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Oksana: I Never Had Relations with My Bodyguard

10/21/2010 3:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva and her lawyer just lashed out at her former bodyguard, claiming he's a liar and claims that he had an intimate relationship with her are "ridiculous."

Oksana and attorney Daniel Horowitz spoke with TMZ at the downtown L.A. civil courthouse, where Horowitz called bodyguard Kristian Herzog "Half blackmailer, and half psychopath."

Oksana says, "He betrayed me," referring to our story that Herzog is writing a tell-all book, claiming he had an intimate relationship with her.

Horowitz says Herzog is a "complete liar," who got the job by lying and saying he was Jack Nicholson's bodyguard.

Oksana also said Herzog, who served jail time for gun-related charges, has "never been around Lucia" and she is obeying the court order to keep him away from the baby.

Oksana added, "I don't speak to him either. I don't communicate with him ... I follow the court orders."


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Oksana seems to always be running around either at courthouses or hiring/firing lawyers - she is all over the place rather than where she should be, i.e. with Lucia. Wonder how much quality time she has spent with the little girl over the last few months. It's a good thing that Mel does exercise his parental rights as Lucia might not even remember who her mother is.

Posted at 2:25 PM on Oct 21, 2010 by Juniper
I know, this has become her full time job going to court. Mel sends his lawyers, she goes with her "lowers" to make it look like she is really interested, but Lucia is without a parent. Makes no sense. She doesn't need to be at all of these hearings.

1465 days ago

Preserve the Tiger    

Cracks me up! The way the lawyer described the bodyguard, he was also describing Oksana. And Oksana can't keep her mouth shut! She said that he had never been around Lucia. I find that impossible since he was in her house all the time! She's such a liar and we all know how lawyers are famous for lying!

1465 days ago


Yea, you always get it back worse than you gave it out. I do believe Horrowitz that Herzog is likely a psychopath. Oksana is getting back from the universe what she's put out there. I think this is going to get REAL ugly, FAST! And is it just me or does Horrowitz seem emitten with Oksana? Could it be she dumped the bodyguard for the attorney?? Kind of seems like it to me when I watched them. I could be wrong, but I don't think so. He looks like he's hittin' it, to me. lol

Posted at 1:32 PM on Oct 21, 2010 by TrumanD

LOL, and relieved he doesn't have to wait in line anymore? She might as well go for the attorney, screwing the bodyguard wasn't going to get her Jack lol.

1465 days ago


I never heard her actually deny having relations with this guy on this video.

1465 days ago


You know she fked him like a porn star, even talked dirty to him in Russian, thats just her nature, the nature of wh0res.

1465 days ago

very disappointed    

He's a liar.... looks like everyone is a liar but the whore and her stupid Lawyers!!! Give me a break, you stupid ugly ass WHORE!

1465 days ago


Wasn't Herzog photographed around her son? If he was so bad why would she let him near either of his children?

1465 days ago

LA me    

Sheesh.... I called this 2 weeks ago!!

Here's a scenario....
Mr Potato Head Hedgehog has tapes of Oinky asking him to threaten and strong arm "other parties" on her behalf to get Mel's money. Probably why she was so reluctant to get rid of Hedgehog.
Oinky is now, herself, being extorted by Hedgehog to keep the tapes quiet and not turn them over to authorities for his silence. Now Oinky must pay Hedgehog for his tapes, thus putting her in an additional huge debt.
Authorities are offering Hedgehog a deal not to prosecute him for recent threats against the original strong armed "other parties" in the case....In where these "other parties" taped him...
Now, Horrorwitz is running around Hollywood trying to do damage control by paying "Everyone" involved out his own pocket so he doesn't look like a total idiot!!
Mel is just sitting back quietly watching the whole 3 ring circus shaking his head.....He would smile if only his Lucia wasn't involved.
A WHOLE LOTTA TAPING GOING ON HERE IN L.A.!! I need to buy stock in recording devices!!
Posted at 12:43 AM on Oct 9, 2010 by LA me

1465 days ago


Neither he, nor she can prove their words. But we head Mel wanted him out and she would not comply. Also, how come he had no access to her little daughter while he was in the house all the time? Also how come he was not charging her working "for free?" Her statement is not easy to believe. There are a few red flags. Why won't the court subpoena him and look into the 2000 communications he claims he has.

1465 days ago

big chief    

Why did Mel have to ask twice to keep baldy away from Lucia? She's so full of crap.

Posted at 11:40 AM on Oct 21, 2010 by Tellthetruth59

honest answer from you, this time...

if your EX forbade you from doing something, would you listen... or keep doing it just to piss him off?

