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Joe Jackson -- I Want Half a Billion Bucks

10/20/2010 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's dad, Joe Jackson, wants somewhere between $10 million and $500 million from Dr. Conrad Murray to compensate him for the loss of his son's support ... this according to new documents obtained by TMZ.

In the docs -- part of Joe's wrongful death lawsuit -- he claims the money he seeks is in "the realistic range of provable damages."

Joe says 20% of his damages are for loss of support, 40% are for emotional distress and 40% are for "loss of comfort, aid, society and companionship."

And this is huge ... Dr. Murray says he's broke and can't settle anything because his insurance company is refusing to cover him.

Joe's lawyer, Brian Oxman, also says he may take the depositions of more than 60 people who have info regarding Jackson's death.

Dr. Murray says in his new filings he does not want to sit for a deposition until after the criminal case runs its course.  It's a whole 5th Amendment thing.


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King's Ransom - Pt. 2.........
-#99: Hey HumanNature! Yeah, they say it's typical of doctors to know how to hide their assets as a hedge against suits, but hopefully we won't have to depend on Murray's hidden assets, which are probably with that babymama, Nicole....hopefully the DA will make the connection between Murray and AEG......
-#101: Scott, you're right, but that won't save Murray from Katherine and Joe's civil suits against him..........
-#106: Fan/aq or whatever, there is NO PROOF that Michael took Propofol prior to Murray giving him that fatal dosage...unless you're talking about when he had surgery....
Thought you at LEAST had more sense than to buy into the Media Spin to corroborate your tales...oh yeah, you have your OWN negative spin against him....
You always sound like you have an axe to sure your last names' not Arviso or Chandler?
-#122: Hey Siggisiss! I still can't quite wrap my head around Joe having a book--too funny!! Not that I don't think he has quite the colorful story to tell, but I think most people would agree he's not the most AUTHENTIC you'd have to take most of what he says with a HUGE grain of salt........
-#151: Hey Chico--great post!! You wrote:
So the Jacksons are doing the right thing here. They are HITTING THEM ON BOTH SIDES, and let the cards fall where they may. Murray's gonna SNITCH on AEG, and then AEG is going to have to pay the Jacksons every last dime they ever made from Michael Jackson. I cannot wait for that day; the day we finally see justice for Michael Jackson. RIP MJ, we miss you and love you more than you ever knew.
Posted at 10:50 PM on Oct 20, 2010 by Chico
-#166: Hey MiMi! Jermy and Toya did a Tribute at the Mobo's? Oye. Have to say I'm just GRATEFUL they didn't air that show here. It's enough we already have to deal with the O-word and her crappy attempts to milk Michael for all he's worth....
Can't wait until Jermy finally gets the message that it's HOPELESS for him, and his future is so dull, you have to wear BI-FOCALS....LOL x 50!!
After all, it IS their responsibility to keep his legacy ALIVE, not damage it with a bunch of UNINSPIRED, AMATEURISH performances!!!
-#169: Hey MiMi!! That Cirque show on Michael is one thing I DO plan to attend!! I actually would LOVE to be in on the Pre-production phase of this, but obligations prevent me from being able to commit to being in Vegas that long. I'm positive this show is going to be a HUGE HIT, compared to the Elvis one....WHO'S BAD!!

