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Lindsay -- Work Can Be Hazardous to Her Health

10/23/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's management team is already lining up projects for the actress as soon as she steps out of rehab in 2011 ... but LiLo's closest friends are concerned that rushing her back into the spotlight could be a dangerous move.


Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ, Lohan's team has been devouring movie scripts, furiously setting up meetings, and organizing fashion projects, all in anticipation of LiLo's release from rehab -- January 3, 2011.

But one friend tells us the people who still care about LiLo's well-being feel that she "shouldn’t be working the first week. She shouldn’t be working the first couple months. She needs to be attending daily meetings to stay on track for sobriety." Another adds, “Lindsay needs to focus on herself for some time."

As we previously reported, LiLo has recently expressed concern about her career and her crumbling fashion line. But according to her probation officer, Lindsay also acknowledged that her "lifestyle" is filled with temptation.

Fortunately, Lindsay will have a couple of months to think about her next move.



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This whole group of so called people that care about Lindsey are
a bunch of low lifes.

1438 days ago


In People magazine she says she cannot afford to stay in rehab and needs to work. The article states that she has been working on her clothing line from rehab through her partner and making money. And...

Gee, she bought a brand new Porsche after her first rehab stint ordered by the first judge, and this was after her multimillion dollar court settlement to her from the "Lindsay is a milkaholic" ad on TV. She is still in denial and lies like a rug.

1438 days ago


I think the judge, doctors and counselors in the PO report all fell off the same turnip truck.
Why bother keeping her there through New Years when she’ll have New Years Eve through Sunday off Betty Ford’s grounds?

That judge deserves another egg on his face

1438 days ago


You are right.
That stupid DUCK lip thing is just ugly.. and with Lohan's now irritating demeanor regarding court and her life, and the stupid outfits she wears, I think she is slowly losing her marble.
By the way... Lindsay really needs to stop shooting Bondo (or whatever) in to her upper lip. She looks like a duck. It's hard to sell the idea that you're not mentally ill when you constantly inject your upper lip to make it appear fatter.

Posted at 1:48 AM on Oct 23, 2010 by Carvey

1438 days ago


Why would anybody in their right mind send movie scripts to someone in rehab for at least the next 2 months and then on probation for more months - with a history of violating probation and getting entangled yet again in courtroom drama? Sounds like a PR lie to me.

Lindsay needs the burden of financially supporting herself and others lifted so she can focus on learning to live sober and happy, forming a whole new set of habits. Usually people who are sick and run-down can stay for free with family until they're really ready to try to get a job. Maybe she needs other options, but definitely pushing her right back into what passes for work in Hollywood sounds like a fundamentally bad idea. Wish the judge had sentenced her to 6 months of rehab instead, might have been the only way for her to avoid the vultures long enough to have a chance of real recovery.

Can't she just sublet any residences she has (rehab is probably costing a lot less than living in LA...) and sell what she owns? She apparently has huge stocks of stuff she's bought but never used. What would they do if she had a physical illness that kept her from working for a long, uncertain period? Prop her up, attach strings, and move her like a puppet regardless? The family etc. need to treat this just as seriously, and they need to prepare for a long time essentially unemployed.

1438 days ago


I was forced to watch all of Lindsay's teen movies with my kids, and I think that she is a pretty good actress. If she can get her act together, and lose the odd-looking duck lips, an acting career is still possible. However, she has never proved herself to be a bankable adult actor, and it seems unlikely that any serious filmmaker would want to take a risk on her at this point.
Unfortunately, not working is just what she does not need. Even successful actors have loads of free time on their hands, and they need to find productive hobbies. Lohan's hobby appears to be partying, and that has obviously been harmful to her.
I don't hold much hope for a good outcome in this case, because she and the people nearest to her don't have a history of good decision making.

1438 days ago


I think it's high time her lawyer steps up to a microphone and starts to deny all the BS being spread on the basis of a probation report ( which is a FACTUAL status report on what's happening with a defendant,nothing more and nothing less ) because now media like People magazine are starting to interpret that report .

If it says in that report she has financial difficulties you can be 100% damn sure that is the case . Problem for her isn't just cost of rehab though. Think about legal fees, the fact she is STILL supporting her entire family etc.
She needs a trustee who starts to liquidate some of her assets now . And she needs a new manager as well. It's obvious Dina is either unwilling or incapable of dealing with both her daughter's mental and physical well being as well as her professional career ( nor should she,she's a mum )

1438 days ago

Jade evergreen    

Then Lindsay should fire her mommy dearest asap and tell her mommy to look for a job but right now Lindsay need to be more focus on getting clean instead worrying about her fashion line

1438 days ago


By Management Team you mean Mom, right? The Money Grubbing Dina a.k.a. Lohan's biggest enabler? Why would she have her daughter's best interests at heart when there's so much money to be made and Dina's broke? Of course she needs Linds to work immediately. All those cross-country flights ain't cheap.

1438 days ago


Just how gullible are you? It says in the probation report that "Lindsay Lohan told her probation officer that continued, inpatient treatment would be a hardship financially, and damaging to her career ... this according to Probation Department docs." The do***ents, prepared for today's hearing, say, "The defendant says her clothing line is falling apart because she is not available to monitor the product."

You're going to believe what Lindsay said? Do you believe that the pants were not hers? Do you believe that the guy in the orange shirt was driving? Or maybe you believe that the guy in the striped shirt was driving? You most certainly must believe that she's not an addict either since that's what she said too?

Please...what she says can't be trusted. She doesn't know how to tell the truth. That's half the problem with her.

1438 days ago


@106 You're assuming waaay too much on the basis of that report . The judge had that report and countless other information sources to which he alone was privy and decided on the basis of all the information continued treatment was the best solution. Yet here you are ,basing conclusions on just that report and on what you read on gossip sites. Now who is gullible??

1438 days ago


Is this the best that TMZ can do...Lindsay, day in-day out?

1438 days ago



Here is your statement: "If it says in that report she has financial difficulties you can be 100% damn sure that is the case ."

So, you're the one saying it's 100% true because Lindsay says it is. Lindsay has a bridge to sell you...

1438 days ago


@ilovegossip no, because that report is a SUMMARY . The underlying evidence for what is in it ( extensive medical reports,financial information etc. i.e. PROOF for what is in it ) was not made public. Thus I can say it is 100% certain what is in it,is correct information.It's turned in as evidence at a court hearing so it is always backed up by supplementary information and sources.

1438 days ago


she was attractive until her lips took over half her face

1438 days ago
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