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Glee Photo Shoot Draws Fire

'Borders on Pedophilia'

10/20/2010 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The producers of "Glee" are taking some serious heat over a sexually charged photo shoot involving three cast members -- with one powerful parents group saying the pictorial "borders on pedophilia."


The Parents Television Council has released a statement thrashing producers for allowing Dianna Agron, Cory Monteith and Lea Michele to participate in a "hyper-sexualized" photo shoot for the November issue of GQ -- despite the fact that both actresses are 24 years old and Corey is 28.

The PTC declares, “It is disturbing that GQ, which is explicitly written for adult men, is sexualizing the actresses who play high school-aged characters on ‘Glee’ in this way. It borders on pedophilia."

The statement continues, "By authorizing this kind of near-pornographic display, the creators of the program have established their intentions on the show’s direction. And it isn’t good for families."

So we gotta ask ...



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Stupid People Hater    

The photos are a little sexy but big deal. 1/3 of teens are sexting photos to each other. This creates buzz for the show which generates viewers. I would say these groups just more attention to it which only helps the ratings of the show.

Damn that brunette is hot though. I think the photos are airbrushing/photoshopping quite a few pounds off the women's bodies but they are fun to look at.

1473 days ago

Oval Beach    

MY Eff'n GOD. Corey (yum) is 28 years OLD...and the girls are no longer girls...they are 24 for crying out loud. Let the HOT fella have a good time on the cover with these 2 adult sluts and leave GLEE alone. If you ask me...those who complained about the cover have serious issues that even I was unable to derive out of my own fantasies. If you are thinking pedophilia...then perhaps it is YOU that needs the help.

1473 days ago


how is it pedophilia. they aernt kids. they are 24 and 28.

but yea the glee episodes have been very sexy.
fox needs to stop calling the show family watching.
is glee's target audience teens/20 yr olds or kids under 13?

1473 days ago


Their characters are teens..not the actors. Not pedophilia.

1473 days ago

Ron S    

There is nothing wrong with the picture. All the participants are over 18, and considered adult, There is less skin exposure than on most Daytime TV Soaps where lots of suggestive behavior runs rampant. Glee is a true to life show on High School Glee Club with amazing talent. Those who see it as pedophilia need to look in their own closets or are guilty of those feelings. There are racier billboards in public view all over big American cities.

1473 days ago


As a mother, I'm tired of all these groups telling us what is right and wrong for our children. There's nothing wrong with the pics. Every little thing is now judged by people who think they know better than us. These pics show adults not children like Miley. They should worry about their own families and let us decide for our own. We do not need to hear everytime they have a complaint.

1473 days ago

No comment    

I am not religious, but I think it is too much when these actors portray h.s. aged kids. I thought Lea Michele had more class. Her character wouldn't wear this stuff. It just goes to reinforces all you need is a sex tape to be famous, or be a slut.

1473 days ago


Glee is not a kids show and the fact all the actors are over age means there is nothing wrong with those pictures. I think these groups are running out of things to B*$ch about so they find any little thing they can. Anyone who watches the show knows its not for kids, it covers too many adult situations. More to the point GQ isn't a kids magazine either....GET A LIFE PEOPLE.

1473 days ago


I love organizations who protest everything. This issue will be GQ's best selling issue ever.

1473 days ago

Bruce Zoldak    

How about the parent groups STFU and get a life.

1473 days ago


Lol seriously, all the ppl are consenting adults. The complainers are probably the same ones who looked at pictures of Briney in a school uniform which imo was more sexually charged, as was the whole nature of her video.

Ppl need to get a grip.

1473 days ago


People have to be smart enough to differentiate between 17-18 year old characters and 24-28 year old actors... Come on, find something worth while, like drug trafficing to our children, to worry about.

1473 days ago

you know it    

Even though you may not think of it as sexually overcharged it still perpetuates sexual immoral behavior in all aspects of every day life. Even the smallest of innuendos is harmful to our society. It is only getting worse as our society accepts each and every step. One day we will accept people having sex on the front lawn and say it is in violation of our constitutional right to do so. Trust me that is not far away.

1473 days ago

Chi-city momma    

Last time I checked, 24 & 28 are both ADULT ages. PTC needs to focus their energy on something else...

1473 days ago


Oh BEWARE of the One's who cry the LOUDEST about morals and all,
They are the one's you better keep your eye on.. I would BET most of the PTC have some serious issues in their own closets, never fails..

1473 days ago
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