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Mel Gibson's 'Hangover' Replacement -- Liam Neeson

10/22/2010 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel's out, Liam's in -- after a huge backlash against Mel Gibson's would-be cameo role in "The Hangover 2" ... "A-Team" star Liam Neeson has been tapped to fill the role ... according to Variety.

Liam tells Variety -- "I just got a call to do a one day shoot on 'Hangover' as a tattooist in Thailand ... that's all I know about it" ... and the whole deal went through his "A-Team" pal, Bradley Cooper.

As we first reported, Mel Gibson was 86'd from the role -- in which he would have played a tattoo artist -- after friends of the cast put political pressure on the actors to raise hell.

Among the ringleaders -- we're told,
Zach Galifianakis.


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They all should be fired hyprocritessssss

1409 days ago

vketjo people actually make Mel look good. No wonder he attracts hateful bigots to follow him like a cult leader.


Posted at 12:36 PM on Oct 22, 2010 by TrixLaRue

Second Shift is starting out nasty right out of the gate.

Nasty , Nasty, Rude, Nasty , Rude Nasty Rude,

They call Mel Gibson everything in the book screaming out at the top of their little lungs and never think of how low it make themselves look and sound.

1409 days ago

Jason Smith    

Sure bash Mel, But you think Liam Neeson is going to make the film oh so better. Look at A team yeah that is a true classic! he got the job because he new Bradley Cooper! Ouch! Later dudes! GO TEAM MEL!

1409 days ago


I'm glad that Mel Gibson is being shunned. He has referred mockingly to Hispanics as "wetbacks," suggests his wife might be raped by a bunch of "******s," and accused Jews of everything that's wrong in this world, called a female police officer "sugar tits," an obviously sexist remark, made diaparaging remarks about gays. The tapes his wife made show he is a violent man out of control. He is the white man's answer to OJ Simpson--someone who gets away with too much because they are celebrities. To sum it up, Mel Gibson is a bigot deserving of disdain.

1409 days ago


I think that the main problem with casting Mel Gibson is that its too soon after his recent scandal. I realize that Mike Tyson is a controversial figure as well, and he worked well in the first movie, but it wasn't filmed in the middle of a highly publicized Tyson scandal. Perhaps if a few years has gone by for Mel, it would be less of an issue. And while its true that a man is innocent until proven guilty, the tapes of him cursing and threatenting to beat his wife and baby are disturbing enough for me to not want to see him for some time. I'm sorry, I know that there's a lot of die hard Mel fans posting here, but its more complex than just saying "who are they to jugde mel?". Mel should spend some time alone and get proffessional help. For all the Mel fans posting here, that's what you should be concerned about, not some silly tattoo cameo.

1409 days ago


Amazing! Really....whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty! I would pay to see a moving with Mel in it rather than Zach and Bradley, Mel has more talent in his pinky finger then these two knuckleheads put together. Jeeezzzzz...Bradley, if Zach asked you to jump off a bridge would you? Just as it was said before, what about standing up for your fellow thespian? I will not watch this movie….

1409 days ago

larry Baylis    

So a convicted rapist(Mike Tyson) was ok with "Allan" but not ok with a bigot?? Really Allan...Really?????

1409 days ago


I like Mel and it's complete bull**** that people are against him and siding w/that that money grabbing b1tch.

1409 days ago


Harvey, I see that in most articles about Mel Gibson, you seem to favor his side. I hate the way that you are making Oksana the victim and glorifying Mel Gibson as if he's not a douchebag. If the other cast members had a problem with a racist, egotistical abuser being in their cast, so be it. Who are you to report their names and reference them sarcastically.

1409 days ago

Jeff Dranetz    

Mel Gibson is being descriminated against for his mental illness. So he'ss said these aweful things, but, aside from his prostitute ex-girlfriend, can anyone come forward and say he has harmed anyone? It's not like he doped up a 13 year old girl and sodomized her.

1409 days ago


Mel Gibson is essentially being ostrisized due to his mental illness. It's not right.

1409 days ago


well karma will get them, what comes around goes around :-)

Mel should produce a Movie about slimy Hollywood, that would be his "Payback"!



1409 days ago


It isn’t very Jewish to hold a grudge. Jews are a people who believe that forgiveness is a foundational principle of righteous living. But Jews also believe you have to ask for forgiveness in order to be forgiven. And I don’t hear Mel Gibson asking for a second chance. I see a Mel Gibson who is embarrassed and ashamed and thinks denying responsibility will absolve him of his sin.

Let’s hope for his sake that kind of religious faith works with his God, because in Jewish Hollywood, it doesn’t stand a chance.

Posted at 1:18 PM on Oct 22, 2010 by gonesi

Why does he have to ask forgiveness from the jews?? I'm sure he asked God's forgiveness that should be sufficient. These jewish people that write this crap about him are over the top!

1409 days ago


Before Mel entertains being in a movie, he should first take care of his legal matters. After he is found innocent of his alleged crimes, he should star in a movie that is worthy of his talents. He is an A-List actor. He should not belittle himself with a stupid cameo appearance that was given to a rapist (in the first movie). He is way too talented for this movie.

1409 days ago


Yes, this Osanka freak is a golddigger. She makes me want to vomit. But, old Mel picked her--you get what you get. But his awful, raging, twisted comments, "Blow me, Blow me, I need to be blowed" is some of the most sickening beavior I've ever heard. He's a hateful PIG. I would never watch another movie he was in. And he's a hideous cult like Catholic, I read where Osanka says he's practically nuts, afraid of dying and going to hell. The man must be so tortured. I think he's mentally ill.

Posted at 1:21 PM on Oct 22, 2010 by Cynthia J

And of course Oksana wouldn't lie would she? LMAO

1409 days ago
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