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Liam Neeson's Rep Takes a Shot at 'The Hangover'

10/22/2010 9:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fun fact -- Liam Neeson's rep is also Mel Gibson's rep ... and judging by the statement he just released about Liam's role in "The Hangover 2" -- there's still some bitterness over the unceremonious Gibson firing.


Moments ago, the rep -- Alan Nierob -- confirmed that Neeson is all locked up to appear in the upcoming sequel ... but added, "Pending clearance of cast and crew background check."

Nierob was clearly kidding ... referencing the behind-the-scenes uprising that led to Mel's departure ... but the message behind his message -- he ain't happy.


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Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Shirley -
Aye, though it's common enough in the acting business.

It would be very unfair for folks to blame Mr. Liam for this. Put the blame squarely where it belongs - the gutless wonders of HO2.

Posted at 3:20 PM on Oct 22, 2010 by Curious

I agree with you.

Posted at 3:30 PM on Oct 22, 2010 by shirleyholmes

I agree. Throw in Ari.

1462 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

I think Liam should turn down the part in PROTEST to the "jerks" dumping Mel.

I like Liam, but if he takes this part, I'm going to think he is a sell out.

Liam, one question for you bro:

"Liam, if it was reversed, and you had a bitter gold-digger going after you in the Media, and the cast of "hangover" fired you one day before shooting, DO YOU THINK MEL would have taken the job the next day to REPLACE YOU. You know in your HEART, Mel would not do that to you, RIGHT? Think about that Liam. And sleep on it".

Posted at 3:31 PM on Oct 22, 2010 by john

I agree. He should step back from this. What IF it was him that Ari had a hard on for? What if he couldn't stop the Jew Machine in Hollywood rolling afte rhim? He needs to think of these things.

I like Liam, but he's gonna suck at this role, just not for him.

1462 days ago

Fidel's niece    

@ Sam, #57

As I said before Hollywood is RUN BY JEWS.

Rahm/Rahmbo Emanuel,(Ari's brother) is running
for a mayor of Chicago.
I bet, someday in not so distant future
he will run to be the First Jewish President
(remember Joe Lieberman?)

1462 days ago


Tellthetruth, no, never wished it but you will still be an old broad. I'm sure Angela Lansbury might have something coming out soon.

Posted at 3:18 PM on Oct 22, 2010 by Anon

YOU do sound like the Ox, every bit as stupid and bitter.

Posted at 3:28 PM on Oct 22, 2010 by Sam

Yeah... all the ANON's seem to have that in common. It wasn't me... it was somebody else.

1462 days ago


but you will still be an old broad. I'm sure Angela Lansbury might have something coming out soon.

Posted at 3:18 PM on Oct 22, 2010 by Anon


You may not be so young either, my sons would not know who

Angela Lansbury is.

1462 days ago


de helloi would like to speek to sumbooody dat can speaka vietnemese or da chinese u know

1462 days ago



You may not be so young either, my sons would not know who

Angela Lansbury is.

Posted at 3:37 PM on Oct 22, 2010 by shirleyholmes


1462 days ago


What b.s. If an actor complains about a fellow actor they had to work with, there would be no actors at all.

1462 days ago


Good for Liam but, why make a big deal about Mel. Doesnt anyone remember who Woody Allen married? His own adopted child. This man still gets work. Hollywood hypocrites.

1462 days ago


I think that Liam is the BOMB, and will do a great job regardless of the cir***stance...but that said,the agent both actors share is correct in his feelings. Mel has been convicted sans being charged and that is not the way it should have been.
I would have seen the movie because he was in it-not because of
the film itself.
Maybe someday, these public witch hunts will stop...but I am not holding my breath.

1462 days ago



1462 days ago


@ anon
Angela Lansbury???!!! She's a dear lady. But you are REALLY dating yourself!!! hehe

1462 days ago


I don't think we need anymore digging into who they are when it is obvious that they are either Jewish or owned by Ari. THAT says it all.

Since 2006, if you read a bad review on Mel, then take a look at the writers name: it's JEWISH. Each and every time.


Posted at 3:24 PM on Oct 22, 2010 by Sam--------------------

This is because people over the world don't like jewish. They show how they are malicious, mean and greedy.

1462 days ago


Let's see how quick (weasel) Cooper steps up to deny having any part in it. I can hear it now. (Rolling eyes) I'm sure we'll hear how much he respects Mel as an actor, and didn't(in any way) mean to discredit him. (Rolling eyes again)

1462 days ago

Fidel's niece    

Hollywood is an AZZkissing town,
you need to kiss the right AZZ
to get ahead in your career.

Should change the name to AZZKISSINGSTAN - lol!

1462 days ago
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