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Lindsay -- Probation Dept. Unswayed By Rehab Stint

10/22/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's voluntary stay at the Betty Ford Center isn't impressing everybody -- TMZ has learned the L.A. County Probation Dept. still wants LiLo to serve at least 30 days behind bars for her failed drug test.


Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the Probation Dept does not want Judge Elden Fox to cut LiLo a break during her probation violation hearing today ... and will recommend that she serve at least 30 days in jail for testing positive for cocaine after she left her court-ordered rehab stint at UCLA.

The Probation Dept. carries some pretty powerful influence -- but in the end, the decision will be up to Judge Fox.

The hearing is set to begin today at 8:30 AM PST -- and we'll be streaming the whole thing live.


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Lindsay who??

1426 days ago

Peter Sc    

I guess that even the courts have learned their lessons. Rehab is not working, when it is forced by courts, parents or any outside influence.

Rehab is for people, who want to deal with one of their issues to get better. It is hard work and people need all the motivation in the world to start.

Our taxmoney and the entire system would be better off if people were given a tough sentence from the very start instead of probation and rehab.

Lindsay should have been sent out to pick up trash along the highways from day one, because she was lucky that she didn't hurt anyone. She should have been sleeping in tents together the rest of the convicts committing non-violent crimes until the sentence had been carried out.

Then she would have been free of her ordeal. We as taxpayers would have gotten something productive out of her crime. And photo made by the pap. when they pass the work crew along the roads would have given a good warning for our youth.

If she then wanted to deal with her issue, she could have done it in her own time and it would have worked the first time.

Please, give her enough prison time, so she can get off probation. There is a good movie waiting for her and it means income both for her and all us who live of the business.

1426 days ago


They all know Lohan did rehab to avoid jail. Probation is not buying the rehab. Hell, it's only been 6-7 times.

1426 days ago

Fred Farkel    

From someone who knows a "thing or two" about the loser generation called the "20-somethings"...

It's called jail.


If that doesn't work - then it's PRISON.

What's that, you say???



Just STFU.

You are saving your kids life. No one said it was a walk in the park.

The concept of dealing with these 20-something losers will set in when after their second time in jail - when they keep repeating anyway.

About that time, you will wash your hands and say ENOUGH.

Thank you.

This has been yet another public service announcement from Uncle Fred.

1426 days ago


30 days is a gift...all us common folk would get 90 days...NO QUESTIONS ASKED...

Posted at 3:10 AM on Oct 22, 2010 by RJ Hunt


Her probation terms state any missed or positive test is a 30 day jail sentence.

1426 days ago


I think she'll get terms including 30 days Jail with additional probation terms.

1426 days ago


Does anyone know what this common variety junkie slut has cost the state of California?

My vote is for JAIL!

1426 days ago


Here we go again - possible 30 day sentence, in real time that's about 2 hrs? Long enought to book her than she's released to due overcrowding. Advise to the judge: if you actually send her paking to jail - stipulate she has to stay the 30 days...what good is it to have her hand slapped again and again and so on. We know this is a neverending story with LL.

1426 days ago


There's speculation that the judge will revoke probation and send her to a year in jail. That would be great. What would be even better is to send her to a prison out-of-state. Send her to Delaware's BWCI Village. She will get all the drug rehab she needs there!

1426 days ago


I think we've made money with all the fines, bail, and probation costs she's been paying

1426 days ago


The max she can get a is a year in COUNTY JAIL which would be the overcrowded Lynwood jail and she would have 17 days of credits for time already served.

Like Judge Revel said in August the Judge's can only impose the sentence they have no control over how long the jail actually keeps her.

1426 days ago


I agree with the poster at the top. There is NOTHING better for rehabilitation from drugs than a real stint in the calaboose. Let me see, if I were the judge and I had this ream of papers before me and I was to read everything in that ream of papers from day one until now, would I throw the book at her? Absolutely. I consider myself a pretty lenient person too. It's just this woman (I use the term loosely) has repeatedly snubbed the courts and their authority. The girl (and I don't use THAT term loosely) has no concept of the real life whatsoever. Everything negative she has done in her life has been endorsed and has been blamed on bad parenting. This girl has never HAD parents. Her parents are as mentally mature as SHE is, totally incapable of raising children. They feed off of the income from LiLo and that's ALL they care about. Her friends too. I say lock her up, throw away the key and blame it on the computer when she's still there 30 days from now.

1426 days ago


I doubt he'll revoke probation. Other people have done far worse, and she gets a star for going to Betty Ford

1426 days ago

Bill F. Murray    

30 day sentence, whcih means she'll be out in time for Happy Hour tomorrow.

1426 days ago


The Belvedere truck is backing up behind Bar Marmont at this very moment. The construction crew is finalizing the installation of a hair-extension station in the area between the restaurant and the vestibule. In just a few short hours, the economy of West Hollywood will again be flush. Thank you, Lindsay....

1426 days ago
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