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Kat Von D -- Meltdown Over Jesse James

10/24/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

More drama behind the scenes at "L.A. Ink" -- where sources tell us Kat Von D went nuclear over the way her ex-boyfriend Jesse James was portrayed in an upcoming episode.

Multiple sources tell us the recent drama began in the last few days ... after Kat viewed screeners of some upcoming episodes which spotlight her relationships with Jesse and her on-again BF Nikki Sixx.

We're told Kat -- who was dating Jesse when the show was being taped -- has decided that she no longer wants any traces of him on the TLC show  ... and demanded that producers pull him from all future episodes.

Now, producers are desperately trying to rip Jesse from the show -- but we're told there's so much content to remove ... they're worried they may have to pack the show with extra commercials to fill out the time before the show airs Wednesday night.

Calls to Kat's reps have not been returned.


No Avatar


Fame whore who is throwing a temper tantrum. Get rid of the tattooed freak. Who needs her and her pathetic gaggle of freakazoids?

1426 days ago

Tom Cruise    

The producers should tell her to take a hike,it;s a reality show and that is what she signed up for. She doesn't get a say in what is shown on TV. The producers make that choice. She get paid and well at that. If you want to sell out your friends then take your lumps. She's an incredible bore anyway.

1426 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

I hate this typical Hollywood Ego-ed B*tch. Her tattoos aren't even that good either. I know many tattooist who are much better but don't get the over-hyped drama she gets because they do not want it in the lives. Kat Von Skank sucks.

1426 days ago

Ida Clair    

Isn't there an FCC rule about how many minutes of commercial can be in every show? Roughly 22 minutes per hour, or did that go out the window with the advent of infomercials?

1426 days ago


Um, last time I checked, Kat was a REALITY star. If you do not like it, maybe you should tattoo w/o cameras...I mean, this crap comes w/ the territory. And if you deicde what will and will not be shown, that's not really reality any longer, right? Not as if I think any other reality show is much different. But, heck, that girl has some ba!!s to even demand such crap. LOSER!

1426 days ago


how ironic she breaks up with him in time for her show to start...she was just with him to get footage for the show and now she dont want it on the show shes a moron premadonna thinking she is important.

1426 days ago


I think that this "hook up" was just a publicity stunt from the start to hype the shows. Meanwhile it makes it look like Sandra has moved on from JJ to keep her career squeaky clean. JJ is staying in Austin for a reason and it's probably not because of the heat. Although I'm sure he wants to stay away from CA for a while.

1426 days ago


People mag is reporting that they were seen together having lunch yesterday in West Hollywood and that they were still very lovey-dovey. So maybe she wants to imitate SB and not say anything bad about her ex Nikki.
Also her and Jesse dont want us to know exactly when did they started dating. The episode might give that away. Most likely he was still married to SB when the relationship started. Janine said it was way before they came out with the it in August. So she had all the incriminating stuff pulled out.

1426 days ago


Greetings. TMZ, I love YOUR show.
About the LA INK, well entertainment IS entertainment. We take the good with the bad, the kudos with the shameful it is ALL part of entertainment...and I find it VERY entertaining that she would even CONSIDER removing Jessie from any shows.
HE will draw more attention to it than she could ever imagine.
My vote? Leave every second of Jessie IN the show. The ratings are sure to go up.

1426 days ago


WAIT...I didn't expect them to last long but Jesse is now her ex???? I usually keep up with my gossip but this breakup slipped by me. Oh well. Hahahaha,

1426 days ago

Kelli B    

It'a a fricken reality show Kat Von D!!! It's supposed to be reality, not what YOU just want.... Why don't you just hang it up. Grrr, Your just way to cool for now anyway

1426 days ago

comanche black    

She is talented as a tat artist but how does she have so much pull over this show? Is she an executive of some kind that I don't know about?

1426 days ago


Kat knew Jesse had moved away from LA so why get into a relationship when you know he is not staying and you are not going to move. Aah publicity.

1426 days ago

Elisha Haas    

She is totally stupid. She had no business being with Sandra's Ex. I wish they didn't take out anything so she can really see how messed up she is. Everyone already knows how trashy you are now, so why try to hide it. I use to like her until I found out about the whole jesse thing. You are just like the company you keep. You will be known no as Jesse's sloppy second's or third's or fourth's hey let's just let you pick. I wouldn't be as hard as I am on anybody, but the fact that she got with him right after the Sandra thing. She knew she wanted publicity coming her way, so now she got it. Becareful of what you wish for.

1425 days ago

SERIOUSLY !!!!!    

Seriously!!!!! Who really cares about these two? He screwed up the best thing (and only bit of CLASS) he had going in his life AND career ... Sandra! and this Kat person is just a tattoo person that HAPPENED to get a TV's all about $$$ for the people around these two and when the public no longer notices them they will be replaced with some other younger losers. You'll be able to catch them on a sound bit of "Then and Now" .... looking one step above homeless and she'll be dripping saggy tattoos, but those silicon boobs will still up under her 60 year old chin!!

1425 days ago
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