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Jesse James' Ex -- Questioned in Liquid Assault

10/21/2010 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cops just swarmed in on Jesse James' ex-wife Janine Lindemulder after she unloaded on a paparazzo ... outside of the courthouse in Orange County.

It all went down as Janine was entering court for a child custody hearing -- as several photogs followed her and snapped pics.

But it all came to a violent head once Janine got into an elevator -- and one photog got too close. Janine -- who was holding a warm drink in her hand -- swung at the photog, dousing him in liquid .. and sending him reeling backwards into a wall.

O.C. Sheriff's deputies moved in -- and are currently questioning Janine about the incident. The photog is on the way to the hospital.


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She should be glad that anyone shows interest in her. Tattooed freak.

1426 days ago

Shannon Steward    

That impotent loser was absolutely harassing her and should be charged for it.

1426 days ago


By "warm" do you mean the clear liquid that appeared to be water in a clear plastic cup - which she kept in her hand after disposing of the contents? She asked politely a couple of times for them to back off while she had a deputy escorting her. Then as she enters the elevator Fat Boy Pap decides to be aggressive while she is cornered and without an escort beside her. Even the fellow paps warn him and I bet that was the deputy in the background yelling hey at the guy as a warning. I never saw her physically touch him and the last time I checked throwing water on someone is not assault. She will never get prosecuted and it is not her fault if Fat Boy Pap can't keep his balance.

1426 days ago


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1426 days ago


Obviously this woman's touched. BUT - good for her! There's a limit.... let a woman go to court for child custody with some dignity.

1426 days ago


She didn't push him idiots... she threw her coffee at him, and to avoid being hit by it, he stepped back and lost his balance, going down like a sack of potatoes. If the coffee was hot, he could have sustained burns, even to his face. Also, he tried to save his camera from getting drenched by her coffee...

Before commenting, watch the video and pay attention, will you?

Posted at 6:28 PM on Oct 21, 2010 by OinkOink

STFU and watch the video yourself, why don't you? Dumbass

Hot coffee does't have ice in it.

1426 days ago


The bad eyesite of some of those viewing the video is amazing. He stopped at the elevator as instructed, and she then walked out, grabed at his camera, and threw her drink.

You may not like the guy, but she did assault him, plain and simple.

1426 days ago


Looks just like Jesse!

1426 days ago


Well, she asked to be left alone, they should have just left her alone and fat albert might not have got hurt

1426 days ago


"She didn't push him idiots... she threw her coffee at him, and to avoid being hit by it, he stepped back and lost his balance, going down like a sack of potatoes."

Guess what? She can't throw things at people regardless of temperature.

1426 days ago


she told the fat-papzo to back off but he HAD to get right in front of the elevator again. she gave them plenty of warnings. he got what he deserved. he should spend less time eating and more time running and balancing since it's needed for his job.

1426 days ago


First of all, Janine is a disgusting skank. There, that's out of the way. Now, on to the Crisco Kid - his ******* must have grown shut, as he is obviously full of s#!+, literally and figuratively. They never made physical contact, although for the right amount of money, I'm sure Janine would have worked something out with him. After Janine threw her drink at him, Crisco, with the athletic prowess of a quadriplegic hippo, stepped backwards, tripped over his own elephant-like legs and fell not-so-gracefully into the concrete wall, which should now be checked by an engineer for structural integrity. The two foot thick layer of coagulated KFC grease and pastry-suckin's surely protected Crisco from any physical damage. The only reason paramedics were summoned is because he was exhausted from lifting his massive bulk from the floor without the assistance of a freakin' bulldozer. As much as it makes my brain hurt to use the words "Janine" and "innocent" in the same sentence, I don't think she did anything any other normal drug-addicted, washed-up porn star would not have done if some lard-ass wanted to take pictures of her without compensation.

1426 days ago


I can't stand this cow following people around the Seriously though this fat **** is so funny to watch when he falls all his fat moves, like one giant tapioca paradise..but what she did here was funny as hell!

1426 days ago


VERY stupid of her! How does she thinks that looks to the judge hearing her child custody case? She can't keep her temper in an elevator with a how will she behave with a child who might misbehave? I had some sympathy for her before but it looks like Jessie may have been right about her. If she can't control her violence, she shouldn't be around her daughter. Sad.

1426 days ago


this is just a guess but maybe his back hurt cos the weight of his tits dropped him to the ground...if only he had some of that padding he calls a stomach on his back maybe he wouldnt have gotten hurt

1426 days ago
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