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Roseanne's Ex:

She Made Me Pay for Costco!

10/21/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Roseanne Barr makes $300,000 per month ... and she won't even honor her promise to fly her ex-hubby to Hawaii to visit their kid ... this according to new court documents obtained by TMZ.

Ben Thomas -- Rosie's former bodyguard/husband from 1995 to 2002 -- claims earlier this year, Roseanne decided she wanted to move to Hawaii with their 15-year-old son. Ben gave Rosie the right to move with their kid, and in exchange Rosie agreed to fly Ben and his new wife to Hawaii every month for 10 days on Rosie's dime.  The whole deal was reduced to writing.

Now, here's where it gets nasty ...

According to legal docs filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Barr canceled Ben's plane tickets just hours before his first flight ... then fired off an email to him saying, "I decided that I'm no longer interested in abiding by this ridiculous arrangement."

She continues, "You want to visit [our son]? Buy yourself a ticket, book a room ... See you in court."

Ben -- who claims his wealth "pales in comparison" to Roseanne's -- says he ultimately paid for his own 1st class tickets to Hawaii ... but to even out the cost, he "ate at inexpensive restaurants, rented a Dodge Charger, and filled up with gas at Costco."

Dude now wants a judge to force Roseanne to honor the deal and reimburse him for the trip -- including the Costco run.


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Why is everyone hating on Roseanne? I love her show and her demeanor. From the sounds of it, this ******* just wants a free trip to Hawaii for him and his new wife every month. He could probably care less if he sees his son or not. If he wants to be with his kid that bad, then he needs to make some money on his own and move to Hawaii. I don't blame Roseanne. She probably only agreed to it in the first place because she wanted to move far away from that jerk and he was making it impossible. When she finally realized what that agreement entailed, she knew that it was a load of BS.

Posted at 4:54 AM on Oct 21, 2010 by The Truth


Yes, poor little Roseanne. She couldn't have possible understood what that complicated contract she was signing required her to do. How dare he victimize her like that! *rolls eyes*

F*cking idiots, that's what most of you TMZ gossipers are...

You want "The Truth"? Your a f*cking idiot that's the truth.

1461 days ago


Rosie should never have made an agreement she was not going to abide by first of all but I have to say that the agreement was in fact, ridiculous. For Mr. Thomas to have allowed her to move with the minor child "in exchange for tix to Hawaii" is HIS problem. If you ask me, he didn't give a crap about the child, he was just looking for free vacations with the new wife. What a schmuck!
Rosie makes 300k a month because she has busted her arse all these years. Why these ex's continue to believe they are entitled to ride on the coat tails of their famous ex's is beyond me. For him to go out and get FIRST class tix to go and then demand reimbursement just shows what this man is made of. LOSER.
Good luck with that Mr. Thomas. If you could afford to fly first class you just proved that you could afford it. Some of us can barely afford gas in our cars just to go to work and you whine that Rosie owes you. Get off your ass and become a man. Your ex wife doesn't owe you anything.
I'd be inclined to believe that she'd fly ME over there before she'd give you a nickle you stupid twit.
Viva Rosie!!

1461 days ago


It does not say they went through the court with the agreement. It could have been just between them. But what a stupid thing to even agree to this. EVERY MONTH? I suppose the guy nor his wife doesn't work. LOL I could see on holidays, birthday, summer, but NOT every month. That is ridiculous.

Posted at 8:11 AM on Oct 21, 2010 by Lobo


Ridiculous terms or not it's a legally binding civil contract that was entered into in good faith and she's 100% liable for upholding her end of the contract. The time to balk at the terms and walk away was BEFORE she signed the contract. That's something an experienced wealthy Hollywood actor knows all to well. Roseanne is extremely smart about working out contracts that protect her best interests and getting her every dime she can get. She knew exactly what she was doing when she signed that contract in return for her ex-husband not contesting her moving with their child to Hawaii. Her ex could have shut her down in family court or it would have ended up costing her even more to iron out an agreement that allowed her to move to Hawaii with their son.

It's time for the bitch to pay up. She entered into a contract in bad faith to get what she wanted from her ex then reneged on the contract after she got what she wanted. If this goes to trial a judge is going to hand her her ass in court. She needs to stop acting like a spited b*tch and pay up, immediately, like she agreed to.

