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Oksana: I Never Had Relations with My Bodyguard

10/21/2010 3:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva and her lawyer just lashed out at her former bodyguard, claiming he's a liar and claims that he had an intimate relationship with her are "ridiculous."

Oksana and attorney Daniel Horowitz spoke with TMZ at the downtown L.A. civil courthouse, where Horowitz called bodyguard Kristian Herzog "Half blackmailer, and half psychopath."

Oksana says, "He betrayed me," referring to our story that Herzog is writing a tell-all book, claiming he had an intimate relationship with her.

Horowitz says Herzog is a "complete liar," who got the job by lying and saying he was Jack Nicholson's bodyguard.

Oksana also said Herzog, who served jail time for gun-related charges, has "never been around Lucia" and she is obeying the court order to keep him away from the baby.

Oksana added, "I don't speak to him either. I don't communicate with him ... I follow the court orders."


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Father Jonathan    

Here is a press release from "Owner Kris" earlier this year defending against charges of sexual harassment by Tila Tiquila. According to Kris he is never alone with a client and he has the texts and emails to prove it. Hmmmm... Noticing a pattern here...

1464 days ago

Father Jonathan    

Herzog did the exact same thing to Tila Tiquila as he's doing to Oksana, according to this audio tape from Tila.

1464 days ago

big chief    

Los Angeles
Thursday, October 21, 2010

It’s out at last Oksana Grigorieva has been having sex with Kristian Herzog her ex bodyguard.

It was only a matter of waiting, for the prim and proper profile the serial baby maker has being trying to present to Joe Public was demolished by telling us all what is really going on in her life

Well now we are finding out what has been going on behind the ‘prim and proper’ façade and it will come as no surprise when followers of the tales of this bizarre nobody now read the truth

It’s all about sex and cavorting with the latest stallion in her life Kristian Herzog who is going to write a book about working as a bodyguard for Oksana Grigorieva while at the same time having to report on duty and then having to ********* with her. Herzog did not sign a non disclosure agreement when he started his work as her personal bodyguard therefore he is writing a book that for sure some trashy tabloid will want to pay him to publish excerpts from the book

The facts will be laid out and exposed by the tabloids getting down n dirty but for starters we know that Kristian Herzog’s dong was called into action on a regular basis to quell the destrudo of his boss!

It is rumored that the bodyguard had to deliver his dong into her to settle her down – similar to breaking in and harnessing an unbroken filly horse!

1463 days ago

Byron Green    

Spoke to Kris he told me he would never do a sticky wikkit and her one stank worse than a skunk so he settled for blow jobs.

Mel u go to the docs right now and get your thumber checked u never know it may fall of.

1460 days ago


He got the job by saying he was Jack Nicholson's BG..
**SCOFFS** Ha!
What ever happened to due diligence and background checks?
You've gotta be kidding me Whore-owitz, is that the best that a 100,000 dollar education buys these day's! He shows up, intro's himself as Jack's BG and you say....**hired!** smh You people should really give your head a good shake and put your helmet on!!
Everyone wants to F... the Bodyguard when things get rough! lol
Bottom line here! She was vulnerable..He was there as the proverbial crying shoulder and with a little alcohol *que whisper*...
(One thing led to another)

1454 days ago


All he needs to do is tell where all her moles and birthmarks are

1374 days ago


Let me try to figure this out. She hired him, Mel had to go to court to get him away from his baby daughter, there are photos of her in an almost see through nightie and they are on the bed together. I WANT to read his book. Publishers can make a lot of money off a juicy book like this.

Wow this whole thing is so strange.
Onkie! Again, you should have took the 15 million.

It would seem as this man has a while lot to lose, like his freedom, he will tell the truth.

Greed is a horrible sin.
One day we will know what she really did to make Mel freak out like that and I'll eat my husband's hat if it was not more shocking than the tapes themselves.

Nice to see the same names around.
Can't wait until the DA throws her in the slammer. We are all SO sick of her lies.

1371 days ago
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