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Kat Von D -- Meltdown Over Jesse James

10/24/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

More drama behind the scenes at "L.A. Ink" -- where sources tell us Kat Von D went nuclear over the way her ex-boyfriend Jesse James was portrayed in an upcoming episode.

Multiple sources tell us the recent drama began in the last few days ... after Kat viewed screeners of some upcoming episodes which spotlight her relationships with Jesse and her on-again BF Nikki Sixx.

We're told Kat -- who was dating Jesse when the show was being taped -- has decided that she no longer wants any traces of him on the TLC show  ... and demanded that producers pull him from all future episodes.

Now, producers are desperately trying to rip Jesse from the show -- but we're told there's so much content to remove ... they're worried they may have to pack the show with extra commercials to fill out the time before the show airs Wednesday night.

Calls to Kat's reps have not been returned.


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I thought she wouldn't decorate anyone with tats that went against her morals? She wouldn't do anything racist but this sude is posed like HITLER!

Semi talented, def overrated. And looks like Travis Barker in drag.

1456 days ago


Let's face it. Kat VonD will date anyone who get's her in the papers. She needs a nice, long, rest in a "health" facility. The woman dates the "flavor of the month" then get's p'oed when she get's dumped. I honestly think she needs some very serious counseling.

1456 days ago


For about 3 minutes I thought Kat V was 3 minutes up! Your show SUCKS, not because of anyone else but you . Your so transparently shallow ( a talented actress your not), I actually think Jesse James and Nikki Sixx are to good for her!! She is just one of those woman you look at and go " oh yeah she is a complete bitch" .

1456 days ago


First shes off with Jesse, back on with Nikki and now back on with Jesse again?Come on...This woman is nothing more than a reality whore whose main goal in life is not art or tattooing, its celebrity screwing. Bam Margera is a MARRIED man, FFS and she can't keep her hands off of him! What does this say about this woman, if thats what you wanna call it. If Nikki had any damned common sense, he would have been done with her after she was in public caught making out with one of the Madden boys. Dude, you might be aged, but you are hella fine and worth a lot more than this publicity starved little girl in a woman's (again I use the term lightly) body. Let Jesse or Bam have her..Trash breeds Trash.

1456 days ago


I don't watch the show. But if L.A. Ink was smart, they would air the episodes that are creating so much publicity. I personally would LOVE to watch her bitchfest of Nikki Sixx. It not only would make me hate her more, but maybe Nikki would wise up & dump her trailer trash skanky a$$ AGAIN!

1456 days ago


nikki is pathetic if he goes back with her. she only wants nikki now because she's desperate! she'll dump him as soon as someone MORE famous comes along. come on... the guys a 50 plus year old junkie and she's a flunkie!

1456 days ago


who? Oh yeah, Kat Von Drunk

1456 days ago


Kat is a B*#@! anyway, I can't believe they still have this show. Good job getting the H@!! out of there Corey!

1456 days ago

Helen Van Patterson Patton     

No.29: I fully agree. The production needs to drop Kat and focus on Amy, Pauley, Corey, and some different shops. I stopped watching last season because of Kat and all her BS.

1456 days ago


Just Cancel the show it would be so much easier

1455 days ago


I just read in USA today her saying she and Jesse James never broke up and that reports that she's back with her ex, Nikki Sixx, are wrong. I don't get why the hell she'd care if James is on her show then.

1455 days ago


Maybe the orange hair killed it for him.

1455 days ago


Jesse James-Eff Off

video and song. LOL!

1455 days ago


Kat looks so nasty, that's what attracted Jesse, but wait, Sandra I love you but you knew who and what Jesse was when he rang your bell. You knew about his stripper tattoed ex wife, you knew about his like for Nazi **** so it's good that you stay quiet, just don't play the victim.

1455 days ago


They are not "famous for tattoos". They are both talented artists and if you don't like hearing about their lives, you wouldn't feel the need to comment on every little story about them. So STFU!

1455 days ago
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