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Gloria Allred: I Smell a Meg Whitman Rat

10/20/2010 7:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gloria Allred says she's been sandbagged by Meg Whitman -- in a crass attempt to win the election in spite of the undocumented housekeeper scandal.


Gloria and her client, Nicky Diaz Santillan, Whitman's former housekeeper, were supposed to appear today before the California Labor Commission ... to formally protest Whitman's refusal to pay Santillan for work she did. 

But the hearing was mysteriously continued until November 17 ... two weeks after the election. A rep from the state agency tells TMZ ... the hearing was continued because Gloria wanted to amend the legal papers she filed with the Labor Commission.

But Gloria is calling BS, claiming she never asked for a continuance and believes this is a power play to get Meg elected Governor. Gloria says, "If this is how she treats her Latina housekeeper, it does not bode well for how she may treat working people if heaven forbid she is elected."

As for Meg, her camp tells us, "Someone needs to tell Gloria Allred that her political circus has left town."

Gloria's parting shot ... "This is not EBay and we are not buying the lies she is selling."


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I smell trouble for Gloria. I don't understand how she can be a good lawyer when her reasoning are faulty. If court listen to Nikki's case then any non-immigrant can lodge a false case against their past employer.

1409 days ago


harvey what the h e l l do have going on with this W H O RE

1409 days ago



1409 days ago


I am so tired of seeing Gloria Allred's ugly mug..Get a life. We need Meg Whitman in office. I am soo tired of Gloria always trying to get her face on TV. She is very desperate and needs to stay at home. I agree with the previous comment, the housekeeper needs to be deported NOW.

1409 days ago

Jeff Becker    

How do you know when Gloria Allred is lying? When her lips move.

1409 days ago


Does Gloria Allred know she lost any ounce of credibility she may have had YEARS ago? She is just a fame whoring ambulance chaser with a bunch of money grubbing whores for clients.

If that ex-maid really wanted to file a legitimate lawsuit against Whitman, she should have gotten a real attorney. Gloria Allred is a joke.

1409 days ago

cbadmum just need to leave the poplitics alone. They are both politicians and they are both full of crap. I have no interest in your editorializing in politics. Stick to entertainment.

1409 days ago


I'm a Mexican American and feel that Nicky Diaz Santillan's should be happy she's not in jail for fraud. It's crazy how she feels she earned her right to be here by lying.

1409 days ago


What's the difference between hiring an illegal immigrant and being hired by one?

1409 days ago


Oh shut up Gloria!

1409 days ago


First of all, what does Whitman owe the housekeeper? She paid her $20+ an hour?!?! Wow!! I think I need to get into housekeeping!

Also, it looks as though 'undo***ented' gets censored because it has a 'c', a 'u', and an 'm'?! That's funny! What about 'magna *** laude'? **** Cheney? *****willow?

1409 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

not that i suport whitman or anything, but does whoria allred EVER do anything good?

or does she just set out to publicy DESTROY everyone else's image?

1408 days ago


Don't any of you stupid Californians remember Jerry's last time in the governor's office? Guess this is a good case in point against legalizing pot!

1408 days ago


Gloria wanted to keep this in the news until after the election when she will resign from the case and the woman will be deported because Gloria has exposed all the illegal things she did to stay in this country. Gloria has no scruples and if she has to abuse the system to get what she wants she will do it. Jerry Brown has shown his true colors by running with this non-story and he is just as pathetic. I guess Californians like losers and that's why it's going down the tubes. Oh well, it couldn't last forever.

1408 days ago


Please.....go away Gloria! You've overplayed your hand on this one.

1408 days ago
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