1422 days ago


King's Ransom - Pt. 3..........
-#227, 232: Janala and Moni, you guys are kidding me, right? Let me say most people know this is a sore subject with me, but I want to try and see if you can understand the OTHER side of the coin I'm on. It's not about trying to ABSOLVE Michael of any sin he committed as if he was God, he made many mistakes like the rest of us, but to accuse him of doing something when you have NO PROOF, just the thread of hearsay, is just plain wrong....
Moni, you asked what people would do if they found irrefutable proof that Michael was an addict, and to answer for myself: NOTHING. He would still be in the same place in my heart as always, only I would of course be sad that he struggled with that problem....
And of course it goes without saying that we all KNOW he had a problem with pain meds in '93, as he admitted as much and went to rehab, HOWEVER, is there a reason why you guys CAN'T seem to accept that he DID NOT have a problem post the '93 dependancy on Demerol?
Because that's what I see every time I read a post on this from especially you, Janala. It seems that regardless of the fact that there is no DO***ENTED PROOF that he was on drugs--and no simply thinking he "looked high" is NOT proof--you still maintain the fact that he was....therefore you are accusing him of something based on APPEARANCE or HEARSAY--same as the TABLOIDS!!
Thing is, even when LisaMarie was confronted with the issue, all she seemed to be able to say is that he appeared high or "out of it" when she picked him up at Klein's office...well, big WHOOP, everyone KNOWS that Klein was doing reconstructive work on his face and gave him local anaesthetics, so of course he came out of there loopy. Are we all drug addicts just because we get anaesthesia for Dental work? Oye.
Bottom line, I really wish you would quit beating this drum when there's no music to support it. Let me spell it out for you:
-The only DRUGS in him at the time of death were the BENZOS AND PROPOFOL that MURRAY admittedly gave him....Michael didn't FEED himself with anything!!!
-In fact, there is NO PROOF that Michael even ASKED for Propofol, we only have Murray and Nurse Cherilyn's word for it--two very SUSPECT individuals, IMO....
Michael had enough enemies dragging his name down without so-called fans joining in, and if you're calling him a drug addict--or anything NEGATIVE, you're in company with all of the other haters who attempted to TRASH his name, IMO, and I KNOW that's not what you intend....
I know we've had this discussion before, but it's always a sore point with me when someone tries to accuse Michael of something they THINK he did based on hearsay and conjecture. SHOW ME THE PROOF!! Unless you were actually with him all of those years and SAW him taking drugs, you have no leg to stand on with this. How would you feel if you or YOUR family member were constantly accused of something you didn't do?
IMO, the drug accusations are just as bad as the molestation accusations, where people CONVICTED him in their minds based on APPEARANCES and HEARSAY....
Think about it......
-#240: Hey Nan! Great post as always! You're right--I don't trust LisaMarie nor O, both did this Interview for their own selfish gain. You could even see the strain in Lisa Marie's eyes....she appeared SKETCHY at best, with her lack of eye contact and eyes shifting all over the place....Talk about COHERENT? She wouldn't know coherent if it jumped up and bit her!
Yep, she spilled her guts about everything but what really mattered, and if Oprah was a REAL Journalist, she would've asked her about the proposed CD Michael was going to produce for her back then, and if his failure to do so is the reason she decided to reneg on having his children, when she had signed a prenup to do it BEFORE they got married........
I also think LisaMarie did that Interview to absolve her own demons. I'm not trying to say Michael was a victim here--he did his damage to their relationship, too, but what I sense with Michael is that he doesn't have the kind of Killer Instinct that would be the one to START the trouble, he's kind to a fault, until you cross him--it's the way many of us were don't START the fight, but you do FINISH it.......
So when LisaMarie reneged on her agreement to have babies, in essence, she STARTED the fight. When she took her children on vacay with her ex, she CONTINUED it, and when Michael threatened to have Deb replace her, and eventually did, he ENDED it......
Yes, it's a sorry state of affairs, but they did it to each other. And I have NO TEARS for LisaMarie because she brought it all on herself. IMO, she KNEW she didn't want children with him, but thought so highly of herself that she figured he'd get over it at some point and just accept her way.....she had the WRONG ONE, baby.....
And is it me or is she aging really badly? Her eyes were not only shifty, she looked tired and like SHE may have been on something. Yup, she looked just like Wynonna--wonder if Naomi ever hooked up with Elvis? Wynonna and LisaMarie even sing in the same style, but Wynonna's voice is 10 x better.
And if I ever met LisaMarie, I'd have one question for her: How can a person KNOW another person is on drugs when they haven't been around them for over 10 YEARS?!!!
CLEARLY he's not the ONLY one who knew how to MANIPULATE the Media....
And for the record, I HATED the way she said that--as if he's the only one....most Artists not only do that, but hire PR firms to make SURE it happens. How do you think most of them end up in the Tabloids? Their own offices do that to make sure they stay in the Public eye. This has been done for ages, and LisaMarie talks about it as if it were a unique situation....WHATEVER...
Bottom line, I USED to be one of the people who believed in their marriage and wished the best for them, but now?? I guess it is good that Michael had the marriage with her because I do feel it was real as opposed to Deb Rowe. Thing is, I don't think either one of them were ready for marriage--especially LisaMarie due to her immaturity. I think Michael COULD'VE been good with the right person--I believe he went into their marriage, willing to do whatever it took--actions speak for themselves....he even changed his appearance for her, but when she refused to have children--his one NON-NEGOTIABLE--all bets were off....
I wouldn't have wanted to be there when he realized that bit of about TANTRUMS!!
BTW: When I first heard about Michael's disappearances during their Marriage, I thought maybe it was immaturity on his part where he was trying to escape his responsibilities, but now, I realize it was as she stated, RETALIATORY, but she drew first fire!!
And the fact that she told him she was "indifferent" in 2005, while he was battling for his life speaks volumes about her as a person. I know maybe she was hurting because he had moved on with his life after her, but she should've realized that he was reaching out and needed someone--ANYONE to comfort him during this time....I'm blurry, now.....
The key thing she mentioned, and the ONLY thing of WORTH I'm taking away from her little Interview, is the fact that she stated Michael TOLD her that someone was out to get him for his CATALOG and ESTATE......but of course, her and O didn't even bother to go there......
No Peace till Justice!

