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Christina Aguilera -- It Was a 'Simple Fall'

10/21/2010 6:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with Christina Aguilera tell us she split her lip last week after "a simple fall."  As one source said, "It's as innocent as that."

There were reports insinuating there may have been domestic violence between Christina and Jordan Bratman, since Christina busted her lip the very same day she filed for divorce.

But as we first reported, there was no domestic violence.  Christina just fell on her own.

Case closed.


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She FELL and split her lip? That doesn't happen.

Posted at 4:19 PM on Oct 21, 2010 by CriticAl

Wow the ignorance in this thread is mind numbing, especially this comment. So people don't fall down and split their lips? Guess you never have been drunk or tripped while carrying something. Next thing you are going to tell me is that people don't fall down or walk into doors. God all of the "She has a fat lip. Her husband must of did it!" crap is making me sick. People she said he didn't hit her. Get over it, contrary to what NOW and the media tells you not all men are evil cheaters and woman beaters.

1401 days ago


What a WHORE !

1401 days ago


You are all stupid. She is a wimp, mine as well put her in the
same line as Britney Spears. She got breast implants, then told all the news rags that she and here husbsnd spent every Sunday nude.

She is a sell out loser of hollywood like the rest. Obiouslsly, there was no battery to her lip from him(as usaul press crap to make the poor guy look bad), he probably did't do what she wanted all the time. She always complained about her father. Now the idiot wants to bring a child in the world with a father part time. For those of you that same it is not the same with her father what she is doing now, frankly it is, she is selfish just like her father and does not want to do any work on the relationship/family and she only cares about her self.

She should be off the market and get real talent instead of a wanna be. Oh, I know she used to have talent, but that went away long ago. Talent and credibiltiy left after the breast plants

1401 days ago


People fall down DRUNK all the time.

1401 days ago


I'm tired of Radaronline enhancing news. That's who spun this up into something it's not. People DO FALL. I did on July 2 on a dog walk. I broke my leg and ankle. No domestic violence, just me on a slippery incline while holding my older doggie. He has arthritis and I picked him up. I'm very glad someone didn't accuse my hubby of domestic violence. It would have been a lie. One big steel plate and 8 screws and I am learning to walk all over again.

1401 days ago


Get over it people, why must it be abuse?!? My dog accidentally head butt me and I got a fat lip just like that! Not to mention, if she were hit....she'd have much more than that!

1401 days ago

another explanation?    

everyone's saying it's domestic violence. seems to me just as plausible that she fell down drunk. seen lots of pics of her wasted. why assume bat boy did it?

1401 days ago


Yah, sure!

Note to all women: Never marry a guy who is less successful than yourself career- wise. Guys cannot handle it and what woman that is successful in her own right needs that sh-t?

Run, girl, run!

1401 days ago


oh yes, every woman FALLS, and every man is GOOD oh i mean GOD, they can do no harm..

so she dared to get a divorce although he said he'd beat her up? good for her!
get a bodyguard too, restraining order, all of it

1401 days ago


Why are people so willing to jump on Jordan and think that he would smack Christina?, he's a pretty laid back guy and after 5 years of marriage and knowing she fooled around with chicks during their marriage he wouldn't just go and do that.I think that she's not shy about telling the truth like she has about her abusive father so why protect Jordan? it's possible one of her girlfriends did it she does have a list of people in Hollywood that don't like her.I wish them the best but it wasn't going to last she likes women a whole lot more than she's letting on.

1400 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

most celebrities don't speak the truth when they are in a domestic relationship. If he did hit her and she's not speaking about it"means she's trying to protect him because he's her sons father. Women need to speak up, stop covering up for these abusers.

1400 days ago


She fell on an uppercut! Stop jumping to conclusions people!

1400 days ago


Seriously, I don't see how people find her even remotely attractive...

1400 days ago


Who ****in cares!

1400 days ago


I've never seen someone fall and only injure their lip......

Good one though!

1400 days ago
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