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Mike Lohan Swears Off Media ... In Statement to Media

10/20/2010 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan just released a statement to the media -- swearing he will no longer talk about his family in public ... right after this one last statement to the media.


In the no-more-statements statement -- Papa Lohan declares, "I want to make a public statement that I will not be commenting on ANYTHING relating to my daughter Lindsay, or ANYTHING my ex-wife Dina, or any 'sources' related to her, might say."

He continues, "NO MATTER what accusations, lies or conjecture are disseminated to the public about me, for the sake of the ones I love and with hope of creating peace, I WILL NOT respond, in ANY way, to what is said or done, to me."

Michael concludes, "For the sake of those I offended, I apologize and ask their forgiveness ... So please refrain from calling or contacting me."

So there you have it ... the last time Michael Lohan will ever talk to the media about his family ... ever ... for the rest of time.

You believe him, right?


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Well whatever makes you happy, I certainly don't expect you to understand my beliefs.

1465 days ago

Sad sad    

Yeah yeah. We are one big cosmic accident. Enjoy it while it last before your forever sleep. We are standing on a round mass floating in the middle of nowhere. But figure your little partials that make up your being have been floating around in cosmic dust for probably billions of years. Long before mere small men thought they were the Superior of this whole cosmic thing. The bible is great like a pacifier to help you sleep at night. That's not to say there's nothing "spiritual" going on out there or in here. Defiantly something but I refuse to believe in a book that was written by man long ago by the ones who believed the world was flat and women should shut their trap. Which teaches hate and separation but in the same sentences tries to teach love and forgiveness. There are good things and bad things but whatever get's you through it all. Doesn't really matter what I think...until I start dictating YOUR choices for you.

I would hate to see someone build their life upon something and find out one day...perhaps they were wrong. I allow change in my life and see how my own beliefs change as life continues on. Enough to know that one can never really be so certain just in fact what the hell is going on. If you think you know all the answers that's when you know absolutely nothing. I don't know why people feel the need to try to convince another of how the world is. It's almost a need to try and convince them self. We are all living on the same earth. Do know Christianity is not the only religion in the world? Other religions will argue their way is the right way. That argument will continue on forever. Who's really to say who's wrong or right? Can't prove it. It's an inner journey. As someone said we all meet at the end. So enjoy it for what it is. Let's quit fighting about this nonsense and enjoy out life cause we never know when will be the end. I do not "pray" but I send good energy. So that I will do.

As far as Michael goes I feel some empathy. I think he's actually is going to try. I voted yes because I think he's going to prove you all wrong on Friday. It really would be a sad thing if she had to cut her family off completely. Sometimes that is the best choice as a last result when the parties involved are not willing to change and the relationship is unhealthy and destructive. Doesn't matter if they are mom and dad. Life's too short for any of it. If you have a loving and wonderful family tell them and be very grateful to have that. The plus side to Michael and Dina is that they do support her. That's the only positive thing I can say about all of this.

1465 days ago

Lindsays Friend    

Darkrage6 -- I'm pretty sure I DO 'understand' your beliefs -- and it certainly does not make me happy --

I 'understand' many beliefs --

... and I pray ...

in His Love ...

1465 days ago

Lindsays Friend    

hey Sad sad -- sorry i can't stay on much longer

-- but you are correct -- many adherents of each religion must, of necessity, either believe that their religion is the 'right' religion, or leave it in search of one which then becomes to their satisfaction the 'right' religion.

When it comes to 'religions' you may argue, "Who's really to say who's wrong or right?"

Well -- God is to say. We already discussed the problem with religions -- human-made systems -- vs God ...

most of what you say seems to carry a healthy dose of doubt regarding certainty -- which again is a good thing. Becuase doubt is the oher side of the coin of faith. Didi you know you can't have faith without doubt?

ok -- your acquaintance with what the Bible actually teaches seems a bit sketchy -- yes the Bible teaches us to love what is right and hate what is evil -- the people who thought the world was flat came after the Bible was written, and if they had believed the Bible I doubt they would have thought the world was flat -- so I don't think the people who believed the world was flat either wrote or believed the Bible; women in the Bible played pivotal roles in history, spoke wisdom to those arond them; the New Testament elevates respect for women far above the teachings of any other religion in the world; most American men do not begin to give women the respect that the Bible teaches they should be given, because most American men to not follow the Bible; in most other cultures all bets are off (would you like to see your mother in a burka?) -- except for the Christians who live in those cultures (who, by the way are hated by non-Christians, because, in addition to bringing Conviction by The Holy Spirit, they just make other men "look bad" by comparison ...)

I would strongly recommend you READ THE BIBLE rather than pass on limited, marginal experiences of others ...

sure -- we can all just "get by" -- for now

He IS patient! He WAITS! And He ALWAYS LOVES US !!

... GOOD THING, THAT -- hmmmm?

in His Love ...

1465 days ago


@ darkrage6.... Jesus loves you, brother.... and so do I.

The Truth will set you free. The Spirit comes and lives inside of believers .. when that happens ... you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God is real.

The mystery of the gospel is "Christ in you" the hope of glory. The living God comes inside. Now that is what makes Christinity different than any other "religion"....

AND... He forgives your sins ... washes them away ... and clears your conscience of them. No other "religion" can do that.

Go for it....come on in the water is fine.

1464 days ago


Mikey has problems and addictions. The media is just another drug for him. He'll be back. This is his bread and butter. Good or bad.

1464 days ago


Im from new zealand and one of our radio stations (the edge) rang him on tuesday and he was talking openly about lindsay they rang him again this morning (friday) and he started talking about her and was happy for them to ring him whenever to have 'general' chats but it eventually leads to lindsay.

1464 days ago
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