You know i used to respect Roseanne for some reason or another, but not anymore. A worthless conniving money grubbing frugal bitch is what she's become and it's sad to watch.

1461 days ago

Brattus Rattus    

I haven't seen the do***ents yet. So that part for me isn't a make or break part of my opinion. If she has the kid 7 days a week, I don't see how he's entitled to anything substantial.

If you are flying to Hawaii 10 days a month - with your new spouse - why not just move there?

The guy and his new wife seem to be exploiting the situation.

IF Roseanne did sign papers in court and said she would do that, then she needs to follow thru. I would amend the order to state that she will fly the father out - not the new wife - and it be in coach. As for what he drives, where he eats, and where he gets his gas....seriously? MAN UP! Eat at home and be glad you have what you have.

All of this crap these celebs go thru make me glad that I'm a working middle class woman with no kids. People can be horrible to each other.

1461 days ago


I can sum this one up in four words...

She's f*cked, he wins.

Pay up Rosie! The sooner you do it the less it will end up costing you in the end. now your just compounding one stupid error with another that'll cost you even more. Do the right thing and pay up like you agreed, after all you got everything you where entitled to in the contract right? That's why you signed it after all... now you want ot renege after you got what you wanted?

Wow i though Roseanne was smarter then this. She's acting like a bitter spited ex not the smart business women she was at one time. Her infamous frugal side has left everyone thinking she's one sorry ass cheap bitch too, and she is. With a signed contract in hand the ex-hubby is going to rape her in court. She won't get away with this.

1461 days ago


10 days a month, every month? Doesn't dude have a job?

1461 days ago


She's just mad cause she's ugly, fat and alone.

1461 days ago

jack e. jett    

Me thinks that lazy ass Ben shouldn't being flying first class if he is so money strapped. What a lazy ass bum.

1461 days ago


What kind of a man takes money from a woman? If he had any sense of pride in himself as a man, he would pay his own way to see his kid. Roseanne does not owe this fat loser and his current wife a luxury lifestyle. Loser slob POS. Air travel is cheap these days and hotel rooms in Hawaii can be had for cheap considering we are in a recession. This turd does not make $300,000 a month and should not be flying first class. Roseanne is tired of being this POS loser's meal ticket.

1461 days ago

Jerry in Dallas    

Good for her! Sitting on her butt in Hawaii with $300K coming in per month is awesome! It was a great show! I still watch it weekday mornings before leaving for work.

As for her ex, he should have flown economy class! But really, if he can afford to take time of from work for 10-days each month, buy two first-class tickets to Hawaii and pay for what I'm sure is a luxury hotel plus all the other expensive stuff he is accustomed to, then he doesn't need Roseanne's money! I hope he doesn't get a dime in court!

1461 days ago


10 Days every month?? I don't know of any actual job that allows you to take MONTHLY vacations. What a jerk.

1461 days ago


Sounds like the ex wants a free vacation with his wife every month on Roseanne's dime. While i believe that she should honor her agreement with the ex, i don't think that she should have to pay for the new wife. The husband should suck it up and pay for his wife's travel and accommodations or leave her at home.

why does the new wife even need to be there?? I could understand if they had a toddler or something, but the kid is 15 years old and probably don't want to see her anyways.

1461 days ago


10 days every month? Why doesn't the guy just move to Hawaii? What sort of job can he/his wife possibly have that allows them that much travel time?

Posted at 9:20 AM on Oct 21, 2010 by Pongo

I was wondering the same thing. They probably would have been better off asking Roseanne to relocate them to Hawaii. It probably would have been cheaper in the long run.

1461 days ago


Well, Harvey, does the written agreement stand up in court?

1461 days ago


Correct me if I'm wrong - but wouldn't Ol' Benny boy and his cow wife have to pay for their own food and gas every day of the month regardless of where Rosanne lived?
I can see her paying to fly him there - maybe even the hotel cost, but why would the new monster-in-law be entitled to anything. I'm sure Rosie and the kid could care less if the new skank of the week is in attendance.
Of course she signed it. She needed to make plans without the pocket diggers doing any spiteful thing they could to obstruct them. She signed their blackmailed inane deal and went on with her business - raising Ben's son-

1461 days ago
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