1422 days ago


You go Joe! Murray, the s***bag, should be in jail along with whoever from AEG/Sony who are backing him. Lisa Marie Presley said on O's show last week that in 2005 Michael called her saying "they" were out to get him for the catalog, and Lisa said Michael gave her names! Oxman needs to subpoena Lisa for her deposition and demand those names! If Lisa lied, that will come out, but if Michael gave her names, she is a witness. AEG, Phillips, all a bunch of lying thieves using their star as a cash cow; even Phillips said Ortega had to feed Michael who wasn't eating. Phillips hired a cook to be sure Michael ate. Doesn't that tell someone something?

Joe, go after AEG with all you can muster, including their holier than thou right wing evangelical owner Phillip Anschutz sitting on a pile of cash; and Tohme the lying thieving scoundrel who signed Michael's contract with AEG "for him". Michael didn't even know what hit him.

1422 days ago


And more - if Murray started performing under the contract, whether it was fully signed or not, that's considered "performance". Joe has a good case. The emails are now out there from AEG to Murray confirming the arrangements for Murray to have his own pad in London and whatever else he needed.

Check the different versions of the AEG/Michael contract which are also now out on display. Whether they are final versions or not is irrelevant. They show Tohme as the initiator for Michael, yet only as his "personal advisor". Michal had no management when dealing with AEG, just this s***bag Tohme put into his life by Barrack and Anschutz. Too bad the fans know what the authorities are too corrupt to investigate. Murray is being paid by AEG, count on it.

1422 days ago

mj fan forever    

All ready to believe at what Lmp says, to hell even the autopsy report. This is because people need the gossip, even the call is valid just because she says so, Michael can't deny her. And here is that poor Michael needed a friend because he had been left alone, and even disappears the dear Elizabeth Taylor (who still now defends him, but this does not like because does not do gossip) or even his mother (not even she does gossip) in front of the gossip Lm. The two there weren't, even if they were close to him, but there was one that had not seen him nor heard for years (probably, he did not even have her new number). But this has little importance for people who need at all costs to believe in anything, as long as it is gossip.

1422 days ago

mj fan forever    

All ready to believe at what Lmp says, to hell even the autopsy report. This is because people need the gossip, even the call is valid just because she says so, Michael can't deny her. And here is that poor Michael needed a friend because he had been left alone, and even disappears the dear Elizabeth Taylor (who still now defends him, but this does not like because does not do gossip) or even his mother (not even she does gossip) in front of the gossip Lm. The two there weren't, even if they were close to him, but there was one that had not seen him nor heard for years (probably, he did not even have her new number). But this has little importance for people who need at all costs to believe in anything, as long as it is gossip. As for me (who I don't love the gossip), I gave even too importance in these days at one insignificant like Lmp.

1422 days ago


Whatever to grill and roast quack murray and those backing and paying for him.Oprah and LMP owe their fame ,at least 60% to Michael and should pay, foremost all proceeds fron the interview to go for " Jusice for Michael Jackson" and then 10-25 % of all their future incomes.
Now another post asked why nobody inquires re thome-thome´s
whereabouts.Has he fled the country? His past is checkered to say the least.BUT, he has asked for 2.3 millions from Michaels estate.For scaring him to death and a helping hand in?? At least he should be required to do***ent hr by hr of the work he alledgedly did for Michael. Attorney Thomas Mesereau got paid
which is good, he worked long and well with Michael in 2005, and only (in this context)300.something thousend.

