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Oksana: I Never Had Relations with My Bodyguard

10/21/2010 3:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva and her lawyer just lashed out at her former bodyguard, claiming he's a liar and claims that he had an intimate relationship with her are "ridiculous."

Oksana and attorney Daniel Horowitz spoke with TMZ at the downtown L.A. civil courthouse, where Horowitz called bodyguard Kristian Herzog "Half blackmailer, and half psychopath."

Oksana says, "He betrayed me," referring to our story that Herzog is writing a tell-all book, claiming he had an intimate relationship with her.

Horowitz says Herzog is a "complete liar," who got the job by lying and saying he was Jack Nicholson's bodyguard.

Oksana also said Herzog, who served jail time for gun-related charges, has "never been around Lucia" and she is obeying the court order to keep him away from the baby.

Oksana added, "I don't speak to him either. I don't communicate with him ... I follow the court orders."


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She just continues to embarrass herself at every turn. ROTF LMFAO! Can't wait until Mel's lawyers really stick it to her. Stupid B should've taken the deal when she had the chance. Dirty gold-diggin' *****.

1472 days ago

Ree Kolas    

Can't keep track of all her lies. Karmas a bitch! : )

1472 days ago


wow, didn't mean to make 3 posts LOL it said it wasn't working.... ooopsy

1472 days ago


Now Oksana is getting blackmailed? Haha. She's getting a taste of her own medicine. Also, I can't believe she would hire a bodyguard without doing a background check. What a fool.

1472 days ago

Bubba Ganoosh    

Of course she didnt screw the bodyguard. He doesnt have enough money. Now I aint sayin' she a gold digger, but she aint messin' wit no broke......

1472 days ago


She really ought not make that face.

1472 days ago


I think it's extremely unlikely she ever slept with this awful man. I think it IS MORE LIKELY this felon is looking for a payday and to stay relevant hence the accusation. He's really revolting and she does have other choices of who to sleep with.

Posted at 11:27 AM on Oct 21, 2010 by JLS
Women like her have no problem using sex to get what they want--revolting man or not.

1472 days ago


BTW, I love that character and Rue McClanahan, God rest her soul. But I digress. She can't help but make that face. It is the one expression that gets used the most, if you know what I mean. ROTFF LMFAO!

1472 days ago

The Truth    

Ox keeps pointing her finger at everyone else, then wonders why so many end up pointed back at her.

1472 days ago


"Her face turned white and she grew livid."

Don't most people get red in the face when they're angry?

They turn white when their scared sh*tless.

1472 days ago


her face! hahah what a telling expression... hahahah

1472 days ago


BTW, I love that character and Rue McClanahan, God rest her soul. But I digress. She can't help but make that face. It is the one expression that gets used the most, if you know what I mean. ROTFF LMFAO!

Posted at 11:32 AM on Oct 21, 2010 by CynicalOne

Looks like she's saying...I blow you too!

1472 days ago


And we are supposed to believe that it was a good and innocent thing that Oksana believed someone she didn't know that Jack Nicholson sent him? ROFL!

All the more reason to prove her unfitness as a mother....seriously any reasonable person would want some verification before allowing a stranger to become part of their lives like she did, especially in these cir***stances.

I'll bet she did turn white when Horowitz told her about Herzog writing a

1472 days ago


I hope in response to this he releases some emails or texts LOL I'd like to see what excuses she thinks of then!

1472 days ago


Funny how this felon has texts and e-mails from her has his evidence, now wouldn't it be great if he leaked them one by one using the same tatics she had used with mel. Karma is a .....

1472 days ago
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