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Lindsay Lohan Did Not Leave Rehab Last Night

10/22/2010 10:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Turns out Lindsay Lohan did not leave the Betty Ford Center last night ... TMZ has learned.

We've now learned Lindsay left Betty Ford at around 4:00 AM today, accompanied by medical professionals from Betty Ford ... and Dina.  Sources tell us the B.F. reps are prepared to testify that Lindsay is doing well and would be best served going back to the Center ... rather than jail.

We're told Lindsay did not leave yesterday because she wanted to show the judge how serious she is about taking the program. 


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Addiction is the only medical illness that gets you jailtime. When was the last time a diabetic was sentenced to jail for eating a doughnut? Lindsey and many of those in jail, need drug addiction and medical help and not jail time.

1461 days ago


"Addiction is the only medical illness that gets you jailtime. When was the last time a diabetic was sentenced to jail for eating a doughnut? Lindsey and many of those in jail, need drug addiction and medical help and not jail time.

Posted at 7:53 AM on Oct 22, 2010 by Yes"

News flash - Addiction is not a crime and you don't get jail time for it.

1461 days ago


This is what the doctors said last time. Go to jail!!!

1461 days ago


I hope the judge dose the right thing and sentences Lindsay to rehab as well

1461 days ago


She was doing great in the last rehab she was in and didn't need the 90 days ordered by the judge. Then less than a week out she is popped for cocaine? What a loser, but then again look who her parents are!!!!!!

1461 days ago


Man, are you people brutal? People who take comfort from another's misery are usually screwed up themselves. Remember, "people in glass houses, shouldn't throw stones". By the way, I'm no Lindsay Lohan fan - just someone wishing her well.

1461 days ago


as well as….. UCLA

1461 days ago


For failing a drug test anyone else would get another year added to their probation plus be required to turn themselves into the county jail for at least one night and post bond to get out. Then face a judge for the added offense of failing a drug test where the judge may fine you along with the extra year of probation.

1461 days ago


T.I was given 11 months, why should Lindsay be any different...
but i bet the Judge won't put her in jail, just like Paris wasn't sent to jail, but it took them a second to put T.I back in, even though he's turned his life around.

1461 days ago


To you and me jail means being locked up with some serious criminals who in most cases have done things far worse than you did. Criminals who without hesitation will intimidate you, beat you, if not kill you for looking their way.

To Blohan it means being isolated in a cell away from all that signifies jail. Also, her lawyers always seem to know when is the best time to turn herself in, when the jails are overcrowded and they don't have room for her.

That in itself is contradictory, if they don't have room for her then what other celebrity is in jail occupying that private cell? Are there that many celebs in jail? If so, then that is what's wrong with this town. Justice bending over backwards to accomodate so-called *high-profile* people.

If these *high-profile* people knew they were going to jail in general population, they wouldn't put themselves in the position of getting arrested. But being locked up away from all that signifies being in jail means nothing to them.

You can be mentally challenged and be deemed suitable to be locked up in general population. But as a celebrity, you are "entitled" to be locked up away from everyone.

Anyone can be beaten or killed in jail. You don't have to be a celebrity to be taunted and picked on because of your status. Being the new guy in jail draws attention. Why jailers think your status draws even more attention is a cop out.

But we don't have the right to expect preferential treatment with private cells and shower time. We don't get a revolving door policy when it comes to visitors or get rewarded with gifts to make our stay easier.

Did she violate probation, yes. She admitted it and tried to act responsible by checking her ass into rehab again! Usual tactic high priced lawyers use to get the court to show their client has a problem and are being responsible by dealing with it. If they were that responsible in the first place, she wouldn't in this position now. She screwed up by wearing a SCRAM. Is she that stupid? She really thought she could get away with it? Why would she put herself into that position anyway? Why not stay away from bars and clubs and the so-called "friends" who use? If they use around you, tempting you to get stoned, then clearly they're not your friends.

Is jail warranted? That depends, if its the same meditation treatment in a private room, then no. She won't learn anything. Her past visits there have proven that. But if she is put in with real criminals (she is one, she broke the law) then there is a chance she might learn something and know her status means nothing. It also sends a message to the rest of the entertainment and the sports world that if you break the law, you will get what's coming to you.

1461 days ago


I live near the Beverly Hills courthouse, and this is the THIRD time my sleep has been disrupted by news helicopters because that lady can't get her act together. DAMN YOU LOHAN.

1461 days ago


Newsflash Bubba When was the last time a diabetic was jailed for eating a doughnut? Again, the only reason she would serve jail time is for testing positive for drug use or my analogy, eating doughnuts. I find that drug laws are idiotic since every time we outlaw drugs, the drug problem worsens with Prohibition being a great example. Again, addiction requires medical and jail time only delays and even inhibits that process especially given that the only victim is herself.

1461 days ago


Diane-T.I. got a harsh because he was on FEDERAL probation-which is a whole different ballgame then what Lindsay is going through it had NOTHING to do with him being black. TI learned his lesson? PLEASE! If he'd learned his lesson he wouldn't have been out smoking weed with Tiny while on probation, he should've known better, and how can you possibly defend a guy who was stockpiling illegal firearms? He had enough weapons to start WWIII! Which needless to say is a MUCH more serious charge then drug usage, if you **** around with the feds, you'll be doing hard time no matter what color your skin is, hell T.I. was LUCKY to get 11 months, he could've easily gotten more time then that.

1461 days ago


No jail. Rehab until at least Jan 2011.

1460 days ago

Deidre stoll    

i think it's bull and she should go to jail just like anyone else....all this tellls her is that she is definately "above the law" pisses me off

1460 days ago
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