Posted at 11:43 AM on Oct 21, 2010 by TMZgossip
Well, since the felon Herzog has been do***ented for attempting RAPE--yes I would listen to ANYBODY to protect my children. So what's your point?

1465 days ago

big chief    

Betrayal? Pretending to be a friend? Can't write? Liar? No credibility? Takes advantage of a victim? Takes personal information and uses it to extort for money?
Posted at 11:40 AM on Oct 21, 2010 by kpacota
Herzog has a do***ented personality disorder. Ox's public accusations will anger him and he will probably retaliate further. So, Herzog should send some of Ox's texts regarding the extortion matter to TMZ, though since he probably assisted Ox with her schemes, (for a piece of the 200 mill) he couldn't do it without incriminating himself.

1465 days ago


Oskanky, when you laid down with a dog, you end up with FLEAS!!!!

1465 days ago


I AM NOT A CROOK! I play piano in nightgowns. I run away in the middle of the night in my nightgowns. Sometimes I wear pink underwear with my piano. Sometimes I wear underwear on my cellphone, microphone --

I AM NOT A CROOK! I look good in a nightgown. Everybody break into houses to get to me in nightgown. I make men mad in my nightgown.

I AM NOT A CROOK! I have perfect posture.

Tee hee HEE

1465 days ago


I wonder if Hertzog not only kept the texts and emails but also has pics and a secret little video that Vivid would kiss his ass to get hold of lol!! Seems everyone around Octomum's twin has learnt from her deceit to keep recordings, emails and texts just in case she ever denies this s**t!! It really couldn't happen to a better person lol!!

1465 days ago


Her Blatant lies about Hertzog make me ill!

He got the job by lying about being Jack Nicolsons bodyguard? WHAT???!!! Firstly, I thought she said he was just a friend and not paid. That he was a volunteer.

SO, wasn't there an effort made to check him out? Weren't his former employers and references checked out as a safety precaution? It would be the height of irresponsibility, as a mother if he were not checked out!

This is bald faced lying at it's best from Oksana! Her lies are overwhelming. Every time she opens her mouth here, she proves she is an unfit mother, by not caring enough to look into the credentials of this man (hertzog), who was definately around her children. We saw pictures on Hetzogs website of him around her child. And it has been said by her that he was their body guard.

If he really is a friend, as I think she said before, then she should have known about his criminal past, if he wasn't a friend, why would you allow a stranger around your kids? What is the deal with this? It stinks! There is no amount of excuses that can excuse Oksana allowing this man around her children. She has got to take responsibility for this one.

She was notified about details of Hertzogs unsavory past, weeks before the restraining order on Hertzog was issued, and asked to please remove him from the vicinity of Lucia. No ACTION was taken by Oksana. She IGNORED the whole thing, until a restraining order (HAD) to be issued by MG through the court, in order to protect the baby.

I am calling her a HORRIBLE mother who has clearly proved to all of the public by this lack of (duty of care) as a mother, that she doesn't give a damn who she associates with and has let this criminal near her children. At the same time as she is letting this happen, she is accusing MG of not taking care of Lucia? What a joke! Those poor children obviously take second place to HER desires! She gives new meaning to the phrase MOTHER FU.CKER.

Notice how she has blamed Hertzog for everything. She takes no responsibility for anything!

She is the master manipulator calling all the shots with her people, down to getting that idiot Horrorwitts to promote her CD every chance he gets. (How pathetic is that?)

She has blamed her many lawyers for the giant stinking pile of that SHE left in the corner of the room during mediation. She has lied about what happened in the mediation. She has deceived her lawyers, she has deceived Hertzog, she's deceived the public and most of all she has deceived, framed, and lied about MG. There is no end to her deceptions.

Everyone who uses her or speaks for her, gets contaminated by her and comes away covered in her filth or ends up destroyed. They don't realize going in that they are associating with an unhealthy, sociopathic, conscienceless manipulator.

This is what she does over and over and over. She gets with someone, and then when that poor someone realizes that Oksana is everybodys' worst nightmare and being with her is being in hell, then they take steps to try to get away from her.

Thats when she gathers her next round of minions, to do her dirty work. She needs to keep switching them out, to keep up her attack, because those who spend time with her, soon see she is despicable and want no part in her lies.

I'm sick of this bitch! She is not only a digrace to motherhood, she's a disgrace to womanhood. Fortunately, the majority of woman in the world are decent people, who care about others, but this rotten bimbo only cares about herself. She has played a game every step of the way, seeking publicity, money and fame at the expense of everyone around her, most especially, the poor little baby. Poor little Lucia needs rescuing from the psycho ward that she is being forced to live in with a sociopath mother.

1465 days ago
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