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Dina Lohan -- 'Beyond Excited' Over Judge's Decision

10/22/2010 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources close to Dina Lohan tell TMZ ... Lindsay's mother was shocked when she heard the judge order LiLo to rehab ... because even Dina thought Lindsay was 100% jail-bound.


We're told Dina and her other children are all "beyond excited" that Lindsay will be able to get the help she wants at Betty Ford ... because "everyone thought she would be sentenced to jail for 30 days."

As we just reported, Lindsay must remain in rehab until January 3.


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Sad story. Raw is probably right. The message is not getting through to Lindsay. She at the moment is a true addict. I would like to see her as Robert Downey. Although he fought the fight for many years until he was too old to be a screen idol. Sad.

1426 days ago


Well, she's got to get thru 2-1/2 mos rehab and the rest of her probation before she's done with this. Then she'll get caught again and it will start all over. This could go on for the rest of her short life because she keeps going to rehab just to avoid jail, not because she wants to quit drugs. Usually takes multiple rehabs even when you actually want to quit.

1426 days ago


No kidding, with her friend sticking by her, I'm sure the judge saw the writing on the wall real fast! Look what he did with Paris Hilton and that was way worse than this. Lindsay has it made in the shade as long as he's near by. Not that she doesn't deserve it though because this whole thing seems way blown out of proportion. Why shouldn't she get an opportunity to prove herself?

1426 days ago


Of course she is, why would she want her cash cow in jail?

1426 days ago

jen newman    

I can only assume that with the Betty Ford Clinic's really good reputation that they are fully aware of the damage also caused by DINA! At this time, it seems like she is in too good a mood all the time to be held responsible by even the clinic!!!!

Jen Newman

1426 days ago

LA Native    

It's blissfuly quiet here without Delmar, susan, nicole, ernie...I give it another half hour for them to return from the courthouse.

1426 days ago


For the persn who thinks Lindsay is free..NO DRUG ADDICT IS FREE..She is living with her demons 24/7..Sentencing her to rehab will not work unless she wants it to work..If she is going just to stay out of jail it won't work..She needs to get it in her heart that she wants to change and stay away from the people in her life who enable her and use...God help her..

1426 days ago


Hey #5 boricua4669
Maybe she will run you over you on one of her drunken- high tangents...see if you laugh than huh?

1426 days ago


Poor girl. She has crazy parents and brothers and sister. Even if she manages to get rid of her parents, they can always get through to her with the help of the kids.
My advice to her would be to go away from the spotlight and get restraining order against her parents, and take her brothers and sister with her.

But that wont happen, because obviously Dina is playing mother card, and continues to tell her that she loves her and everything is going to be OK

I know that she is an addict, but you cant help but feel sorry for her.

I heard from a guy who worked with her that she was really nice when she was alone, really did her best, but when her entourage came along, she acted like a bitch and stopped talking to the crew.

I still wish her very best.

1426 days ago

Steelers suck    

Dina's all excited because now she knows how to get the other kids off when they do the same! Once again, the **** in Hollywood get away with it. Like she's not going to start again when she gets out. She doesn't get it and never will because she knows now, without a doubt, she'll get away with it all!

1426 days ago


Dina needs the money. It's not cheap still trying to look like 25. Is Dina paying 26,000.00 for 30 days at Betty Ford?

1426 days ago


Dina, you were just on Matt Lauer denying that Lindsey had a problem. You've been denying it left and right! Get a clue, you ARE HER PROBLEM!

Throw Dina in jail.

1426 days ago


Lindsay has never lasted longer than 2 weeks after rehab.
Jan 17 2011

1426 days ago


Only Dina would be excited that her daughter is back for another rehab stretch and having the court system make LiLo admit she is an addict. Most parents would consider that a failure.

1426 days ago


Will mom be as happy when this girl kills herself, cause that's what's going to happen with all this drug and alcohol stuff she does there will be no happy ending for this girl. She needs some discipline in her life not loser parents

1426 days ago
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