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Junior Seau

Case Goes to the D.A.

10/22/2010 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Junior Seau's alleged domestic violence case is now in the hands of the District Attorney ... TMZ has learned.

The San Diego County District Attorney's Office says the Oceanside Police Department wrapped its investigation and turned over the results this morning.

As TMZ first reported, Seau was arrested Monday morning for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend at his home.

The D.A.'s Office says there's no timetable for when it will determine whether to file charges against the former NFL great.


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larry fine    

He is one scary lookin dude.

1470 days ago


How can the DA have this case so soon and be ready when it has taken almost 6 months in the Mel Gibson case, and still nothing?
This makes me think there was no DV in the Mel Gibson case, and the accusations were unfounded on the part of Oksana Grigorvia.

1470 days ago


How can the DA have this case so soon and be ready when it has taken almost 6 months in the Mel Gibson case, and still nothing?
This makes me think there was no DV in the Mel Gibson case, and the accusations were unfounded on the part of Oksana Grigorvia.

Posted at 11:14 AM on Oct 22, 2010 by Gene

Remember though, Gene, his girlfriend called the police the night it happened. They saw her, took a statement and he took off to avoid being arrested before they got there. Big difference then Oxymoron waiting 5 months to file DV with no proof. At least we know the Police act immediately when they know they have a case and thoroughly check when they aren't sure.

1470 days ago


Seau will probably not even have to pay for his car's rescue from the beach.. it will ALL be swept away with the tide..

1470 days ago


This guy is a wife beater from way back when. He was beating his girlfriend (Miss America I think) when he was playing college ball. Total loser.

1470 days ago


Jr Seau has had a problem with playing badass guy for a long time. He has never had a issue in just beating someone and paying to cover it all up. About this time last year he was involved in a nasty fight in A Del Mar CA. nightspot that he goes to often. The people in the bar at the time have told me that the first blows came from Jrs. group. Now the big bad tough guy hides from local cameramen, because he can't handle a little heat. One time he even went as far as to threaten to beat me up, if he ever saw my camera anywhere around him again.
According to some people who he played ball with in HS doing drive byes on his house this week. I was informed that Jr. forgot were he came from.
The OPD does not play around. That is the arresting agency. You also have to take what OPD says with a grain of salt because half the OPD is under investigations including the Chief of Police McCoy and several of his top Officers. OPD lies cheats steals, and changes facts around.
The DA does not prosecute 9 out of 10 sex crimes against minors sent her way. That is according to Sheriff's Dets. telling that to a child sex victim. So hold onto your hats, and tails, and lets see were all this goes.
Jr needs to be put on a no drinking Court order and mandatory AA meetings. He needs to start go to DV awareness classes, anger management as well. He is a tough guy who truly believes that he is above the Law. He has also been thrown out of local strip clubs in the past after getting overly aggressive with the LADIES

1470 days ago


During first year he joined the NFL he attended a high school game where his cousing or relative was playing. My friend who happens to be 5-5- 120 on a good day was standing in a parking spot that Seau was pulling in at. Seau got out of his car and choked my friend , raising him up in the air. He said to my friend "I am from these streets to" Right there I realized not only is he a coward(by picking on some one 1/2 his size) He is also an idiot. My friend could have easily sued him, but chose not to.

1470 days ago


@myopinion - You are correct. Junior Seau committed domestic violence while he was in college against his then girlfriend Kay Lani Rae Rafko, who was Miss America 1988. There was even a TV movie which portrayed their abusive relationship.

1469 days ago


@Myopinion & Rice Krispie- get your info correct!
He was never in a relationiship with Rafko, nor portrayed in the movie. Its wrong! I'm a fan & his behavior is unexceptable it only makes things worse.
Here's the story your thinking of!
Carolyn Suzanne Sapp (born 1967) is Miss America 1992 and the former Miss Hawaii 1991. She is a graduate of Hawaii Pacific University, which also sponsored her entry pageant into the Miss Hawaii contest. Before being crowned Miss America 1992, Sapp had already participated in Miss Hawaii three times

After her reign, Sapp starred as herself in the autobiographical television movie Miss America: Behind the Crown, which depicted the physically abusive relationship between her and pro football player Nuu Faaola, who she dated before her Miss Hawaii tenure.

1466 days ago


Thanks Gina for correcting the "RiceKrispie" & "myOpinion" on the true facts between Junior Seau and Nu'u Faaola. It's funny though, how these individuals will smear someone's reputation without researching the true data-info and background history. But I guess its best and safe (for these cowards) to smear someone from afar....must run in the family.
I just hope Junior gets some help for himself. As for Nu'u, he has cleaned himself up and living a constructive, business life as a law abiding citizen.
I just notice something from reading some of these posts from the HATERS in here. At least with Junior and Nu'u, they have the ability to change due to their abilities (not so much as professional athletes), but for the sheer fact that their keen, disciplined attitudes toward being the best at what they do gives them that advantage to also gear their life to being better human beings and good models for the younger generation. But as to the HATERS, they will gradually move on to objecting, ridiculing and mocking other athletes or celebrities due to their failures of being high achievers in their own lives.
Such waste of raw, inner power. May I suggest these HATERS focus their energy towards something positive and constructive. I'll bet they attend church....am I right? Yeah, that's one of the sad characters of the human race.

1464 days ago


@Gina Thanks for the correction. My memory didn't serve me well. @Trump80 Pardon me for confusing two Miss America's of Hawaiian descent. It's interesting to see how you attack people personnally when you are not being attacked yourself. I hope you will grow out of that some day before you find yourself alone because you have alienated everyone around you. Regardless, your defense of a football player you don't know personnally and who the police had probable cause to arrest is quite amusing. Good luck with your life.

1463 days ago

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