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Sandra Bullock -- Kickin' It with Baby Louis

10/20/2010 2:19 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Sandra Bullock showed off just how much her adorable son little Louis Bardo has grown while leaving a pet store in Austin on Monday.


Sandy definitely has her hands full.


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Prince Eugene von Saxe-Coburg-Gotha    

Baby's got an expression like "What have I done to deserve this? Couldn't you just let me live a normal life back in Africa?"

1432 days ago


That Baby is Obese and he already has a predisposition for gaining weight she needs to get that under control.

1432 days ago


How can some of you people say such things about a baby? While he does not have blonde hair and blue eyes with fair skin, hmmm sounds alot like Hitlers idea of "the master race"! He is still an adorable baby (btw, what baby isn't adorable?) Perhaps all you negative naysayers are a bit, if not alot, racist?? Sorry to say, there are alot more children out there that need good homes besides "perfect" kids! You people need to grow up, shame on you for saying such things about another human being, whether he's black, white, yellow, purple or green, he's still a child.

1432 days ago


Wow, what IS that hanging off her leg? I hope that it's just a bad photo shop mistake and not part of her real leg!

1432 days ago

benny lee    

wow I like the hair on that baby...

1432 days ago


I am happy to see Sandra have someone she can love and trust in her life! She has been through a lot and she has chosen to love someone who will not hurt or portray her, and in doing so she is helping a young life. Keep smiling Sandra, you are a good person and great actress!

The problem with the internet is how cruel and petty people can be and get away with it because you are anonymous, secret haters who probably parade around as "nice people" to your friends, co-workers and family. There is nothing funny about publicly picking on a innocent baby or tearing into Sandra. Would you do this in person... NO, Wait, you don't even know Sandra.

I would love to see you people as parents or grand parents and wonder how would you feel if people called your children "fudgy, ugly" or make other insidious comments about them. Hope you got a laugh, you losers.

God bless you Sandra, it must be hard not even being able to take your baby out without being plagued with cameras and the media at every turn.

1432 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

She was showing she wnats a action movie. I think she adopted this baby as a promotional tool. I am glad that this is obviously going to have better life more most people in the world. But, the feeling that it was a planned event.
I have realized that to join a group to get the right parts and money you have to be embarrased then uplifted. Like what Kanyae did to this country singer. It is just too Joan Crawford reason for me.

1432 days ago

Lovely Rita    

Kid needs a haircut.

1432 days ago


What was she thinking?

1432 days ago


OMG! That baby is too darn adorable! I love a HEALTHY CUBBY BABY...

1432 days ago


Once again the morons on this site spout out cruel and idiotic comments about this woman and the race of the child she adopted. The fact is that there are plenty of white kids who are adopted daily, yet the black kids are far below the adoption rate, to the point that a lot of them are being adopted in Canada and some other countries. There is absolutely nothing wrong with adopting a child that is not the same as you. It's the racist and ignorant idiots that find fault in it.

I agree 100% with your comment.

1432 days ago


"So I see adopting a black baby is the new fad for hollywood right? Forget all the U.S. kids that need homes! Losers

UM...he's from the U.S.

1431 days ago


Ugly kid. No doubt about it. He's now a pet of the dysfunctional with no doubt a similar fate.

1431 days ago


There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with interracial families. Grow up, bigot.

Posted at 2:41 PM on Oct 20, 2010 by tmz is makes me lose faith in mankind


Okay,which part of the mixed equation are you on?

1431 days ago


Wow!!! Shaking my head at all these RACIST comments. This is America at its finest I guess. Racism is still alive and well.

1431 days ago
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