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Axl Rose -- The Beat Up Bentley Incident

10/21/2010 7:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Axl Rose is getting dragged into court for allegedly trashing a sweet Bentley like it was a hotel room from his "Appetite for Destruction" days -- and best of all (for Axl) ... it was a lease!102110_TV_axl_web_still

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I hate this ass-wipe. Nothing worse than people who have too much confidence, when their success was primarily based on right time, right place and of course... Slash!

1424 days ago


Appetite for Destruction is most certainly Guns n Roses. Symphony of Destruction is Megadeath. check yourself before you wreck yourself.

1424 days ago


guns and roses kick ass and they will stand the test of time,no matter how you look at it!

1424 days ago


Carlitos, you sir are a dumbass. Appetite for Destruction was released in 1987 by Guns N' Roses. That being said, this is not surprising from Axl Rose.

1423 days ago


Appetite was NOT megadeth, and Axl for fks sake, GROW UP. This is exactly why no one has given a flying F about you the last 20 odd years.

1423 days ago


#2 - Axl Rose MADE slash. w/o axl, slash would be a nobody or maybe a little somebody. axl still rules!

1421 days ago


Axl Rose is a genius who has done more with his life on his own and contributed to the music world with impact than anyone who has commented on this board. Without Axl Rose there would be no "Guns 'n Roses".

I suppose nobody on this board has any kind of problems --
they just don't get publicized. If you don't have anything good to say, don't post your negativity -- post at a site that you
support the person/band.

These comments are unnecessary.


1421 days ago


#1 "Carlitos", you're a dumbass, dude. TMZ staff got it right. Why don't you online search, you idiot!

1419 days ago


No "Appetite for Destruction" was not Megadeth (yes that's the correct spelling) It was the Guns and Roses record that blew them up huge ...Google it if you don't believe me.

1418 days ago


The gouged bumpers were from those damn poles in Wendys drive through. They put those things in too damn tight for a big car like a Bently to fit through! With Axl going on a daily's eventually going to happen. Axl needs his Baconator Tripple, large fries, large coke, and a large Frosty! The tires blew out from the weight of him, and he ate the remote key! Bon Appetit (for destruction)!

1413 days ago


actually,"Appetite for destruction" is GnR,"Countdown to Extinction" is Megadeath and contains the song "Symphony of destruction" with wich you are confusing with Appetite for destruction.Geeze guys!Smoke much pot in the big hair band days?I did and I can remember simple basic facts.

1412 days ago


OUCH!OUCH!OUCH! So much harsh comments on one guy. I'm a new fan of Guns & roses so I have only good things to say. Axl is just like any other rock star out there,they have their insecurities which leads to problems and that leads to the media.He is the modern day Mick Jagger. So what? I love Axl and he is a good guy.

1405 days ago


Appetite for Destruction was megadeath

yeah sure and peace sells is from guns and roses XD

1233 days ago
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