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Sandra Bullock -- Kickin' It with Baby Louis

10/20/2010 2:19 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Sandra Bullock showed off just how much her adorable son little Louis Bardo has grown while leaving a pet store in Austin on Monday.


Sandy definitely has her hands full.


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Anthony B.    

He kinda has that "Whatchu talkin bout WIllis" look on his face. Cute!

1427 days ago


Why does it matter if people talk about a baby in a negative way? The baby sure isn't going to READ it. If people can say the baby is cute, then people can also say the baby is ugly. If you think it's unacceptable to comment on a baby's looks, then it's just as unacceptable to say that he's cute as it is to say he's ugly.

And yes, that is one ugly baby.

1427 days ago


to all that give negative comment about sandra or her baby...your all HATERS!!!....YOUR JUST MAD CUZ YOU FAT, BROKE AND UGLY WITH UGLY BABIES!!!...sandy, keep doin what your doin!!

1427 days ago


I can't help but look at all of these comments and laugh. It really is great entertainment in that there are so many tardos out there that can justify their words and behavior with comments such as "fugly" in reference to a baby and Sandra's "flappy" thighs. If she's happy who the f*ck cares what all of you people think? She held such class during her loser husband's affair and has decided to do a kind act and fill a void that she was clearly missing. So judge away ya freaks. At least she's not out doing drugs like LiLo and making a preposterous mess of herself. Or maybe that is what you would want? And I'm sure that you are all Grade A, successful American citizens that doesn't have a flap from time to time or a baby that isn't perfect? You guys are jerks. Get a life.

1427 days ago


Sandra and Louis are just too cute together. Mother and son are beginning to look like each other. How sweet! I was adopted to a white family and after a few years, I started to look like my beautiful parents too. Don't believe it? Ever see an older married couple that start to look like each other after a few years? I believe it's the love they have for each other. Same as children and parents. We are all made in the image of God. Cut any colored person and they still bleed red! Why hate? Sandra has done a wonderful thing in giving Louis a home and family. What were his alternatives? Oh and BTW, Sandra's leg looks no worse than your leg when put into that position. Louis is not fat. Some people would complain that the sky was too blue. What's the matter with all you haters? Can you not just be happy for someone? Or is it jealousy eating away at you?

1425 days ago

a real chick    

That Baby is very cute.. A very handsome young man! to those that said something negative about that baby! you're the one ugly and all that seem ugly through your eyes is just a reflection of how ugly you really are! you have to be a damn fool! to think that baby is ugly!!! people like you digust me! you LOSER!!!!

1425 days ago


He's so cute and chubby. I bet Sandy spends all day squishing his cheeks and feeding him cookies! I know I would!!!! Babies are supposed to be chubby.

1424 days ago


To all you idiots making Africa jokes about baby he is from NEW ORLEANS! I am not being political correct I think that baby is freakin adorable!

1424 days ago


Baby Louis is soooo cute!!!!!

1424 days ago


For a woman who said she loved Sunny I sure don't see it no matter what you can't turn off your love for children just like that

1423 days ago


It's really sad how people comment on something that they are clueless about. First of all, Sandra and Jesse began the adoption process 4 YEARS ago, so this isn't about her trying to fill a void in her life or getting back at Jesse. Secondly, she's not fat and she looks great to me. I guess most of you like to look paper thin. And lastly, the baby isn't fat at all, he's healthy. I've never seen a skinny baby before, what about you? He's just as cute as he can be with those juicy cheeks and legs lol. Why does it matter if he's black? The most important thing is that he's not in foster care or being raised by some loser!

1423 days ago


Shakia Fields, whats with this everyone can't have a blond baby crap. Who wants a blond baby, unless of course they have one? Not to go comparing celeb babes or anything, but this is a thousand times cuter than Brangelina's kids or any other hollywood kid I've seen. Kid's eyes have character.

1423 days ago


Sandra and Kelly Osborne have the best legs in hollywood.

1423 days ago


Sandra dont listen to all this bull. the only reason they post this crap is cause of there on pittifull lives suck and they have nothing better to do but put down people they dont even really know. By the way Jesse is a real fool for losing youIf I was rich Id be looking to go out with you and Id treat you like the lovely lady that you are.

1422 days ago

Ms J    

To all of the people that have bad things to say about Sandra and her BEAUTIFUL baby. You all should be ashame of yourselves. That baby is precious yes and he is really cute, I hope you have kids and if you do PLEASE take a look at your own. First take a look at yourself, is there a mirror near by? HELLO. You are probably DIRT and BUTT ugly. Sandra is drop dead gorgeous...HATERS.

1421 days ago
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