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Judge Casts Suspicious Eye On Oksana

10/21/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The judge presiding over the custody war between Oksana Grigorieva and Mel Gibson believes there's probable cause that Oksana's computer will prove she committed the crime of extortion.


TMZ broke the story ... none other than Judge Scott Gordon signed the L.A. County Sheriff's Department warrant allowing investigators to seize Oksana's computer. Under the law, Judge Gordon can sign the warrant only if he believes there's reason to believe information in the computer will prove she tried extorting Mel.

This is really interesting for the family law case -- Oksana is before a judge who has more than a hunch she committed a crime.



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The game will soon be over, Oksana!
You´ve better find another rich guy - richer than Mel since you want to climb the ladder, don´t you?
Hmm...what about the judge? :)

1466 days ago


I don't quite follow how a JUDGE can have 'more than a hunch'?

Especially since no charges have been filed? And he keeps giving Oksana's attorneys Mel Gibson's money.

If he has "more than a hunch" about extortion, why grant her requests, why allow her and her cohorts to seemingly use the media as an enforcer?

Did DCFS tell the Judge something?

Did the Sheriff's Department/DA approach him?


Did Mel Gibson's attorneys give to Judge Gordon what they gave to the Sheriff Department?

Come on TMZ - where is that letter!

1466 days ago


finally the eye of justice is cast upon that gold digging whore

1466 days ago


She is going downnnnnnnn

1466 days ago


I beg to differ with TMZ's interpretation of why the judge in this matter issued a warrant. He clearly has NO clue whether or not it will prove Oksana DID extort MG (how would he) but he wants to make sure all evidence is gathered---if there is any. This is called enhancing the story - by TMZ.

1466 days ago


Wouldn't you just love to know everything Harvey knows.

1466 days ago


oksana must really hate tmz right about now hahahah

1466 days ago


Wondering...Bloom too! lol

1466 days ago


just look at what KOnsie has been doing, deliberately spending Mels money on one attorney after another. All the while he sat back and said nothing. More than 2 attempts to get full custody which is worth double the money. Just look at all she has done in the past few months. Interview's playing piano in her night gown with bra showing..........This all say's so much of what she is about. And little half man horrorwitless helped her get there.
Is there any doubt about LB now? She is gonna try and save mommy

1466 days ago


Unfortunately Judge she destroyed the computer that held anything relating to this entire ordeal. She is a criminal and criminals don't leave evidence of the crimes they commit. None of you will ever have what you're looking for because it was taken immediately back to Russia once all the copies were made. She is a professional criminal, it's been a year. She either diposed of the computer or the hardrive or washed the iphone, she has had dozens upon dozens of advisers, some of which are ex convicted felons, to help her. I can assure you that you will NEVER find ANY of what you're looking for. That is the ONLY reason Dan Horowitz doesn't want you to look at her hardware, she already got rid of it all and you will know she destroyed everything. She destroyed everything because she is a criminal and wanted to destroy all evidence of her crime. Hey lawyer knows this and everyone that asked her knows this.

1466 days ago


Every file she made, every recording she copised can be traced to a source and that source is gone and that's why her current attorney won't allow accesss. They know she destroyed it all and the very fact that she destroyed is her damnation.

1466 days ago


Horowitz, who says his client is a "Russian born, Ukraine raised person" was just following what her "experienced lawyers said" she should do and "could not be expected to know the "technicalities" of the law."

Ox never had a problem using the baby for money. Now, US law "technicalities" and trying to play like she had no idea.

1466 days ago


She never thought it would go this far, she has contacted people in LA she will be found out. She never dreamed Mel would play hardball.

1466 days ago


You're going to get a computer and iphone with fake data on it, planted to make it look like the hardware she has been using for months. There is no doubt in my mind as I gaze at the six machines on my desks that the criminal in this tmz aritcale buried all paths of condemnation. Every recording the wolrd heard not only has a source but that source leads to another source, the voicemails, the rants and final edit all destroyed in another country.
You're only left with copies of copies that can't be traced to anything. ROL is publishing illegal copies of Mel Gibson's voice without his legal consent, this isn't America it's a criminal wonderland.

1466 days ago


There will be future picutes of little Lucian running on the Beach with her daddy. Never an inkling she has a mother in prison.

1466 days ago
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