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Lindsay -- Probation Dept. Unswayed By Rehab Stint

10/22/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's voluntary stay at the Betty Ford Center isn't impressing everybody -- TMZ has learned the L.A. County Probation Dept. still wants LiLo to serve at least 30 days behind bars for her failed drug test.


Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the Probation Dept does not want Judge Elden Fox to cut LiLo a break during her probation violation hearing today ... and will recommend that she serve at least 30 days in jail for testing positive for cocaine after she left her court-ordered rehab stint at UCLA.

The Probation Dept. carries some pretty powerful influence -- but in the end, the decision will be up to Judge Fox.

The hearing is set to begin today at 8:30 AM PST -- and we'll be streaming the whole thing live.


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Wonder what color hair she'll show up with. It's been black, blonde and red in the last three months. And none of it looked good either. She needs a haircut, the extensions out (for jail - they don't allow them and an auburn color dumped in the mess that's left. Don't look like an addict, Linds. You have for years and even worse in the last few months.

1400 days ago


Honestly I've lost nearly all my friends from the affect's of drug addiction. I watched my best friend die from AIDS and the month's of suffering she had to endure. Friends that I went to kindergarten with all gone from AIDS related illnesses. I have two family member's in the process of dying right now as I write this.

So in my heart of heart, all joking aside, I hope that Lindsay Lohan who I don't even know will realize the severity of using drugs and stop now while she is still young and has this chance to have an amazing life.

Yes, I am guilty too of mocking her, writing nasty little comments here and there about her. But the truth is drug addiction is a KILLER. It will get you one way or another and I hope she survives and has truly hit the bottom she needs to hit. I hope the pain of using drugs is strong enough to make her want to stay stopped.

You ain't going to get clean in rehab, it's what you do in your everyday life, that's the journey to being clean and sober.

1400 days ago


I'd pay big money for a chance at Dina Lohan's mop with a scissors. She looks like an orange hooker. One of you can scrub off the orange stain while I chop off the hair that makes her look like 10 years old. She's the worst mother on earth. Let's give her a makeover.

1400 days ago


Lindsay doesn't want to be sober. She's been in rehab FIVE times and always acted and lied her way out of it early. She wouldn't be at BF if she didn't think there would be a chance it would be substituted for jail. They will jail her but once she's out, she won't go back to rehab. She also needs to dump her mother. This mother lies and denies her way through life. Dina lies like we all breathe.

1400 days ago


The probation dept. leaked their report to TMZ before it was even sent to the judge, only an idiot would take them seriously when they do things like that.

1400 days ago


The two most important people in Lindsay's life are messed up. And eventually if Lindsay really wants to stay clean and sober she needs to confront both of her parents.

First she needs to sit her mother down and tell her to stop enabling her. She needs to clear the air with her mother and I believe Lindsay will if she is serious about recovery.

Secondly she still has her father to deal with. He's acting the fool right now, but I believe in my heart that he loves her and because of his own addictions, he's owning up to them, and wants to make things right. He has every reason in the world to want to do that. You all might make fun of him, call him names, make your nasty comments but he is just going about it all wrong. He needs to take a step back, allow his daughter time to get clean and sober, focus on himself to make himself better and his daughter will either forgive him and try again to have a relationship with him.

Or she may have to completely keep him out of her life in order to stay clean and sober. I'm sure she has many issues with her father, most obvious to me would be abandonment. His addiction did that to her. If she truly recover's she will come to understand through her own addiction and recovery process that he didn't do it on purpose.

So I say she needs to just stay out of the spotlight. Get down and dirty in recovery, and focus on herself for at least the next year. Stay away for a year, get stable, and then see where he career might be at.

Hollywood loves a come back story, and if she sticks to recovery I believe they will welcome her back with open arms.

1400 days ago


JAIL is the ONLY thing that's going to snap shut this little twits shena**** to any addict...many stays in a cushy rehab NEVER does the trick...six months in the big house? Works every time.

1400 days ago



Serving 6 actual months for a non violent misdemeanor probaton violation or probation revocation 3 years later in the overcrowded L.A County Lyywood jail. LOL

If she gets ANY jail time why should she go back to rehab again when she already went to jail

1400 days ago


We all know she isn't going to serve 30 days even if sentenced to 30 days. This whole thing is just a bad running gag.

1400 days ago


She failed two drugs tests that week i'd think the Judge should give her 30 days for each one and take away her right to travel anywhere.(Last time she claimed she'd lost her passport so had to stay longer, when if the truth were known she probably couldn't have passed a drug test had she come home on time). She clearly isn't respecting the court, probation, nothing. In fact when someone breaks their probation aren't they supposed to go back to jail and finish serving their original sentence?

1400 days ago


Vegas won't take it. Lindsay will not go to jail. The lawyer will tell the judge that since Lindsay is in the middle of treatment & that putting her in jail at this time will be detrimental to her recovery. then will pray that the Court allow her to finish treatment.

Since Lindsay was not sent to jail at time of violating probation. she won't be sent now after going to rehab. Lindsay will put on an award winning performance today. But as soon as her probation ends, Lindsay will be back to her old ways & the fun will begin again.

1400 days ago


Lindsay left rehab day before Court appearance so she could have her hair done, extensions & dye job. Perhaps a little botox & lip injections for the duck bill look.

1400 days ago

RJ Hunt    

30 days is a gift...all us common folk would get 90 days...NO QUESTIONS ASKED...

1400 days ago


I don't feel sorry for her, and I think she should pay her dues but she's an addict...what is jail going to do? She needs help, I use to talk as much trash about her as anyone else but then I was like "who am I or who is anyone to judge the mistakes of others?" She made her bad choices and I really hope she eventually learns from it, nobody should wish anything bad about other people, the world is pretty bad already without having people talk **** about you already. Remember Robert downey jr went through the exact same thing, everybody thought he ruined his career and would never come back up but look at him now. He's alive and doing great :) I was all about talking smack about lindsay lohan, paris hilton and all those other crazy famous people but I was just filling my heart with hate and that's not what I want...I wish everyone the very best, and we don't have to like everyone but at least respect them. Good luck lindsay, I really hope you learn from this experience, you have the chance to get your life back on track and to live a life that a lot of people would love to have...don't ruin it anymore.

1400 days ago


Lohan get ready to assume the position. You know how that works.

The Judge knows Lohan is in rehab to avoiding jail.

Let's see what happens. 6-7 time.

1400 days ago
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