glee has become more sexualized this season, but it isn't necessary to have pictures of Lea Michele in tiny underwear spreading her legs in a magazine. It made me lose some respect for her. I also hate the fact that she lost a crap load of weight--she looked great how she was! But, that's another thought...

1441 days ago


Since when Glee is a "FAMILY" show??? I'm a #1 Fan of the show but I would not let my 7 year old watch it...

1441 days ago


It hardly borders on pedophillia they are 24 and 28 for **** sake, what is scary is Lea Michelle's bangs and the fact that Cory is playing a highschool boy poor guy guess nothing else out there for him, they don't even look like highschool students Ryan Murphy is laughable.

1441 days ago


I enjoy Glee, however, it is definitely not something that should or could be considered a family show. The musical part of the show is great but the story lines are very sophisticated.

1441 days ago


The fact that most people don't have a problem with this is the real problem!

1441 days ago


There's nothing wrong with it. No one seems to mind that Kellan Lutz is the new face of Calvin Klein underwear despite the fact that he plays a high school vampire in the Twilight series. If parents are going to complain, they should do so indiscriminately.

1441 days ago
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