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Billy Ray Cyrus: The 'Glee' Pics are Fine By Me

10/21/2010 3:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Billy Ray Cyrus -- a member of the Parents Television Council Advisory Board -- is upset with the Council's statement that the smoking hot "Glee" photos published in GQ are borderline pedophilia.

Billy Ray Cyrus

Sources connected with Billy Ray tell TMZ ... the singer is "disappointed" at the statement from Council Prez Tim Winter.  We're told Billy Ray feels like the Council "has recently been spending all its time attacking people rather than promoting family television."

The Council has also attacked Miley Cyrus for a sexy music video she recently shot.  Papa Cyrus -- who we're told was not consulted before Winter issued his statement -- is getting "fed up with the Council."

So whose side are you on?



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Big Momma    

this isn't about the actors being old enough to shot any type of photo, it's about the represetation of being high school students and the photo shoot reflecting that image. lea michaels wants to strattle of bench in a solo shot not in a school setting, no one says a thing. and who is surprised that creepy daddy Billy Ray doesn't care...look at miley. their whole family -- how many times has the wife been married or had kids by a variety of men -- look and act pretty low life. money sure can't buy you class.

1400 days ago


He should worry about his own daughter and her over the top pedophilic ways. Daddy still signs the contracts for her saying it is ok. He needs to be shut down for allowing his 17 year old daughter to pervert herself out.

1400 days ago


Well, if Billy said it's o.k then I guess that's the final word for everyone.

What a twit.

1400 days ago


Why ask us? The pictures have already been done. Nobody cares what society thinks anymore. America has turned to garbage and dumbing down.

1400 days ago


Sure he's ok with it. He whored out his OWN teenage daughter's cooch.

I am the mom of two teenage girls, and it is NOT OK.

1400 days ago


There is this work "pimp".....

1400 days ago


This is a good first step from Billy Ray Cyrus, if it's true: you can never really rely on TMZ's mystery unnamed sources! In any case, I hope it's true that Billy Ray is finally standing up to these rightwing bullies from the Parents Television Council and their Talibanesque rants. However, it falls way short of what Billy Ray should be doing, that is, he should be quitting the PTC--publicly--and coming out on his own, not through some unnamed source, and blasting this group of fascists for what they are. Billy Ray, wake up and start defending your daughter publicly the way you know you should!!! Every genuine American should be condemning these Parents Television phonies for their backwards biggoted behavior. In America we believe in free speech and free expression, even down to the clothing we wear. We don't need Iranian-style culture cops telling us, or our kids, what we can wear or say in public. And we certainly don't need them to tell us how we can dance!!!

1400 days ago


#40, ihartwell takes the prize when it comes to arguments based on rumors and outright ignorant statements. For example, ihartwell insinuates that Billy Ray Cyrus and his wife are lazy and living off their daughter. The truth is that Billy and his wife are worth $150 million--his own money made from his own successful career--and Billy has starred in five TV series over the last five years--including the one with his daughter that just finished production this year. Billy has had three albums out in that time and done several nationwide tours and numerous TV appearanes to promote his music, movie and tv work. Doesn't sound like he's been laying around. Wife Tish owns a film production company and has produced three films in the last two years, with others currently in the works. I'd like to know what ihartwell has been doing during that time? I doubt the accomplishments can be compared favorably. I think ihartwell has a serious problem: 17-year old girls in daisy dukes is the norm in America and it would only offend somebody with seriously twisted (sick-headed!) notions about life.

1400 days ago


The phoots are amazing, really fun, totally cute. Nothing wrong about the photos. I don't see why people are so upset or disappointed.

Have we not seen Miley's VANITY FAIR PHOTO SHOOT ....she's naked wrapped in a towel at the age of 17!!!!...UM thats Pedophilia Billy Ray, and you are your daughters pimp. Sooo ....DON'T KNOCK GLEE!!!!

Calling the photoshoot totally over the top....and completely wrong since NOT one of the main girls is underage. The girls are all either 23 or 24 and are free to pose in any which way. Just because they portray highschool students doesn't mean they should be made to pose differently. They don't even look like highschool students anyways, I'm always watching the show and thinking "It's obvious that Lea is my age!"

I personally don't think the show is made for 12 year olds or even 13 year olds. Its more for 16 year olds and up. And if you let your kids watch the show with all the controversial issues then the little photoshoots shouldn't bother you.

Shut up Billy hillbilly, you pimp out your daughter who is only 17 now!!! I mean if he wants to question photos he should take a look at the way his daughter dresses! His daughter has done many questionable photo shoots with his approval. And she has taken her own photos in a bikini and panties... go lecture your daughter you hasbeen rocker!

1400 days ago


Sure he's fine with it. What else did you expect from a hillbilly redneck such as this nobody who gets famous for stealing someone else's music. Just Saying...

1400 days ago


The women are in their 20's but they are dressed as teens..
If they want to show their junk then do it outside of a school setting and highschool cheerleader clothes.

1400 days ago


The women are in their 20's but they are dressed as teens..
If they want to show their junk then do it outside of a school setting and highschool cheerleader clothes.

1400 days ago

Anon E Mouse    

Get the distinct feeling that this douche is bald and that is a hair piece. lol

1400 days ago


Glee is not even a kid's show, nor is it a family show! There are love scenes in it! What parent is flashing this magazine to their young ones or letting them watch Glee in the first place?

If your high schooler watches the show and/or sees the cover, you, as a parent, should have had the sex talk and a teen should know fantasy/acting world from the real world and be old enough to handle it and realize it's just modeling. Give me a break!

1400 days ago


To everyone that's calling Miley a slut or a skank need to realize that Miley isn't a kid, and she's not affiliated with Disney anymore. And wearing sexy outfits in a MUSIC VIDEO does not make her a slut. I've seen pictures of her casually walking down the street in a t shirt and shorts. WOOP DEE DOO.
You people are so ****ing stupid that you can't tell the difference between a music video and real life. ****ing morons.

1400 days ago
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