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Oksana's Bodyguard:

We Were REALLY Intimate

10/21/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva's bodyguard had an intimate relationship with O.G. since May, and he's writing a tell-all book that he says will rock the case.

Kristian Herzog -- who was recently ordered to stay away from Lucia because of a criminal record involving guns -- is telling people connected with the case he was Oksana's boyfriend for months and still communicates with her on a daily basis.

Herzog is saying he has more than 1,000 text messages and more than 1,000 emails in which he communicates with Oksana about every detail of the case -- Mel Gibson, evidence, witnesses, legal strategy and major conflicts between the players.

Herzog certainly had access -- we know he was present during virtually every meeting Oksana had with her lawyers.

As for how Herzog can write a book -- we're told he never signed a non-disclosure agreement.


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Your interpreting it. So I am not going to repeat what I have already said. It is in the legal docs as well as else where.

1427 days ago


kpacota -
Hiya! Indeed you're right on all counts.

The jury tainting may work against them, however. It opens the path to trial by judge alone. No chance for any emotional appeal for this poor, brave single mommy lost in a foreign land being abused and misguided by evil men.

1427 days ago



New topic - Miss Oksana denying the relationship!

1427 days ago


Could this be a test for 1st Amen. Rights-both emails,texts, that Ok sent Mel and the ones between Ok and Hertzog--electronic communication is a grey area.

Posted at 7:32 AM on Oct 21, 2010 by Confused
That's what I've said for several posts and no one is picking up on this.

Posted at 7:38 AM on Oct 21, 2010 by fuddyduddy

I have read. And I have responded. I continue to NOT see any GREY AREA regarding this case -


in regards to a commission of a crime be protected? In any way?

Why would it matter the method of communciaton (speech) -


WHO CARES -- if people are communicating about a crime, surely our CONSTITUTION and BILL OF RIGHTS does not have a GAPING LOOPHOLE that helps to HIDE criminal conduct.

What am I missing?

The first amendment protects TRUTH and LAW ABIDING BEHAVIORS.

It isn't a TWO WAY street. That is a perversion of our Constitution IMO.

And it would create a HORRIBLE slippery slope.

And a sufficating oppressed society and that is exactly what our forefathers were determined to PREVENT by writing that RIGHT into the fabric of our nation.

trying to split hairs by mislabeling is not FREEDOM in any way shape or form. IMO.

Let me know if I am on the wrong soapbox. And what I am missing.

The ONLY First Amendment plea I can see is for ROL and I don't see how that one flies with the wind either.

It should not be legal for any media to irresponsibly publish information, especially information that has been sealed and according to the creator and owner was NOT provided to the media outlet by her. That has more to do with transfer of stolen good in my opnion than First Amendment.

YOU CAN'T BEND TIME or leapfrog over individual's rights legally, even if you are defending someone. But clearly not for any INTERSTATE COMMERCE. That is just so RIDICULOUS to me. We may be a nation of open and free commerce, but THIS ATTEMPT to use the FIRST AMENDMENT as a SHIELD to make money by these means is NOT CONSISTENT with our CONSTITUTION.

Attorneys can try to stall. But chronology still matters IMO.

1427 days ago


Lucia Gibson is American.

1427 days ago


If he is still going along with Ms. Oksana

1) I wash my hands of him....Yet this story would show she keeps in contact.

2) There is an implied relationship. If this relationship was sexual and she said she sleeps with baby Lucia all the time...ewwww

This can turn out to be more damaging than Ms. Oksana's PR team thought if they are behind this.

Posted at 7:46 AM on Oct 21, 2010 by Ray

Ray -

DEFINITELY crossed my mind. I hope it crossed the minds of the psyschologists and Judge.

This is CREEPY on any level but it has the potential to be very DANGEROUS for a tiny little female child, doesn't it?

1427 days ago


Kris is a delusional douchebag and an embarrassment to the profession. He's a wannabe and his webpage is filled with photos of him jumping in front of celebs at events to give the illusion that he is working for them. He's a tool and the laughing stock of real Executive Protection professionals here in LA. He's a wannabe with a made up resume trying to make up up for his short stature and the fact that he's a poser. Hope you read this're a tool.

1427 days ago


This so called bodyguard broke the cardinal rule - never ever take advantage of your client. It's a breach of trust that further damages the industry. I don't care for your excuses as to why. You just don't do it. NDA or not. STOP selling out your clients. You're an embarrassment.

1427 days ago


he hurt her by going public with their involvment, but i think he is saying he has info on mel and her lawyers. they are both cons who were looking for mel, to give them a life they would like to be accustom to.

1427 days ago


I wonder if he is a quasi hostile witness to Oksana?

Or, is out to get Mel Gibson? Why haven't they gone after this guy as a witness anyway...gotten his emails subpoened and etc?

1427 days ago


Hopefully Mr. Gibson's lawyers are checking into this. There is something creepy about all of this if it is true.

1427 days ago


I keep going back to my original theory in my head that we are watching 2 wheels.

The extortion … Russian connection, Herzog, violet … 200 million dollars.
The Crucifixion of Mel Gibson … Mystery Hollywood backer, Aldred, Horowitz etc.

Camp Oksana always seems so disconnected or disorganized, like too many cooks in the kitchen. Everyone seems to jump ship in the amount of time it takes them to analyse the case. They file motions … bill hours … but no one wants to stick around cause they seem to know when the poop hits the fan … it will be ugly.

And of course Oksana in the middle playing both sides of her own team.

Problem is … one side wanted money and one side wanted publicity.

You can’t have it both ways.

I think we are watching a fight between the two groups.

And to those who doubt Oksana would sleep with Herzog …

After all that has been dug up on Oksana on these boards about her using men to get ahead since she was young … what’s so different with Herzog.

1427 days ago


I wonder if Garbus is still is lawyer--isn't that a conflict of interest?

1427 days ago


He has no privacy obligations and he was porking the pooch. As sleezy as he is, I'm sure he's shopping the porn vid he secretly recorded as we wait to see some sample of his proposed book.

karma and OG is a bitch!

1427 days ago


OG is such a disgusting person in every way.

1427 days ago
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