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Jesse James' Ex -- Questioned in Liquid Assault

10/21/2010 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cops just swarmed in on Jesse James' ex-wife Janine Lindemulder after she unloaded on a paparazzo ... outside of the courthouse in Orange County.

It all went down as Janine was entering court for a child custody hearing -- as several photogs followed her and snapped pics.

But it all came to a violent head once Janine got into an elevator -- and one photog got too close. Janine -- who was holding a warm drink in her hand -- swung at the photog, dousing him in liquid .. and sending him reeling backwards into a wall.

O.C. Sheriff's deputies moved in -- and are currently questioning Janine about the incident. The photog is on the way to the hospital.


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To me it didn't look like she took a swing at him, it looked like she reached to yank his camera, he moved, her coffee got thrown, and he flung himself back like an effing coward, slipped, and went BOOM like the fat loser he is. Now he'll be suing her, etc. I may not be any fan of hers by any means but she's about to lose a lot of money she probably doesn't even have to some a--hole who caused his own injury partially because he's an idiot paparazzi, partially because he's fat as hell and partially because he flipped out and flung himself backwards like a p*ssy.

1430 days ago


That's what he gets for being a lowlife pap.

1430 days ago

Sheriff Hutchens    

She was in fear for her safety. End of story. He tried to attack her in the elevator. Her drink was not a hot drink. He fell on his own from being a big tub. The paparazzi need to get a life we don't play that game in Orange County!

1430 days ago


Alot of you are correct. It was a cup of ice she threw at him. That being said, no one touched her the cameraman was just doing what you all want him to do. Follow a celeb around and give you a story. Where was you indignation back in July when she was willing talking to the paparazzi that were "stalking" her? Whether you like them or not, they are giving everyone what they want. A chance to feel apart of a celeb's life.
Janine and her momma both have severe anger issues and it was reflected in the video. Jonlyn making a "I'm gonna F**k you up!" motion toward the camera man and than Janine clearly going after him. Yes I would get mad and maybe stike at someone who wouldn't back off, but if they never touched me, I would be the one guilty for intiating the attack. Kinda like Janine is guilty for attacking a cameraman.

1430 days ago


Is this woman stupid or what!!!!!! Come on now! Just showed everyone why you still do not have your child! What a temper huh!

1430 days ago


Miserable man, in every possible sense.

1430 days ago


Serves the fat f*ck right! He had it coming. I have no sympathy for paps. They're all vultures and they deserve whatever they get.

1430 days ago


The fat Fu#$#r deserved it! It's a shame someone can't go about their business without being antagonized into doing something. Nice faking of 'my back hurts now' grubbing, photo stalking hounds!

1430 days ago


@329 If some HUGE man was trying to follow me and my mom in a crowded elevator after I told him to stop he would have gotten worse.

1430 days ago


good for her, that fat guy bounced pretty good, what a wimp

1430 days ago


Mmmhmmm and how all your opinions would change if that was a thin woman that she threw the coffee at. (rolling eyes)

1430 days ago


This Fat ass will probably sue and win some type of cash settlement so he can continue to feed his fat face. I understand he has a job to do but a lady swipes a cup in front of your face and you fall flat on your back. It just seems like he was waiting for the perfect time to do something like that. If she gets in trouble for that, he should get in trouble for being a fat pig with a camera.

1430 days ago


"get her " lmfao at that one !!

WOW, what a ***** that guy is. Lay off the cheesburgers and you might be able to stay on your own two feet next time your attacked by a little girl. HAHAHAHAHAHA

1430 days ago


What huge ***** ass fat turd!

1430 days ago


First, photogs should have to stay 50 feet away from ANYONE...anything less is stalking and assault all of a sudden becomes self-defense.

Second, he wasn't pushed...any time you get that much of a tub O' goo out of balance, it WILL fall over.
Not her fault he's an unbalanced tub O goo.

1430 days ago
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