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Man Sues MTV -- Rob Dyrdek Called Me 'Smelly'

10/20/2010 9:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

MTV is being sued by a man who claims he's been suffering from shame and embarrassment ever since he was mocked on "Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory" as a "smelly, old man."


The lawsuit, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, stems from an episode that ran back in August -- in which Rob and his friend try to locate the source of an unpleasant odor ... and then point to an old guy limping down the street.

Now the guy is firing back at the network -- claiming he never gave permission for MTV to use his image on TV ... and demanding they pay up for all of the humiliation he's been forced to endure.

In fact, the man claims that ever since the show aired "friends and relatives began teasing or mocking [him], buying him air freshener." With friends like those ...
But the man is particularly pissed by the way Rob and Co.
allegedly mocked his "gait" -- since he claims he's affected
by a medical condition called "spinal stenosis."

The man wants more than $25,000 for his trouble. A rep from
MTV tells us the network does not comment on pending litigation.


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so let me get this straight.....MTV is getting sued for showing this guys face .....and then...TMZ goes and shows this guys face....Um.....Im a Lawyer!

1430 days ago


stupid MTV punks, I hope this man wins every penny and then some, he was clearly embarrassed and for them to have no regard for him is shameful, what ever happened to respect your elders, I'm 28 and I know better, and I new better at 16, why now are all these kids so ignorant.
That channel has all these shows with all these douches running around making fools of themselves and being ignorant and cruel to other people, I quit watching that channel because of the sheer embarrassment and self degrading behavior that only promotes the youth of today to do this, why not right, if MTV does it so can I, please someone get rid of that channel already, or at least go back to the old days of videos.

1430 days ago


I'm willing to put my money on careless editing as being the culprit, not Rob Dyrdek.

Maybe that's why he's suing MTV and not Dyrdek personally. The network is responsible for their editors.

IMO the man has a case, even if Drydek wasn't specifically ridiculing him it has caused him to be the butt of people's jokes and a target of humiliation for others. Plus, the cherry on top is that they didn't have his permission to use his image. How many actors and actresses use that one almost on a daily basis.

I guess even old men who allegedly have BO and walk "funny" have functioning brains. Good for him.

Show him the money!

1430 days ago


I like Rob and his show as much as the next guy, but I have friends that disrespect people and think it's all in fun when there out of line. I don't know how many times they taped an episode where they go in a store and tear the place up. We assume they toss the owner some loot for making asses of themselves for the camera's but they probably don't

1430 days ago

meg lyman    

I'm for the old man. You don't mock someone for a physical ailment like a limp. Mock behavior all you want, but not something people have no control over. Bullying is not entertainment.

1430 days ago


Rob...I love you, but that's messed up. The man deserves more than $25K. Not cool, at all.

1430 days ago


Spinal stenosis is a very serious disorder. It can start out very mild, and eventually can lead to being in a wheelchair. Not to mention it can be extremely painful. It's no laughing matter, and MTV should pay this guy if he did not sign a release.

1430 days ago


The old guy's friends watch MTV? Really. They do got MTV on using him in the show without permission, they should pay, but don't lie about the reason.

1430 days ago


Pay up. You can't do that to people. It ain't clever. It's just rude and abusive. And since the term "old man" was used, it was ageist, too. Not cool.

1430 days ago


He should have asked for more $$$ MTV will settle out of court to avoid the bad pub.

1430 days ago


Me and my old Sk8 friends have done much worse, Im not proud, but whatever

1430 days ago


im 36 and have had spinal stenosis since june. No sleep,constant pain... with no insurance there is no end in sight. I can't skate, golf or even stand up straight. I look like sasquatch when i "walk". Totally sucks but i still shower and have a sence of humor. Lighten up old man. Rob the show is great keep it up man!!! Best of life wishes bro!!

1430 days ago


his face should've been pixelated if he didn't give permission to be taped plain and simple

1430 days ago


MTV is full of reality douches that think they're above everyone because cameras follow them around. Rob Dyrdek is a midget who wears oversized hats to look bigger. They figured why get a release from a homeless man, it's not like he'll ever see this on tv. They were wrong.

1430 days ago


HA HA!!! I hope the guy wins big. MTV sucks!!!

1430 days ago
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