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On 'The Hangover 2' Set

10/22/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looks like it was your garden-variety peer pressure that torpedoed Mel Gibson's cameo on "The Hangover 2."


Multiple sources connected with the production tell TMZ ... director Todd Phillips cast Mel in the role of a tattoo artist a month ago and that the entire cast and crew knew about it and were simpatico.

The problem came three days ago, when a story leaked that Mel would be shooting a scene for the flick.  Our sources say the friends of some of the cast and crew started putting pressure on them to lodge sudden, last-minute displeasure with Phillips' choice.

Our sources say some of the production people became belatedly upset because they were getting so much crap from friends, so they began objecting. One of the loudest, we're told, was Zach Galifianakis.

There were other people in the cast and crew who were also making noise about walking off the set if Mel showed up.  Our sources say Bradley Cooper was not among the group who complained.

So the day before Mel was supposed to shoot, Phillips pulled the plug.

As one person connected with Mel told TMZ, "It's such hypocrisy. They cast a convicted rapist [Mike Tyson] but 86'd Mel."


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gregg brent    

Zach Galifianakis?? who?? if there is anything more obnoxious then a temper-challenged middle aged movie star, it's a delusional ego-driven young nobody movie 'star'

1456 days ago


So the Hangover guys are a bunch of Jew Hater haters.
What's the big schmeel?

1456 days ago

Patrick Henry    

What a joke that Hollyweird even presents itself as a moral industry!!! Al it puts out is skewed moral values, perversion, porn and violence.

When I pay money to see a movie or see a band I could care less about a performer" personal life: I'd rather know that I am going to be entertained with great acting or singing.

Most of Hollywood is full of pompous azzes who want to preach what we should think, support, vote for and politically correct speech, which none of them practices! Hypocrites, all of them.

The only reason that anyone should be censored from working is if they have been convicted of sex with a minor and only then not working with children.

As far as having "idols" or expecting actors or professional athletes to be role models, where is that in the job description. Try being a role model in your own home and to your own families.

All this that is happening to Gibson is nothing short of a political hit job. One which most of America does not approve of.

Hollywood is nothing but a bunch of high priced pimps( managers, agents) and whores( people who will sell their souls for fame). With the talent comes the dregs of society, opportunists who prey on such people, including the likes of

As for the actors, including that seemingly talentless Zach, boycott them. Let us have a look into their ever so pristine lives.

Mel, go buy yourself a lovely mountain retreat, heal up and come back and produce movies like you used to.

It should be a badge of honor that those liberal azzed phonies do not accept you and have no critical thinking skills of their own.

It's not what you know but who you know in Hollywood which explains the lack of real talent in Tinsel town.

Accusations do not make one guilty. Why Hellyweird chooses to be so blatantly ignorant and vicious is beyond me. I guess it's better someone else than themselves.

I do hope that someone will list the actors involved in this travesty. They will be boycotted in this house.

1456 days ago

Patrick Henry    

Thank you for the link; I submitted there as well:)


Post your opinions to Warner Bros:

Posted at 8:32 AM on Oct 22, 2010 by Sam
Thanks for the link. My comment has been submitted and I hope the public voices their opinion to WB as well as at the box office.

BOYCOTT DUE DATE, let Zach Galifahasbeenhypocrite feel the pain.
Sorry RDJ, love ya but I cant support a hypocrite

Posted at 8:45 AM on Oct 22, 2010 by SayWhat

1456 days ago


Ridiculous. Hangover 2 is supposed to be irreverent. Now it has shown itself as another tiresome example of PC do gooding run amok. A new bunch of Hollywood self-righteousness has ruined the franchise and besmirched the first film for me.

1456 days ago


Zach Galifianakis. Your name matches your massive under-appealing looks and talent as an actor.

What kind of human being lacks even remote compassion towards people with mental illness/substance abuse problems? The truth is we know Mel has some issues of that nature. What NO ONE (not even you) know are the honest details of what's going on in his life.

I have a feeling the National Alliance on Mental Illness and local advocacy chapters are going to publicly call you out on this. Because really, Zach? Really? You've never had anyone in your family with depression? No one's ever had a substance abuse problem? No alcoholism? You don't have a relative who might be considered eccentric? And you yourself have never had any of these issues yourself? Never felt suicidal or anything?

Yeah. That's what I thought. You're a heartless hypocrite.

1456 days ago


Mel's appearance would have been hilarious. Now this movie will suck.

1456 days ago


Hypocrisy?! TMZ Mel knobshiners, please! Mel is a media nightmare. Can't blame people for having hesitation. F whoever is bashing Zach, the Hangover, the director, whoever. Get a life and make your own movie and hire Mel.

1456 days ago


Albert - Knobshiners? You must be talking about the actors in this film shining Ari's knob.

1456 days ago


Tellthetruth59 - Are you saying money is more important than standing up against bigotry and racism? That is a shame. We should be past that stuff.

1455 days ago


What a puss, wimping out and firing Mel. And this guy, Zach, who does he think he is passing judgment on someone?! Mel has a right to work and I would have enjoyed seeing him in the movie. He clearly has a substance/anger issue which doesn't mean he should not be allowed to work. Not to mention, the facts have yet to come out. I am no longer a fan of Zach's, don't like people being so judgmental.

1453 days ago


Zach Gagmefatboy --- you are very arrogant and from what I can see very talentless. Good luck with that. I will not see Hangover 2 ---- because of you!

1450 days ago
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