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Gloria Allred: I Smell a Meg Whitman Rat

10/20/2010 7:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gloria Allred says she's been sandbagged by Meg Whitman -- in a crass attempt to win the election in spite of the undocumented housekeeper scandal.


Gloria and her client, Nicky Diaz Santillan, Whitman's former housekeeper, were supposed to appear today before the California Labor Commission ... to formally protest Whitman's refusal to pay Santillan for work she did. 

But the hearing was mysteriously continued until November 17 ... two weeks after the election. A rep from the state agency tells TMZ ... the hearing was continued because Gloria wanted to amend the legal papers she filed with the Labor Commission.

But Gloria is calling BS, claiming she never asked for a continuance and believes this is a power play to get Meg elected Governor. Gloria says, "If this is how she treats her Latina housekeeper, it does not bode well for how she may treat working people if heaven forbid she is elected."

As for Meg, her camp tells us, "Someone needs to tell Gloria Allred that her political circus has left town."

Gloria's parting shot ... "This is not EBay and we are not buying the lies she is selling."


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Gloria go AWAY!!! You are such a media Whor3 wannaB celebrity! Why don't you quit acting like you want to "help" people and tell it like it is. This is the only way you can get your ugly dog mug in the news!

1464 days ago


Sometimes nobody is the good guy. In this case it is a couple egomaniacs butting heads.

1464 days ago

my opinion    

SARAH...Do you live in California? There is no need to call names.


1464 days ago


Even if GA did not "ask" for a continuance, her filing an amended pleading requires that the other person have additional time to respond. She cannot file an amendment and then complain that the hearing had to be continued.

1464 days ago


Gloria, Your Client Is A Criminal for stealing someones identity! Seems nowadays you can break the law and get away with it because you're a poor illegal Alien. I'm a first generation American who's family descends form Mexico, I know for a fact the Dems take our votes for granted. The reason I know this is that they had the Majority in the Senate House and Executive and you can PASS whatever the Hell they wanted! Dems blame the Republicans, then they got parrots out there repeating their lies. It comes down to that you don't know the facts and they know you will be a parrot for their party, YOU ARE TOO STUPID TO KNOW THE FACTS. DEMS HAD THE MAJORITY AND NOW THEY ARE GOING TO LOSE IT! ANOTHER THING CA IS IN THE TOILET WITH 3 TRILLION OWED TO PENSION FOR PUBLIC WORKER AND JERRY BROWN IS BEHOLDEN TO THE PUBLIC WORKERS UNION. JERRY BROWN WAS THE ONE WHO ALLOWED PUBLIC WORKERS TO BECOME UNIONIZED!

1464 days ago


since when does an illegal alien have any rights? ship her back to where she came from and call it a done deal.

1464 days ago


Allred is a better TV Huckster than an attorney

1464 days ago


Can we have a new category to file things under please. We can call it WHO CARES and put Gloria, Oksana, Octomom and Lindsey in it. Honesty Gloria, you are an insult to our intelligence with your transparency.

1464 days ago


Someone wanted to know if there was an uglier woman out there than Meg Whitman? Are you kidding? Whoopi Goldberg hands down!!

1464 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Team Whitman.. Team Fiornia... Enough of these career politicians in California.

1464 days ago


janadota: Where are you getting your BS from? Are you just making it up as you go? You need to go work for Allred. She's angry because her plans to smear Meg didn't work out. She'll dump that poor Hispanic woman now and she'll probably be deported or prosecuted for all her crimes that Allred revealed in her attempt to use her against Meg. Allred is a user and that woman is of no use to her now.

1464 days ago


This attorney should be disbarred. She is nothing but trash and will do ANYTHING for MONEY or for CAMERAS.

1464 days ago


Gloria please go away!!
Don't you have a hookers reunion you need to scout for new clients??

1464 days ago


You can hate Gloria all you want... but she's not running for GOVERNOR you nitwits! Gloria's not the point and she is being used as a red herring for you witless Bozos to deflect the topic away from Meg the liar running for GOVERNOR. Meg Nitwit couldn't run Ebay let alone California! She couldn't even run her own maid for Christs sake! She got creamed in the debates and Jerry Brown is ahead of Nitwit and gaining more separation every day. Brown is now 8 percent ahead of her in the polls. Meg couldn't fool folks for long... she is a proven LIAR... and she is already LOSING folks. Duh.Anyone with half a brain will vote for Jerry Brown, as I will. Why does Billionaire Meg want this job sooooo bad????? Why is she is paying 200 million to run California? She could donate that to the schools if she wanted to do something useful. Meg Witless makes me want to hurl.

1464 days ago


Only thing I want to see is Meg pay Nicky Diaz Santillan the little amount she owes the maid for going to the store.

Then I want to see Nicky Diaz Santillan In cuffs arrested for the Federal offense of using a Social Security Card. And when her time in Jail is up i want to see her on the Big Bus back to Mexico.

End of Story

1464 days ago
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