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Lindsay Lohan:

Rehab Could Kill My Career

10/22/2010 3:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan told her probation officer that continued, inpatient treatment would be a hardship financially, and damaging to her career ... this according to Probation Department docs obtained by TMZ.

It's pretty stunning that Lindsay said this, since inpatient rehab was her only hope of staying out of jail.

The documents, prepared for today's hearing, say, "The defendant says her clothing line is falling apart because she is not available to monitor the product."  She told the probation officer she's scheduled to start working on a movie in November -- we're guessing it's "Inferno" but the director tells us he will wait for her.

Although Lindsay says she thinks rehab has been a positive experience, the person who wrote the report says she "needs to continue to work on her issues in order to save her life."


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She should have thought of that before doing the things she did. If you can't handle the consequence, don't do it. If her clothing line or acting career goes down the toilet, that's her fault.

1463 days ago


The people that are making that Linda Lovelace movie need to let Lindsay out of that contract! They need to get some woman who has already done some porn do it. They just want to EXPLOIT Lindsay because of her name recognition. It's obvious.

Lindsay can get better movies than that crap! You wouldn't believe the stuff they want Lindsay to say in the script of that "D list" straight to DVD semi-porn movie.

1463 days ago


May I ask... "What career is she referring to" ?

1463 days ago

ex IDOL fan    

rehab will/did not kill her career, she killed her career with the drug use. personally i don't care one way or the other

1463 days ago


Im tellin you, a remake of "Red Headed Woman" could jump start her career. Someone in Hollywood should rip off my idea

1463 days ago


So how long until Dina pipes up with, "Lindsay's fine, she doesn't need rehab for 3 months. The judge is treating her differently because she's a celebrity. Everyone makes mistakes. She was only experimenting with cocaine. In fact, I think she tested positive because of hot cocoa. She wouldn't violate her probation to try cocaine. This is ridiculous!"

Bad Mother of the Decade Award goes to... DINA.

1463 days ago



America forgives. America gets on with life. IF she kicks the D & A and IF she straightens up her life and IF she starts associating with prople who bring out the best in her instead of the worst and IF she dedicates her life to positive messages and altruant service to others, Lindsay can still be one of the greatest stars of any era. In fact, America loves most someone who climbs out of the pit to reach success. America is waiting and ready to love you, Miss Lohan. The choice is yours and the consequences could not be more clear. Good luck.

Posted at 12:13 PM on Oct 22, 2010 by Roger Deem


I agree 100%. Good post. Not everyone wants to see Lindsay's life go down the drain. There's still people in the world that just want her to get this drugs and alcohol problem fixed so she can get on to doing good movies again ... or TV or Broadway or music, etc.

1463 days ago

Bill F. Murray    

The probation officer (who seems to have a grip on the situation) recommended 120 days of inpatient rehab regardless of LL's financial hardship worries, but the star-struck judge cut it back to less than 2 months. True, if she had been given 30 days in the Graybar Hotel, she's have been out by happy hour on Saturday due to overcrowding, but it just makes me wonder who the hell is running things.

1463 days ago


********thank you Harvey! ***********

a day relatively free of mel gibson bs,let's just hope tommorrow is the same.I was getting so tired of all those mel gibson bs stories,I still don't know how anybody can support this crazy racist pig.You would actually have to be out of your freaking mind to support this jerk.Let, me make one thing perfectly clear, I do not support Oksana. But, I do applaud her courage for standing up for herself.

I just wish they would both stop this crap,and just move on.The people they are hurting the most are their children.It is time now for both of them to put their children first,and stop attacking each other.

Now if TMZ could only stop reporting about the lohan family this would really make my day.First of all, you would have to be an idiot to actually think that Michale Lohan was attacked today.It is so obvious that he stage the whole thing for publicity. Trust there was no intruder wearing a black suit, he made it up. Harvey, Please don't tell me you buying this crap, I smell a big fat rat!He is lucky he didn't hurt himself,those wounds look self-inflicted to me.Too bad the razor box cutter he may have possibly used wasn't that sharp.

As far as the so called drug addict lindsay lohan,she is such a looser.They have giving her so many chances, I just about had it with her.She is pathetic, and just a waste of space.I just hope she can finally get her life in order.I highly doubt she will be able to stay away from the white powder.The whole family is crazy(dina,michael,lindsay).

TMZ give us what we really want less mel and lindsay crap.


1463 days ago

all about the money    

Simple choice. Rehab or Jail either way I don't think your going to be free to indulge anytime soon...

1463 days ago


First move out of rehab should be to get rid of the duck lips.

1463 days ago


She has no sense. Doesn't she know if she's dead there is NO CAREER.

1463 days ago


Has anyone actually read the do***ent? It states that she is doing fine, that she is only worried about her career.. And has no more money to pay for the treatment?

I dont know about you, guys, but I think that means that she is getting better. Hopefully she will realize soon that acting isnt her passion, and find what really suits her.

AND ISNT ABOUT TIME THAT ROBERT BECOMES A SPONSOR? I realize he probably doesnt want to revisit the demons he fought in the past, but that is something this poor girl, who cant seem to be able to grow up, needs more than anything else in the world.

It makes me sick that she is tapped to start in the INFERNO. Trust me, that movie was made to make fun of her.

1463 days ago


What career is she speaking of. I haven't seen her in anything in years.

1463 days ago


jail would have been easier seeing wooosssssies in LA county release a person who has a 90 day sentence in like 2 days..REHAB REHAB REHAB will be more punishment than jail.....go to LA commit a crime be out in a week!

1463 days ago
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