1422 days ago


It was cruel on LMP´s part to be distant when Michael called her in 2005, "in hid deepest despair and darkest hour".He did not look for a revival of romance, just a few friendly encouraging words.It is not unusual for ex-spouses to have friendly feelings years after the initial anger and bitterness has settled.It is
only human to help some body you at some time loved.

1422 days ago

my opinion    

WONDERFUL...Mr.Jackson continue JUSTICE for MJ best of luck continue to keep those doctors in the news until they are EXPOSED.


Love the Jackson's

LOVE PEACE KINDNESS & RESPECT makes for a better world for US ALL

1422 days ago

hey now    

Shifty eyed. "Windows to the soul" ....

MJ dies, then BAM, the "gutted" blog, the "couldn't leave his side (casket)" notice, WITH her photographer = "the Widow act"), then the ball rolls on to the "sunflowers" blog... (yeah, his fave flowers were sunflowers, he said that how many times and had them all over the place on Neverland that we see in all the Neverland pics and such, so we would know this already, right? lol) and, now this "LMP grand finale of revelation" (sure) of "NEVER HIGHER IN MY LIFE EVER then when I was MJ's wife!" on O of all shows (Pfft, I was just angry. EVERY body goes global media toxic ranting for YEARS.)
Of COURSE, on Oprah (who still believes MJ was guilty, and LMP lame lame lame - well.. yanno... might coulda been, but I'm not saying it EITHER *wink* ) backed with wailing on how HIGHEST EVER he made her --- sunflower arrangement between them for good measure.

In the meantime: suddenly "such good friends" with KF (that each other couldn't stand previously) KF the "MJ tweet attention whore" that virtually LIVES on Twitter all about sharing MJ L.O.V.E (just pretend you didn't read her tweets that she had never been fired, some fan made that up", then later "MJ fired me based on a lie someone told him, but he apologized to me for that" lol (notice how KF refers everybody to read HER blogging through out her tweets? On the same site she conducts her professional business, and portfolio on "coincidence". lol) ....

Notice she didn't stammer, and garble up her "speech" this round? Matured? More like, rehearsed the new script" much? lol

Has any body else wondered if LMP didn't do this sorry attempt of a 180 on this O show, in effort to get on the good side of the right people to get on the good side of, for the future POSSIBILITY that if the catalog stays intact and survives the Sony/Jackson storm that SHE thinks that maybe, just maybe, since she had been his wife, and is LMP at all, and does this ... um... "it's all good now" show - that THEY just might GIFT her Elvis's publishing rights down the road .... like MJ did for Little Richard? " MJ identical to my father ELVIS (daddy's catalog so should be MINE)... "why ME Elvis's daughter, MJ wife" (Elvis's so should be MINE catalog)... something SO "universal" about this all (hello? Catalog)... "he told me NAMES" ... "I so wanted to SAVE him... "BOTH" of them" (so, HINT, I'll "save the day hero" in court - you will then OWE what I am entitled too - Daddy's catalog - you will be so impressed and grateful, feel me?).... "I didn't SEE any pedophilia (but)... (don't follow through after the trial, then that "but" will become a global "Oh, I suddenly remembered there was this kid...")

"Shifty eyed." Same definition, UNIVERSALLY, folks. One of LMP's fave words in this particular "interview". Ironic.

TO LMP: As I said: Just a possibility! You, know... Like your "I didn't SEE him DO anything... (but)..." See how that works? Muah. B!tch.

1422 days ago


# 313 hey now

Very Good and INSIGHTFUL Comments that you maded, I agree with the

statement: Shifty Eyed,( "Windows to the SOUL"... )

1421 days ago


I find that Joe does the right thing suing for Michaels Death.michael was someone we all loved and we all respected.I miss him soo much.He will be never ever be replaced.noone can.HIS children must miss him even more.HIS family got robbed...Iam here in Germany and when I HEAR A SONG FROM HIM WITH HIS LOVING VOICE I CRY.MR joe JACKSON YOU are DOING THE RIGHT THING...never give up never give in...STAY strong I LOVE YOU ALL.i will PRAY FOR YOU.

1416 days ago


look mic is responsible for his misfortune,blames should not be rendered on innocent persons.let his humble soul rest in peace.

1389 days ago


Is that all Mj is worth to his father? 500 million...? since when do we start labeling peoples worth...unbelievable....Why is Joe Jackson all about money...? Joe has been all about the money since day one and its so sad. Pathetic.

1336 days ago
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