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Sheriff Suggests Prosecuting Oksana is in the Works

10/21/2010 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The L.A. County Sheriff's Department has filed legal docs obtained by TMZ ... indicating Oksana Grigorieva may well be prosecuted for extortion.


The docs -- opposing Oksana's motion to limit the Sheriff's access to material in her computer -- state, "Evidence obtained from the Hard Drive would be used in a forthcoming criminal prosecution when Detective Wagner's findings are presented to the District Attorney's Office."

In opposing Oksana's motion, the Sheriff's Department claims it needs to do a thorough search of Oksana's computer because, "It is common for evidence to be found on a suspect's computer and hidden or mis-labeled in a particular computer file."

Arguments on the search warrant will be heard today at 1:30 PM PT, and we'll be there.


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Det. Wagner has worked as a policeman for over 2 decades and now he works in one of the elite units that investigate COMPLEX crimes.

I still do not understand WHY it took so long to secure a warrant based on what he said about evidence of extortion is oftentimes found on a computer and in hidden files.

Wouldn't he have known this in JULY? Did he wait to give Oksana time to try and destroy something knowing he could bring it back to life AND USE the original information AND THE FACT and attempts to hide or destroy the information bolster the case?

Will we ever be able to know what exactly was said before Judge Gordon today?

I do wonder about these still though:

Why did he wait so long to produce a search warrant?

Was the DA or the Sheriff delaying this because of the election?

Now the election is just around the corner and there is no reason to wait any longer so approximately 30 days from the election the warrant was submitted?

Why does the timing by the Sheriff's staff bother me so?

Anyone else bothered?

1425 days ago


She should have just went down on Mel when he asked, now she's going down for a FELONY....Looks like justice will finally be properly served.

1425 days ago


Did Lisa Bloom quit? She wasn't there today and during TMZLive Mike said Mr Jacobs has come onboard full-time.

Can TMZ find out if Lisa Bloom was warned or worse by the Judge during her last appearance?

Can someone ask TMZ LIVE? If I ask, they WON'T answer it.
And ask who that younger attorney was today who was with Oksana in court? It wasn't Mr. Jacobs. He was standing there when Ms. Bloom gave her 'MEL GIBSON is a DEADBEAT DAD" speech.

It is a bit odd that Mike would announce Mr. Jacobs is taking the reins but not say in what capacity if any Ms Bloom is working. Didn't someone say Oksana had only three attorneys?

I counted three around her today but Ms. Bloom and Mr. Jacobs were not there. That makes five and one of them yet to be id'd.

So, who's on and who's off again for the FAMILY CASE? THE CRIMINAL CASE?

1425 days ago


Tee hee

1425 days ago


But it's okay for Gloria Allred to extort 10 million dollars out of Tiger Woods. Really? She threatened Tiger with a press conference and bingo, the 10 mil was in the works. That's extortion. This is utterly ridiculous. Neither Mel or Oksana are upstanding people but if they prosecute her and don't prosecute him for assault, I will be extremely pissed. It's just flat out wrong when he admitted to it on tape.

1425 days ago

Kathi j    

If Oksana did try to extort money from Mel Gibson, she should be prosecuted. But, why are we only hearing about this and not wether or not Mel is going to be prosecuted for all that he did. We shouldn't forget that it was his threats and abuse that started all of this.

1425 days ago


If she wasn't such an uninformed idiot she could have signed the little stick but she knows nothing that's why she shouldn't be in any office.

1424 days ago


Team Mel.

You Rock.

Time to bring this low life piece of Russian Whore down,

I personally would like to bury her that rose gargen

1424 days ago

karen lee    

I think it's simply a "travesty" that a supremely spoiled sophomoric pack of so-called ACTORS can RULE the film industry. LIKE anybody in THAT CAST has EVER DONE anything (frankly) remarkable in THEIR ENTIRE LIVES.


Basically "character" actors, which NEVER had the IMPACT in this industry -- or THE WORLDWIDE audiences Mel has.

The MOVIE going public will rush to see Mel's movies -- regardless. Frankly, Mel's PERFORMANCE is the ANYONE REASON to see that film.

Anyone who could EVER BELIEVE that gold-digger ... doesn't HAVE a brain. He was set-up …. your Hollywood Hypocrites’ are just THAT.

1424 days ago


Don't count your chickens before they are hatched. This is just another celebrity death match that could go either way. They both were part of the dance of a relationship and child no matter how you slice it. This is just a bunch of sensationalism that drag us all away from our real lives. It will eventually be over and they will leave each other alone. They are both at fault.

1423 days ago
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