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Jesse James' Ex -- Questioned in Liquid Assault

10/21/2010 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cops just swarmed in on Jesse James' ex-wife Janine Lindemulder after she unloaded on a paparazzo ... outside of the courthouse in Orange County.

It all went down as Janine was entering court for a child custody hearing -- as several photogs followed her and snapped pics.

But it all came to a violent head once Janine got into an elevator -- and one photog got too close. Janine -- who was holding a warm drink in her hand -- swung at the photog, dousing him in liquid .. and sending him reeling backwards into a wall.

O.C. Sheriff's deputies moved in -- and are currently questioning Janine about the incident. The photog is on the way to the hospital.


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I'm with her on this one. If he's hurt, it's mostly due to him being so large and barely being able to hold that weight up. He went down sooo easy. These photogs are too damn aggressive.

1407 days ago


**** that fat bald sack of ****. He's a ****ing drama queen. To bad he did have a heart attack and ****ing die. I can't wait until some unstable celebrity loses their **** and kills one of these wanna be paparazzi. **** TMZ

1407 days ago


That photog got what he deserved. Well, he actually deserved more than what he got. Pansy fat @$$ loser!!

1407 days ago


Good for her. Did anyone ever this idiot that "no means no" and "stop" means stop. He got what he deserves. I really don't violence, but he truly got his. More power to her.

1407 days ago

No Comment    

Give me a break, you fat F*&%$! That is what you guys deserve!

1406 days ago


I believe the porcine POC PAP looser learned a valuable lesson....he should go to McDonalds and cuddle up with his favorite comfort food.

1406 days ago


wtf is with that guard showing up after she's forced to get the fat bastard outta her face? he couldn't have stepped in earlier and told the a-hole to back the f up? srsly

1406 days ago

pella lee    

She warned him, he invaded her space, intentionally provoked and harassed her. His ACT when the cops arrived was pathetic. I hope he's a laughing stock the rest of his corpulent life. While "celebrity" (not that a lowrent porn actress should be considered as such) does comes with the expectation of compromised privacy, it does not mean paps should be allowed to behave like rabid wolves and openly harass anyone. HE got what he deserved. But, to be fair, if she wants custody of her child (God forbid), she's doing a poor job of showing stability and self-control.

1406 days ago


Of course your back hurts, you're like 200 lbs overweight.

Why is it that fat papz are always the ones getting hurt?

1405 days ago


he just faked it

1405 days ago


That fat pig shouldn't have tried to bum rush the elevator. I'm glad his fat ass fell. Serves him right. Now i bet he will sue, so his fat ass wont have to work again. PIG

1405 days ago


Hilarious! Too bad there wasn't ten trash cans, he may have bowled a strike!

1404 days ago


Holds on to her daughter for the fame.. !!! um its Jesse that is using the daughter - he dumped sunny like a bad disease to chase sandra and the irony is he used is money and power to take Sunny and use her to keep Sandra.. Jesse didnt even lay eyes on his daughter for over 3 years..because he didnt give F^#% and you think Janine wants her for fame? What a loser you are! Wake up .. I know Jesse he is one of the sickest liars I have ever met - you couldnt imagine anything more evil that this piece of work Ahole

and throwing room temperature liquid at someone that didnt even touch them isnt assault. THAT FAT piece of crud got a head slam into some concrete Karma.. HAHAHA

1403 days ago


Funniest thing i seen this year.Good for you Janine.

1396 days ago
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