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Jesse James' Ex -- Questioned in Liquid Assault

10/21/2010 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cops just swarmed in on Jesse James' ex-wife Janine Lindemulder after she unloaded on a paparazzo ... outside of the courthouse in Orange County.

It all went down as Janine was entering court for a child custody hearing -- as several photogs followed her and snapped pics.

But it all came to a violent head once Janine got into an elevator -- and one photog got too close. Janine -- who was holding a warm drink in her hand -- swung at the photog, dousing him in liquid .. and sending him reeling backwards into a wall.

O.C. Sheriff's deputies moved in -- and are currently questioning Janine about the incident. The photog is on the way to the hospital.


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Although I sit here and enjoy what they film---guys like this fat ass went too far. She warned him to stay away, and he got even closer.

Funny as hell--he deserved it. "I hit my head"...Bull****, idiot.

1399 days ago


She was out of line, but the out of shape papz got up really quickly...hurt people don't do that. If he's not a baby-man, he will admit only his pride was hurt and drop it. Otherwise, he makes all papz look weak, predatory and opportunistic. Bottom line, shame on him And her.

1399 days ago


Lol. Those "paparazzi" are effin clowns. Look at the size of that sorry loser. Those gay pansies are just looking for the opportunity to steal some money. He enacted that fall. As I said, foking clown.

1399 days ago


That fat man looks like he's break dancing...

1399 days ago


Yep, it's still funny after another few views.

It is almost like Janine has magical powers...
"Really? you really want to do that? Back the F off"
Pap be gone, Pap retreat, Pap goes flying backwards off his feet.

Yep, it's still funny!

1399 days ago


Oh C'MON! That guy totally faked that fall! He's probably just trying to get some $$$.

1399 days ago


How is this an assualt? She barely push the guy, this dude pretended like he got pushed then he just over did it.

1399 days ago


This was awesome. I don't hope the guy dies or anything but I would love it if he ended up paralyzed for the rest of his life and had to use a feeding tube. That'll help him to not mess with other people and help his fat arse lose some weight.

1399 days ago


"Reeling backwards into a wall" hahahah Ya whatever. The fat **** slightly made a point of doing a wrestler fake crash. Oh here we go. Lawsuit. Can't wait. COME ON..........

1399 days ago


Wow...Tmz viewers hate overweight people. Don't any of you have (or are) a chubby family member you respect? Would you all feel the same if he was a she or a man of average weight? That said, he got up very quickly, did not seem anything was harmed but his pride. He did call her a B, was not too burned to do that. I bet it turns out he is fine, and if he has any self-respect, will not pursue this further. Still, she was out of line and does need to learn some self control. Makes you wonder what kind of parent she is with such a short fuse.

1399 days ago


I hope that fat C*%T is permanently scarred! S***bag f@*king paparazzi, you are all just worthless pieces of ****!!

1399 days ago


She didn't commit an assault, she committed battery. The way things roll in orange county, she'll probably get charged with felony battery and have her parole violated. Back to the joint she goes. And big boy goes on to live another day, portrayed as the poor, defenseless "victim".

1399 days ago


No kidding his back's tryin' to support an extra couple hundred pounds on the front. He shoulda backed off whe she said to. He's in the wrong and I doubt that little roll really hurt his back. Big baby.

1399 days ago

LA Photographer    

for all the comments slating the Paparazzi, YOU STUPID IDIOTS YOU ARE ON A PAPARAZZI BLOG reading and commenting on celebrity pictures you morons, so if you hate us that much why dont you get back to looking a porn instead of OBSESSING over celebrity pictures. As long as you continue to write comments we will continue to get paid, you are the real LOSERS as we dont give two ****s about celebs, PATHETIC LOSERS

1399 days ago


It's SO obvious that he "threw" himself on the ground like that after she spilled her coffee on him. He's the worse actor I've ever seen. "Are you ok?" "NO"! Whatever.... he's obviously looking for a pay day, that fat tub of fail.

1399 days ago
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