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Oksana: I Never Had Relations with My Bodyguard

10/21/2010 3:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva and her lawyer just lashed out at her former bodyguard, claiming he's a liar and claims that he had an intimate relationship with her are "ridiculous."

Oksana and attorney Daniel Horowitz spoke with TMZ at the downtown L.A. civil courthouse, where Horowitz called bodyguard Kristian Herzog "Half blackmailer, and half psychopath."

Oksana says, "He betrayed me," referring to our story that Herzog is writing a tell-all book, claiming he had an intimate relationship with her.

Horowitz says Herzog is a "complete liar," who got the job by lying and saying he was Jack Nicholson's bodyguard.

Oksana also said Herzog, who served jail time for gun-related charges, has "never been around Lucia" and she is obeying the court order to keep him away from the baby.

Oksana added, "I don't speak to him either. I don't communicate with him ... I follow the court orders."


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TMZ is having a field day! So are we! LOL!, Herzog gives/sells tapes to ROL. OG is fine with it; she'll show Mel to mess with her. OG makes no effort to file an injunction to stop ROL from releasing the rants.

OG gets in trouble with the Court for not keeping Herzog away like Mel had asked, and she decides to distance herself. Now, he's a jerk, right? I bet she'll be filing some kind of injunction against him to stop a tell-all book.

Uh, hug...sounds like you are deep, deep trouble OG....

1426 days ago


Horowitz the coward beater, heres your big chance to beat up on what you consider a coward right?

1426 days ago


Mr. Potato Head was threatening her too.

She was going to call the cops, really, but she was just too damn scared to dial 9 1 1.

1426 days ago


Has ROL chimed in yet?

1426 days ago


TMZG, that's a dumb question. If an ex told you not to feed the kids cheerios, that's one thing. Pour away. But if the ex told you to put them in a car seat and not let them hang out the window when you drove, continuing to do it to piss them off will come back and bite you.

But a narcissist will continue to endanger a child just to tick off someone. Because it is never about the child's safety. It is never about the child's rights. It's about using the child to manipulate other people and their emotions and bank accounts.

I'm waiting for Herhog to leak photos of him bouncing Lucy on his knee.

1426 days ago


Tick-tock, tick-tock.... Time is running out Oinky....

1426 days ago


ok this made me bust out laughing!!!!!!!!

1426 days ago


The "poor me" scam isn't working Oksana! You've been playing that tune too long now - Seems in your world "everyone" is a liar except you - You haven't obeyed any court orders so far - Mel had to get a court order for you to keep that bald fr33k away from baby Lucia - So who's the psychopath and liar now hummmmmm? You are a waste of skin!

1426 days ago


fuddyduddy - yep, they have an article up but it's the third one down.

1426 days ago


honest answer from you, this time...

if your EX forbade you from doing something, would you listen... or keep doing it just to piss him off?

Posted at 11:43 AM on Oct 21, 2010 by TMZgossip

A decent mother would check people out before letting them around their child. One who keep felons around their children just to piss of an ex are..well....they could care less about the child....

1426 days ago


from rabiesonline:

Oksana Grigorieva denies ever having an intimate relationship with her bodyguard, is exclusively reporting.

Oksana has told a close friend: “It is a lie... I have never had sex with this man.”

Kristian Herzog, a convicted felon who once impersonated a cop with a loaded gun, has reportedly claimed he was “very intimate” with the Russian musician, 40.

But Oksana’s laywer Lisa Bloom tells “Oksana and this man did not have a romantic relationship — absolutely not.”

Herzog was recently ordered by a Los Angeles judge to stay away from Oksana’s 11-month-old baby with Mel Gibson, Lucia.

PHOTOS: Oksana Gregorieva's Broken Teeth

He also claimed he was Oksana's boyfriend for months and still communicates with her on a daily basis.

According to a friend of Oksana, “she has not spoken with Kristian for at least 10 days and he most certainly was not her boyfriend”.

“He took advantage of Oksana by volunteering as her bodyguard and she never paid him a penny,” the source said.

“When she told him his services were no longer required, he began making up these stories.”

1426 days ago


A decent mother would check people out before letting them around their child. One who keep felons around their children just to piss of an ex are..well....they could care less about the child....

Posted at 11:48 AM on Oct 21, 2010 by Shell
^5 Shell

1426 days ago


I, among others, called it this morning. She would deny and Herzog is gonna sing.....just wait and see.....ROFL!!

1426 days ago


psst herzog, show tmz your stained dress..... and the cigar oksana used on you....

1426 days ago


I don't know which story I want to post on....LOL decisions, decisions.....

1426 days ago
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